The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 4

Jason’s POV

Mature content below, beware . (Cursing)

"They are monsters" She said.

We stood there in shock. We were sad.

She had called us monsters.

"Devilishly handsome monsters" She added

Me and Jaxon broke into a smile. She had baited us, sly.

"How could you call monsters handsome? You truly are a slut. F*cking them aren't you?" The annoying man replied.

"Can we just slit his throat?" I mind linked Jaxon

"Not yet" he replied, I groaned.

"If I'm the slut here, then what are you? F*cking every prostitute out there aren't we?" our mate mocking him.

"Isn't she such a badass brother?" mind linking Jax

"Indeed she is" he answered.

“You know what. Just die already, you’re tired of me, I’m tired of you. You dying is a win-win. Is it not?” Our mate said

Fiesty, I like it” Jaxon purred

“How could you, I raised you!” Her “father” said

“Technically, I RAISED you. Who made you food? Who cleaned the house? Who did your dirty dirty laundry? WHO HUH? Who?” She said with a pissed off voice.

We really don’t need to help, huh?” I mind linked Jax

Nope, there’s no much to do. She’s got it all under control” he said smirking.

“You BITCH!!!” Her father ran full force towards her.

Jaxon and me blocked him from running into her.

Jaxon grabbed his arm, “I don’t think so”

“Nick, grab him and throw him in the cells” I commanded

“Whatever you say boss” flashing me his smile

I rolled my eyes

Aphrodite’s POV

I see my dear father getting dragged away.

I guess it’s my time to go.

As I’m trying to walk back into the house, I was stopped by the Greek gods.

“Uh, hi?” Okay, stupid of me to say but what else did you want me to say?

Maybe like, FUCK ME. My inner voice said

Shut up

One of the twins picked me up, “What are you doing?!?!?”

“Home” was all he said

“Ummm, my house is right there” I pointed out

“Not there sweetcheeks. Our home” the other twin said

Our home?!?!? Huh?!?!?

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