The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 6

Jaxon’s POX

“Did she just-“

I cut Jason off, “Get her” I growled”

I am not pleased, this was her plan.
To escape, no wonder why she was being obedient.

We got out of the car and saw that she got into another car.

I glared at the guy who was driving, he gulped.

She said something to him and he speeded off.

“FOLLOW THEM” Jason yelled

“How could she do this” Jason sighed

I padded his shoulders, “she’s going to regret it dear brother” I smirked

~Time Skip~

“What do you mean you found no lead?” I growled

“I-It w-was as i-if they went o-of-f the grid A-a-phla” he stuttered.

“Loosen up Jax, you’re scaring the poor guy” Nike interrupted.

“So if your mate escaped and no one has a clue where she is, what would you do?” Jason said

Nike growled, “that’s not going to happen, my dear friends”

“Oh really? We didn’t think it was going to happen either, so either find her or get the f*ck out” Jason stated

“Leave” Nike commanded the pack warrior.

The pack warrior nodded and left.

“You want my honest opinion as a friend or as your beta?” Nike asked

Friend” I lowly said

“Of course as a friend” Jas said

“Alright, you guys have to stop being like this.” He said

“What do you mean” me and Jas said at the same time.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe she escape was because she doesn’t know you guys?” He questioned

“She is human, you guys waltzed in, took her dad, and took her away. She doesn’t even know you guys, how does she know she can trust you guys? Think about it, then tell me if I’m wrong” with that, he left the room

He’s not wrong you know, my wolf said.

I know he’s not wrong, stay shut, I growled at my wolf.

Jason got up and walked towards the door, “He is right, but we still need our mate” Jas smiled at me and walked out.

He’s right, we still need to find her.
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