The Ruthless Twin’s Mate

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Chapter 9

Aphrodite’s POV

I feel like I’m being squished, I slowly opened my eyes to only shut it again.

Damn light, who didn’t close the curtains.

Wait- curtains?

My eyes sprung wide open once again. I look down and see muscular arms practically squeezing me to death.

I look to my left and right and see the most sexy human bein-

Stop it Aphrodite,

I see Jaxon and Jason.

I tried to get out of their embrace, keyword tried, they had such a tight grip for what?

I tried to wiggle out, obviously that didn’t work out.
I need to use the bathroom now, I tried again to wiggle upwards.

I received a low growl, “stop moving babygirl” Jaxon growled.

“Sweetheart, stay still” Jason said in his husky voice

“I need to peeeee” I whined, it’s really bad.

They opened their eyes as at me, I gave them both a pleading look.

“Fine” they both said.

They untangled themselves from me and I rush to the bathroom, “hurry up babygirl” Jaxon said.

Impatient much, I’m trying to use the bathroom.

I relieved myself, I went to go brush my teeth.

I see myself in the mirror, I looked like a train wreck. There were bruises on my wrist, that damn rapist grip strength.

I hated it, I couldn’t believe I almost got raped.

I can still feel him on me, I washed my hand over and over again. Trying to get rid of that bastards touch, I didn’t realized that I started crying until I heard banging on the door.

“Baby, why are you crying?” Jason banged

“Open the door babygirl” Jaxon also banging on the door.

I look in the mirror and there’s just tears streaming down, I splash water on my face washing away any tears. It’s still slightly red, “Don’t make us break the door down” Jaxon growled.

I rushed to open the door, “uh, sorry, I was just trying to finish up-“ I was interrupted by them

“Why were you crying” they said in sync.

“I wasn’t” I flash them a small smile, I know I lied. But they didn’t need to know.

They growled at me, Jaxon grabbed me by the waist.

“I’ll repeat once again, why were you crying” he demanded.

“Tell us” Jason stood right behind me.

“I-I, h-he” I couldn’t finish.
I just couldn’t, I just can’t imagine going through that again.

I put my head down.

Jaxon lifted my head, “is it because of him?” I know who he was talking about, he’s talking about that rapist.

All I could do was nod. I looked into his eyes and they changed to black.

Jason then walked out, I didn’t understand what was going on.

“Where is Jason going?” I asked

“To deal with him” Jaxon said

“Huh? What is he going to do?”

“Nothing that you should worry about”, Jaxon lifted my up in a bridal style.

“Ahhhh, Jaxon, put me down, I can walk. And what is he going to do with him? Don’t tell me he’s going to kill him!” I screamed at him, thrashing in his hold to get down.

“Stop moving” he growled.

I stopped, I didn’t want to irritate him any further.

He placed me back on the bed, “stay here and sleep. I’ll be back”

With that he left the room.

I went to the door and tried to open the door.

It was locked....
He locked me in this room. I banged on the door, “let me out, JAXON OPEN THE DOOR” I screamed.

My efforts were in vain.

I go to window and see that we’re on the second floor, for goodness sake, why are we on the second floor.

I don’t want to jump but I see a bush I can jump into.
I don’t want to be stuck here, so it leaves me no choice.

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