Dear Diary

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Destiny.... Fate. Heya my name is Neveah Preston. I am 16 years old, I'm a daughter of a Beta. My dad Beta Dean My mum Aquilla and my twin Quaiden. We belong to the Golden Moon Pack. Our Alpha Porter Luna/2nd mum Tia and there son Lachlan. Aka Lock. Alpha Cole: Age: 19 Pack: Shadow Storm (Strongest pack to the west) Abilities: Best warriors army in the world, Fast, Strong, Powerful and Feared by all. Population: 90.000 Weakness: Unknown Comments: The pack is cursed, No true mate for 4 generation. No Luna. Unknown where they are or what happened to them. Alpha Cole, Just made Alpha is taken Seirra as his mate and Luna. Confirmed Wolf is Black, Name: Alpha Beau Pack: Dark Mist Pack (Strongest pack to the east) Abilities: Best swordsmanship, Quick fighters, Wordsmith, Fast and Strong, Population: 50.000 Weakness: Time. Comment: Vanity, self-pride, excellent fighter, remarkable weapon fighter, fears no one. What happens when Neveah's path comes across these Alpha's. 16 and head strong, will she be able to cure, mend, help. Or will she make matters worse, This book is about Werewolves, Honor, War, Love, Betrayal and Curses, Come on adventure with me and find out what happens. Authors note...... Hey guys, this is my first book ever written. I hope you enjoy my book. Looking forward to your comment. Xo Jane.

Fantasy / Mystery
Jane Matete
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The start to the real me. Chapter 1


"NEVEAH TRUE PRESTON." My father voice booms through the forest, I'm currently hiding in. Knowing full well why my full name has just been displayed for all to hear. I've gotten my yellow dress dirty.
I hide behind a tree, shrink into a little ball. Well as little as I can be, hoping he won't find me.
We are suppose to go to Alpha Porter's house.

Our layout for our pack is beautiful.
Or pack house is located in the middle of our territory, which is on top of an Island in the middle of a enormous lake. (To the human eye it looks like a grand 5 star hotel.) 25 stories high. It's cater's to our teachers families, chef's families, doctor's families, teachers families and our elderlies.
Making it easier for them to get too and from an areas as quickly as possible.

Four bridges flow in the directions of a compass, around the lake is a beautiful garden, has all types of plants from all over the world.
Beyond the garden is the West bridge. From the pack house, It's what we call the education industry, with our schools and all types of sports fields. Mum says the best coffee's are there.
On the Hospitals, den, Optometrist... well you get the picture.
The South is the Industrial area. Black smiths, mechanics, you know the greasy get your nails dirty, type of place.
East is the center. An enormous steel looking arena, It's where our warriors go and train. Its a sight for sore eyes. Luna hates it, it blocks most of her view to the garden. She wants to demolish it and put it underground, out of sight, out of her mind.
And the north is a big mall,
The eastern, southern, western and northern areas have turned into suburbs, housing the rest of the pack.

Around the industries and suburbs, theres 1/2 mile of forest then to the east is alpha house.
South is Gamma Frederick, West is our house and North is Delta Benji.
In between us are farmers, it reminds me of a country vibe.
Then its just forest for miles until you reach our boarders.

My dad clears his throat and I dear not look up.
"Veah what did mum tell you about the pretty dress your wearing.? He says abit of anger in his voice knowing how much mud I have on my dress. Lets just say its no longer yellow.
"Imma rock" I squeal. "There is no person by that name here" I say trying to disguise my voice.
"Oh sorry mister rock, Im looking for my daughter, her name is Neveah, I had a slice of cake with her name on it, but hey, since I cant find her, I might as well eat it. I've tried" he says

Making me shoot up with my pig tails half undone, mud on my face and in my hair. The bows hanging in for dear life.

"Well what do we have here, What did your mum say to you about your dress little missy."
"Ahhh, thats it looks pretty," I look up at dad, who is making me walk back towards our house. Hes holding onto my shoulder like I have some kind of disease.

He shakes his head, so I try again, that yellow is a pretty...
"Neveah" he says stopping us shy of our backyard. Folds his hands over his chest, clearly knowing im stalling. "Not to get dirty."
"Then why are you muddy." He's really not happy.
"Well I saw a butter..."
"Veah" he says stopping me. Eyebrow raised and clearly not wanting any more lame excuses. Well im not lying I did see a butterfly but he know it's not the reason why I'm covered in mud.
I put my head down and simply say,"I was practising."
"Pracising what" he echos putting his large finger under my chin lifting my muddy face to see his raised eyebrow.
"Kicking bad guys butts" I say proud, hands on hips with a straight back, trying to be as big as I can.
I see a spark in his eyes, "Well honey, if im still alive to teach you a thing or too, I'll see what we can do" I start to jump up and down trying to hug my dad, but he's held his hands out. Not wanting to get any mud on him.
"Lets get you cleaned up" he says. Hopefully mum doesnt see the sight of you."

Dad pokes his head into the kitchen looking around and listening to where mum is in the house. " The coast is clear. Lets get you in the shower."

After dad has cleaned me up and put on another dress from my wardrobe founds some shoes and tries to put my hair back the way mum had it. Making it 30 minutes from the time I stepped back into the house, dad gives up making my pig tails lopsided.
As we descend the stairs, me in his arms, we hear mum in the kitchen. When we get into the kitchen, Quaid is on the stool asking mum how she got that scar on her eye brow.

Mum starts to giggle, "Well it happened the day we you two were born. Right here in the kitchen." She looks at me eye brow raised and her eyes hood over. Most probably mindlinking dad.

Mindlinking is something wolves can do. Its like a telepathic telephone. You can do a group chat, or a single call. You can only use it when you have your wolf. Our wolves will be given to us by the moon goddess, at the age of 16. Then it takes two years to learn all the tricks and power they hold. As a pup our wolves have to learn how to grow and teaches us along the way. Combining us, when we are in human form, they're be the voice in our head and vice versa. They have to teach our human side how to control alot of emotions and the strength. Its a trust game.

Mum shakes her head taking me from dad, resting me on the stool beside Quaid.
She continues "My waters broke and I didnt know what was happening, I called to your father. I slipped and bumped my head.
Dad came running in sliding along the kitchen floor landing with a thud on his back."
She starts to giggle.

"We get to the hospital and we must look like a site for sore eyes, blood on my head, your father slumped forward, holding his back." She giggles again.

When it came time to have you's, You came out still holding Neveahs hand." She says with so much love, touching Quaid's cheek, giving him a peck on the forehead, "And for the life of you you wouldnt let it go."

"We were told we were expecting two boys so when you came into this world little missy" mum says, repeating her actions she did to Quaid. "You had a beautiful white veil covering your face. The doctors announcing we had a girl.

Your dad had tears in his tears.
"You made me proud dad that day son." dad says to Quaid, "protecting your sister from the minute you were born." He says patting Quaid's shoulder.

Quaiden puff's out his chest, like hes doing a superhero stance after they do a good deed.
He always make me smile.

Dad moves behind mum and hugs her, giving her a kissing on the cheek.
I squish my face up in disgust.
Mum must of notice and says.
"You will be like this when you find your mate."
Quaid's eyes light up and ask "whats a mate."

Mum replies "A mate is short for soul mate. He or she are the better half of you, making you feel complete and whole. But they will teach you this in school when your 10," she says.

"Dads going to teach me how to fight." I say with a big smile on my face. Mum glares at dad, asking my brother and I to wait in the car. That she needs to talk to dad.

As we exit the house, Quaid has a concern look written all over his face. "Why do you want to train. Its hard work and I dont want you to get hurt.
Im suppose to protect you."

Getting to the car, I reply
"Wouldnt it be better if I taught myself how to protect myself?"
"No" he says shaking his head, not missing a beat, as we climb into the back seat of the car too.
"Always and forever, remember"

Thats been our saying, it helps when one of us is feeling down. We will Alway be there for each other. Forever in our heart.

I hug him before i sit in my seat, "what do you do at the center."
He sighs already telling me 4 times today.
"We learn how to fight, Alpha does combat, dad does self defense, gamma does muscle building and sets up the sparring matches."
Ill never get bored of hearing that.

Afew moments later, mum and dad get in the car. Dads as red as a raspberry and mum is staring ahead. I hope I didnt get dad into too much trouble.

Dear Diary,

Today we went to alphas house for his monthly bbqs. He said I was allowed to start training in two weeks. I was so happy, I gave him a hug. I think him and dad are regretting it now, but I cant wait.
Mum and Luna are mad.

The summit was thrown around the table today, boring me.

I was more interested in Dad's and Alpha's conversations about Boarders and pack members fighting skills.

Well ill keep you updated.

Love Veah.

P.s Mum and Luna think Locks my mate.

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