Dark Shadow: Pale Castle (First Draft)

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When Justin returns to Kirkwood and finds that his lover is missing, he becomes dead set on heading up to the cursed Pale Castle to find and rescue his beloved Peter. With the hired fiend hunter Kurai Kage at his side, will he be able to save Peter from the dark fate that awaits him, or will the creature that has lived in the castle since long before the birth of Kirkwood prevail?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Hello reader,

Welcome to the world of Dark Shadow. What lies ahead is the first book of many to come, following the adventures of a fiend hunter and his search for an organization of monsters that have set in motion a plot to bury their talons into the soul of humanity. I’m planning on putting a bit of everything into these tales, playing around with different ideas and themes, while we follow Kurai Kage on his quest. You’ll find vampires and werewolves here, as well as mechanized suit using mutants and many eyes monstrosities, as the fiend hunter follows the guidance of a mysterious bandaged man in order to find the Shentahn, while helping people along the way. The world is vast, with the small towns and cities of the frontier spread across deserts and wild plains to the East, and the more densely populated West coast where the emperor and his counsel guide the growth of civilization from the tops of the spires of the continent known simply as The Capitol. I hope that you'll enjoy this wild ride as I continue adding to it, and don't forget to share the ongoing adventure with friends!

Your guide through a dark tangled up universe,

Evander L. Fragoso

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