Medusa's Halo

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What if a wish was enough to awaken a goddess trapped in her shell for over a million years? What if the goddess had lost something and needed to get it back? What if the other gods didn't want her to find it just to sustain the balance of life? ******************************** " I prefer the silver pins to the white ones, They compliment the green of your eyes" Nyx said with a bright smile as she handed Hera the brush. Tonight was the coronation. The snakes on her head were reinformed to deep brown wavy locks in heavy bangs. Her face was made up to enhance her already prominent beauty. She looked in the mirror and her own appearance fascinated even herself that her cheeks flushed pink. She looked at Hera and Nyx through the mirror as they scrambled behind to get her ready. There was something she always admired about them. It was the same thing she always admired about all other Olympian gods. Their glow. And she had to get that glow, she needed to possess that halo. That was why she was getting coronated. A demigod can never live like an Olympian. They can never be as powerful as an olympian. They can never marry an olympian. And that was why she needed to get the halo. So she can glow like them. So she can be as powerful as they are. So she can become a god.

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Authors Note

Helloooo everyone and welcome to my world of greek mythology👸

So I decided to try this for the first time ever and I can only hope it turns out as I hoped.

Feel free to make constructive criticism as you go.. As nicely as you can.

I love you all... Please do vote, comment and share.

To my wattpad readers who came all the way here


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