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I am not zero

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This is about mutants who clean the world to their hearts content because there are plagues about there is death and destruction in this story of dystopia and there is nothing but common interest in the future plight of what might be in our stars, There is no real people these people are genetically modified without feelings and have no conscience so when they kill for cleaning purposes they have no idea what they do and how it might inflict pain on others.

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Chapter 1

I am a robot. I am not a robot. I am being rebooted. I am not much to see. I am well and unwell because I am a robot. I have robot arms and legs and the heart of a human. No excrement comes from me nothing but good comes from me. I am what makes the clocks tick. I live in the near future. I am what counts as the destroyed the built and the sham. We behaved noughts and crosses and got the result.

I can't feel anymore I can't be anything but this mindless statements. I don't have emotional connections to the world. My worst nightmares are coming true.

We played games and gains and more gains until there was nothing more in our selfish hearts but the thought which counted was lost. We lost because of that. We lost because we became the crossed out the things the thoughts inner thoughts did not matter or mean anything anymore. Because there was no resulting riches or anything coming from them thoughts seem to matter less and less as time went on and became the perversions which nature rejected. Then the earth rejected us bringing back the plagues which we had lost consuming us by them like fires and masking the insights even further because struggling to survive means losing the power of thought.

Earthlings especially the scientist begin to think and do even worse than their situation demanded and depend on it they had a lot and plenty to think about.

"We feel and fear nothing we want what is ours and we own and we do own this planet called earth."

"Perish thoughts and poems and little love tokens we want acts and we want them now."

"We are whores coming from the mouths of babes."

"We believed in love now we want nothing more than acts of this and that and there is nothing we cannot do for the sake of doing."

"Doing means no more weakness and no more weakening we are the ashen faced barren faced humans whom earth made."

"We have began to go to the original sins and come out fighting because we are no longer able to be anything but justified."

"We are wearing this earth and all in it because we have the abilities to seek justice when not earned when not even made we are the children of the machine age."

"Machine arms and legs and we feel our mettle."

"When the arms and legs leave the child and the adults we then begin to walk."

"We never walked so tall as now."

"We are the people we should be because we are the tallest of the tall."

"How dare you?"

"Yes I am nothing compared to you all not even in a group."

"What the hell you called again?"

"A rebel called Rebecca."

"Well you are not amusing."

"Called out too soon?"

"Yes I am haggling the next stage of humanity and what do you do?"

"I am trying to stop you drowning people."

Shoot them dead? Shot to pieces? Call the guards there is the guard asleep shot him dead for sleeping? What can I do please tell me about all this? Humans fall asleep what we need is humanoids and they are never asleep but do not see. What is the matter with you? What is the meaning of it all? We are dying earth is dying people on earth are dying and there is nothing we may do?

"Plagued with these thoughts again that time of night?"

"Yes I am."

Hang man judging them scores who is winning here in this over populated earth and there is a wild cry at the dormitories as another woman is raped for reproductive purposes.

When we are done with her she will become like the many discards. Begging for food and drink and shrinking from us all. We behave well towards them whom we have raped because they have beget something we need our own genetic pieces. We will create the master race and it is a race against time because the war is just beginning the humans are almost done being patient and we must re group and make time. The time to think and be nice is over.

I am a robot and then I am rebooted and I am almost nice and there is a smile on my calm face as the trigger happy people try to shoot me I am almost done.

"We believed in the master race when it came we were shocked that such a sacrifice happened."

"Happens sometimes."

"But where is the master race?"

"We are here."

"But you are all nerds?"

"Nothing to stop me from shooting you is there,"

"No nothing." says the man gently.

Too many shootings surely? Of course law and order has broken down but still many must not carry guns or else why populate the earth only to kill themselves?

"This is a imaginary line do not cross that line."

"Whom did speak?"

"I am the head computer the oracle."

"Yes that makes sense when the humanoids are real and the computers are unreal what does it take guns to subdue us all?"

"Role play we are just playing."

"Is it hide and seek with the truth?"

"The true beasts are the ones living in underground shelters."

"We do not have shelters there."

"Yes total recall we must recall them from there because the underground shelters are dirty."

"I am not vacuuming this place it is dirty too much dirt must get a new carpet."

"We will bring the scrubbers in?"

"No deal."

I am never dirty and that makes me clean.

Washing and doing and being nice and clean and doing and behaving well and not naughtily. The primates are the humans now we are the next stage the next level of evolution. We have evolved into the future masters who can craft ourselves and mend ourselves and populate the earth at the same time. How are we doing?

At the score of one to ten give me a sum a easy one I think I am doing ten and it is obligation on my part that I ask you. Because you do not mean anything because you are less than I am.

There is a rush a crowd scene the scene is not nice when earth top sided and melted into chaos.

"Meals are never nice when the humanoids dislike food too much dirt."

Social distancing society halved and halved again there is nothing but the sorry situation germ warfare and all its implications why did it happen? We did not give enough space to fight dirt. We did not even find pencillin replacement. We got eaten by super bugs and all that. Still no one knows the cure for the common cold. Why does no one know it? We have had scientist in our midst for many years and they did not could not find the cure for the most talked about thing the common cold. When they have found out many things which we rather they did not find out about.

Earth shattered and the panic started to bite there was nothing like it ever. The panic did not subside there was subsidence and then the silenced the awful silence. I am aware as I watch that people are walking like shadows in some hell. There is a disaster looming in the air the very air is breathing poison. I am not here really just watching on the screen and everyone else too. Because we are the newly cleansed and some might come out of it too. But there is not enough cleaning fluids to clean the planet with. Scrubbing and making them things which will clean us all has put pressure on the ozone layer and that has harmed us all in some incandescence manner we meant well only to make our death faster.

At the break neck speed of our dying we cling to the awfulness the truth the agony of our breaking and our wages do not now add to the pocket money of a child.

Some do not care they go on and on cleaning and marking their territory and the terror grows as they grovel for more cleaning agents and masks have worn to a top hill and more germs and the mountain of masks means want because the very place now is contaminated the more. We lived our lives in pleasantries now we must die from a disease it is most unfair. But fair is fair when all is said and done. Nothing is noted and everything is recorded we must earn our life.

This is 2030 something and it is not the age of anything it is the age before civility became the normal and we are the normality.

We will die we cannot cope with another plague."

"We must not die."

"Look shag what can I mean when I say I have the plague?"

"There is no such thing only newspapers reporting. Made up stories of some dudes."

A lorry full of masked men come not animal not human somehow some sorry sight which had been crafted by some gene to make them immune to disease and suffering and they intentions strictly not honourable. A new type which had been genetically modified to cope. But their feelings muted and they can destroy themselves and the entire world without fear or pity. They are the new crop of humans. Their soul is one of masked empathy when they find a disease they destroy. They mean to make the planet disease free that is their mission.

The round circular and the moon looks like it is about to rise and everyone believes in something anything. We mean to destroy disease says the radio and there is a radar sent and the machine like troopers come and disinfect.

We believe in a whole new clean world without disinfectant a world cannot exist and ceases to be hospitable. That is the new norm and we are the Zero tolerance.

"These are with contamination we are not so we must eliminate."

Women they want and have their females are many as many wives have fled and have found safety with them. Girls are a rarity so they hunt them down and subdue them as well? Some of the wives have disease and they are of course cleansed.

"Eliminate this is a termination a elimination stay indoors and place yourselves under inspection if not we will blow the house down."

Clean banish dirt and make the world a safer place to live in a delighted smile on their faces as someone is shot down. Their facial expressions are identical to ours and their flesh is too. What makes them unfeeling monsters is their lack of trial and error their lack of compassion and benevolent and they do not can't stand error.

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