A Slanted Reflection -- The Seventh Valkyrie Volume 1

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Cyrus was burned alive and rebuilt during his escape from Sunsetton. Now he’s on the run, from Edara, from the hunger of the wild, and from the Fire of the World’s Ending. BC has no real plan except to drink, smoke, and watch while the pleasure pits turn in hazy circles around her. A message, a dark past, and some ink-black tattoos say otherwise. Val… well Val has his two wolfhounds and sheer f**king will. And that’s never stopped him before. Welcome to the Next Chapter.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Acknowledgements and Note from the Author

To all who have met me, and to those I’m meeting for the first time, hello! My name is Colin Sharpe, and I am the author, voice, and creator of the Seventh Valkyrie series.

What you’re about to read is Volume 1, which is actually the second edition in the series after A Fallen Star: The Seventh Valkyrie Volume 0. I called the previous Volume “Volume 0” because it serves as a bit of a prologue to the series, and because now and forever it will be a free way to see if you’re interested in what the series has to offer.

However, Volume 1 is definitely written to be able to stand alone as your start to the series. I’ve always loved to get thrown into the middle of the action anyway!

One note before you get started: I’m a one-man shop, so there’s a chance I might have a slight typo here and there, or a little tick in the audio. I work hard to get that stuff cleaned up and buffed out, but it ain’t always perfect. Let me know if you find any little glitches or problems and I’ll make sure to fix them up!

Other than that, I want to say thank you. To my family, who are there no matter what, to Wilson who will always have a special place in my heart for this project, to my many marble jar friends who have been here for this Volume like Cyrus (The Real One), Fern, Andres, Espi, and Smitty, and everyone else (who you can see the full list at the 7thvalkyrie.com acknowledgements page.

Also to you, reader! For whatever reason, you decided that this piece of work was worth your time and your money, and I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that you have gotten every drop of my heart and soul poured into this.

And so without further adieu, let the gears turn, let the fires burn, and let’s get on with the story!

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