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Despite the silence between us, I felt the same way as he did. I could swear he felt it too. The bond had grown between us – I had no idea when. It was simply there. Unbreakable. Do you know that feeling when you meet someone who takes your breath away? You simply understand each other and everything’s perfect? You see unicorns, a rainbow and pink clouds everywhere? I don’t. Because Eric Lestrad was like a tornado that swept through my world, merely to turn it upside down completely, leaving too much chaos and confusion behind. And at that moment, I knew I was head over heels in love with him. *** I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to dedicate my every single heartbeat to my guitar, to playing. I wanted to spend every minute with my four best friends. But when I moved in with my Uncle Jim, when I met that boy with divine face and devilish gaze, suddenly…, all I wanted was to be his. Even though there was a danger and secrets hiding behind those mesmerizing eyes. Inspired by Twilight

Fantasy / Romance
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The human heart beats about 115 900 times a day. My heart managed this in a mere minute when he was looking at me.

I desperately tried to get some oxygen into my lungs, but that meant first having to remember how to actually breathe.

Adrenalin rushed through my vessels like crazy, alerting every hair on my body. My nerves were on alert too, sending chills down my spine into my toes. My insides twisted into one big chaotic knot.

Everything around me went blank, I didn’t even know who I was.

The sounds, so loud a minute before, suddenly stopped and the world vanished.

I stared at him, bewitched by his gaze, and every cell in my body screamed to escape.

But my brain remained blank and my muscles refused to obey.

I had never before been so frightened.

His eyes were piercing through me. I could feel them over every inch of my body. Blacker than the deepest pit of hell. He captured me with his stare and I felt as if I was trapped in a cage. Without a way out, or any chance of protecting myself. All I could do was stand there and let myself be destroyed.

Totally crushed.

As if he knew all my terrible nightmares. All the fears that had ever haunted me, even for a second. As if he had the power to get under my skin, weave all my anxieties into one big fabric and present it to me with his single excruciating gaze.

He burned me with his glowing eyes and, at that second, I believed that the Devil really existed. Not only in fairy tales and scary stories, where he would seize human souls.

Standing in front of me completely still, he didn’t need any further powers.

At that moment, when I felt the weight of his attention, I was perfectly willing to lay my soul at his feet.

Hypnotized, defenseless, fully exposed, empty. And helpless to do anything about it.

Not until he himself would set me free.

I wasn’t able to pull myself together after that accidental meeting, not even after I opened the door and ran to my car in the parking lot. All I wanted was to go home.

Not just to Jim’s home.

Well, Lara, I sighed, pulling the keys out of my pocket: welcome to your new school.

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