The Demigoddess and Her Alpha

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Rowena Maddox is a powerful witch. Alpha Gideon is the alpha of the largest pack. He doesn't want a mate he thinks they weaken you. She believes her soulmate will be her strength. She interupts fate to meet him and finds he has pain. His wolf wants her, He does not.

Fantasy / Romance
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Bad Romance: Chapter 1

Alpha Gideon

It was late in the evening, the whole pack gathered on the roof of our 5 story pack house to celebrate my 30th. We weren't just celebrating my birthday, well I wasn't, I was also celebrating the fact that I was one step closer to never having a mate. Everyone in my pack knew how I felt about mates. They could have one but they were NOT for me. Mates make you weak. They take away your control, free will, and everythings about them, if they die you die eventually too.If I'm dying it's gonna be because I lost a fight or I'm really old not because someone else died.

Alpha Ron Gideon was the most feared and respected Alpha. Then his mate, my mother Luna Neferet died. He lost all his edge, stopped caring taking care of me and my sister then eventually neglected pack duties. He became so depressed he killed himself. I was 15 when it happened and forced to become Alpha. I had to quit school, stop partying and become a serious leader. It was difficult because most of my pack warriors were way older than me. A few even tried to fight me for it, but I was born to be Alpha so I fought like one. I will never take a mate, I don't want or need one.

The Lapis Lazuli pack is the largest pack in North America. I have around 1000 wolves in my pack and we were all celebrating, ain't no party like a wolf pack party. We had food, music, booze and different drugs for everyone's amusement. Werewolves have a much higher tolerance when it comes to booze and drugs so we can get pretty wild. The pups and the older wolves of our pack are also here. They are inside watching movies, eating popcorn, candy and playing board games, I was sitting in the corner watching everyone enjoy themselves knowing tomorrow morning we would have to get to work on the Rogues who are continually breaching our borders. My father always says a good party helps motivate the wolves better. The Rogue wolf has been attacking at our borders and trying to test how fast we breach. They seem to have a leader because Rogue wolves genuinely stick to themselves. They are trying to fight me for my Alpha status because I don't have a pup to inherit the Alpha blood. I never really wanted children but if it meant solidifying my spot, I can have one of my bunnies if i need to carry him.

I have five bunnies total but I couldn't be bothered to remember their names because over the years I've changed them or they got mates, so I just call them bunnies. I like my submissives tall and blonde. As I make my way over to the corner to watch the party unfold my bunnies surround me. Once I sit down I snap my fingers and the bunnies get to work. I had two bunnies feeding me, one bunny massaging my back while one massaged my feet. My favourite bunny sat in my lap playing with my hair grinding into my lap, I call her One. She is 5'8, blonde long hair, blue eyes and the poutiest lips ever. She has great tits and a voluptuous ass. She wasn't that smart and you can't hold a decent conversation with her but the bunnies aren't here for talking. I'm an Alpha. I have a lot of sexual needs I need taken care off so I can better take care of my pack. I was having a bourbon neat as my Beta Jaxs approached,

"Happy Birthday Alpha I hope you're enjoying it” he winked at me,

"Thanks Beta" I laughed as I patted his back as he hugged me,

“What is with the formality man? What do you need to tell me about my little sister now?” I provoked,

Jaxs sighed, “Gideon, man, she’s worried that if you don't find a mate you won't ever be happy and that you're just pretending to be” he took a step back and raised his arms,

“Just the messenger, remember?” he joked,

“ Don’t worry man it’s not something she hasn’t told me a thousand times, maybe a thousand one since you two mated. The only time you should worry about me is if I start to put this pack at risk.” I assured him.

The air started to change, my favourite scents filled my nostrils, freshly baked red velvet cake, lavender, the smell of rain and gasoline. At first I thought the bunnies had gathered my favourite things, but then my wolf Severus started going nuts inside me and he usually quiet around the bunnies. Suddenly, the alarm an ally witch put up to signal a barrier break rang through the pack house and everyone went from partying to serious really quick. We all went towards the edge and jumped down to the front yard where the alarm was ringing. In a swirl of colourful wind a body appeared covered in dirty rags and blood,

"I FUCKEN DID IT YESS!" Yelled a smokey soft voice .

She stood up and looked around, her eyes locked on mine instantly,

'Mine' Severus bounced inside.

Wow her eyes are different colours not Heterochromia but they are full of several colours each, they seem so innocent and endless. No! NO! This is not fucken happening today, not on my birthday NOPE!!!!. She looked up at the pack house and saw the sign ‘Happy 30th Birthday Alpha Gideon’ and gasped,

"Hi I'm Rowena! It's my birthday today too! I just had to know you existed, I'm so excited that I found you, that you actually exist, my soulmate, mate works for me like the wolves say. I have been waiting all my life to meet you. Oh oh thank the Goddess,Oh I’m sorry I’m rambling but I’m so nervous and happy! OH! I have to go right now before they find me but I'll be back. I promise." She said enthusiastically

She stood there with a huge smile that made my heart race NO! NO! she is not my mate,

" I don't care who you are, I want to know how you breached our borders and I must warn you. I do not have or want a mate" I said and watched the fire in her eyes dim.

After a few moments,

"Oh" her voice barely a whisper

If I didn't see her I would have assumed she was crying. She noticed the bunnies hanging off me and seemed disappointed when she looked back down at her feet. Severus started to stir,

‘I don't like my mate upset’ he muttered

‘ SHE IS NOT MY MATE’ I yelled back and was going to continue arguing with him, but was interrupted by her,

" I am the daughter of the High Priestess Genevieve,” my pack gasped,

“I,I- I'm sorry you don't want a mate, I’ll leave now" she turned away from me but I caught her wrist, and my whole body felt shocks,

"You're not leaving trespassing in this pack is a serious offense. So is lying to the Alpha, why would the daughter of the High Priestess be covered in filth and dressed in rags? Tell me how you broke in or I’ll kill you" I gave her a deadly glare

"Yeah put her to death, Alpha" purred the bunnies

Rowena growled at them, actually growled, like she was a wolf and not a witch or future High Priestess as she claimed. I stiffened in my pants a little. NO NO NO!!!!,

"You must let me leave, it was a risk escaping, If you don’t want me it doesn't matter if I’m lying or not. Please I must go before they come for me!" she pleaded

FUCK!!!!! I can’t handle the way her eyes are looking at me,

" YOU. WILL. NOT. LEAVE!" I bellowed causing silence amidst my questioning pack,

" You don't understand they will be here soon they'll know what I've done-"

She was cut off by another alarm and suddenly in front of us were three figures dressed in royal clothing, One woman and two men, High Priestess Genevieve, High Priest, Phoenix, and their son Ace. Holy shit she really is the daughter of the High Priestess! the High Priestess is so loving to us supernatural beings she has created peace amongst several species, how could she be so cruel to her daughter?,maybe Rowena is evil or something


"Too late silly child we are already here, How dare you escape your cell”

" Mother, please I just had to know" She bowed her head

The full of life young women became so meek that my whole body twitched with anger. Do not get involved it is none of your business,

"Listen you little slut, I don't care if you found your soulmate you will give me an heir." Ace fumed,

"I would rather burn in the witch trials then carry your child. Grandmother was sick! Incest does not create a more powerful bloodline. I don’t care what she foresaw, my child will be twice blessed because of me not because our bloodline is doubled or whatever crazy nonsense Nana spewed " she pleaded.

Her brother wants her to carry his child. What kind of fucked up Game of Thrones bullshit is this? Well to be honest I'm not surprised, Genevive’s mother High priestess Zelda, was crazy and forced her daughter to marry her cousin to increase the power in the lineage,

"Why do you think we’ve kept you away from other men and pure?” Phoenix stated flatly,

I see her eyes widen and suddenly in my head I hear her voice ,

’I know you don't want me but please just go along with it.’

How the hell did she do that? I did not Mark her yet?,

‘I’m a witch REMEMBER,’


She laughed a little which confirmed it.

The whole fucken time? She shook her head no,

“ Well you see I may think Nana nuts for trying to ‘purify our blood’ but as soon as I realized my mate is an Alpha I finally believed the crazy prophecy. I will have a twice blessed heir who will change the future for all the species and humans, but she will be a werewolf and witch, I am afraid you guys arrived 10 minutes too late.” she rambled.

Twice blessed Heir that will change the future I thought to myself what the hell does that mean? She will not bear my children if I have anything to do about it.


“Liar you did not have sex that quickly you only escaped 15 minutes ago” her mother hissed,

“Well mother like you said to me once when I complained about having to commit INCEST, ‘dont worry dear most men only last a few minutes” Rowena grinded her jaw,

“ It's true I saw her and I've been waiting 30 years. I just had to have her.” I huffed everyone including my pack gasped.

My pack knew it wasn't possible they were just shocked I would go along and put us at risk by going against the Priestess. They looked at me nervously while I was focused on her, Rowena what a beautiful name,

‘Alpha Im a little worried now, lying wasn't smart’ Jax’s chimed

‘Back down Beta I got this’ I shut him out

“MOTHER WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?” her brother whined,

“ Do not worry son, if she really did have sex, and if she happens to actually fall pregnant well, miscarriages happen all the time” she winked THIS FUCKEN WOMEN ,

“And as for her ‘mate’- she used air quotes- “ we will just get rid of him and his pack.

My pack growled I was ready to shift when a piercing scream broke the chaos,


“AIR,WATER,EARTH, FIRE AND SPIRIT I COMMAND YOU” Rowena slashed her palm with her nail deep,

“I’m sorry I'm not giving you the respect you need. I hope my blood is sacrifice enough in this emergency” she dropped the blood onto the ground.

Beautiful, bright colours surrounded her, purple, red, blue, yellow and green it was so magickal.

The smell of blood hit my nostrils, and I noticed she was still bleeding pretty hard, and Severus had me getting closer to her to see if she was okay. She used the elements to absorb the magick being thrown by her family. Then let more blood drip into the ground before muttering some words under her breath. A wall of protection made out of water surrounded my whole pack. WOW What the hell that's kind of really cool,

‘POWERFUL MATE’ Severus smiles proudly and I just scoff,

“You will not harm a hair on my mates head or any of his pack members. I AM DONE BEING ABUSED BY YOU THREE. You guys beat me so much you don't even remember what today is, I am 21 now. You hate me so much you haven't even asked me how I managed to get out of your magickally bound cuffs?

“You’re a whore always have been. You probably tried to sucked a guards dick to get let out” her brother hissed.

Alright im going to break this guys jaw how dare he call her a whore? She's mine… wait no, she's not mine but still she shouldn't be called a whore,

“If you kept me a virgin until today how was I possibly a whore? You still believed mom locked me in the basement because I was so full of lust that I followed a man three times my age into the woods and allowed him to undress me before mother came and stopped it.” she snapped,

“You and dad are both morons. What happened was one of the guards grabbed me, dragged me into the woods and ripped my dress open. I panicked and then it happened. My whole body engulfed in fire and I burned him alive. Mom saw it all, she wasn't protecting my virtue she was protecting herself, weren't you MOTHER? She asked pointedly

Severus was going wild inside me as soon as she mentioned sexual assault I almost shifted, he has never forced me to shift before we were always ready togther even when I was learning to control him I never let him take over.

“ You're using forbidden blood magick that's obvious” her father hissed,

“Actually no, I used the blood for two reasons as a sacrifice and” she clasped her hands together,

“To bind you temporarily to me.” she smirked.

I felt my favourite bunny tug on me, One glared at me and I realized I was smiling, fuck I stopped,

“Mother you look awfully pale and you’re very quiet what's wrong did you think I would just stay locked in the dungeon will all my books and television shows and never figure it out?’,

“H-how d-did you figure it out.” she stuttered while Rowena laughed,

“Just because you did not want your soulmate in your life does not mean you can ruin it for the rest of us. Just because you asked him to stay away doesn't mean he would or has to, I am his child! I am the child of a God, I am a demigoddess which makes me more powerful than all three of you put together ” Rowena shouted,

“What the actual fuck is she talking about Genevive?” her fake father responded,

“Phoenix, I met him the night before our wedding, I slept with him once and then left because of our responsibilities, it's not like our parents would have let me not marry you. Do you think Rowena is the only one disgusted by the fact that we are a family of inbred? Before you even try to act mad, I may seem like I dont notice but I know you fuck every maid that comes through the castle I say nothing, when I fell pregnant I had no idea who the father was it wasnt until that day that I saw her use fire that I knew it was his and not yours” she spoke softly compared to her prior commanding tones,

“Mother please don't make me make your mistakes PLEASE” she begged,

“ If I had to give up my soulmate so will you darling” Genevieve snarled,

“ Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean you have to make your daughter miserable too.” I snarled,

“I WILL NOT BE A SLAVE ANYMORE! I WILL NOT STAY AWAY FROM MY SOULMATE FOR ANYBODY, IF YOU COME BACK HERE OR TRY ANYTHING WITH THIS PACK I WILL BRING UPON YOU A PAIN WORSE THAN DEATH. NOW ELEMENTS PLEASE TAKE THEM HOME!” she flung her hands and they were gone, so was the water barrier. She looked down at her still bleeding hand and then looked around,

“You, you’re the Beta correct?” she said addressing Jacs,

“ Yes Luna-” I growled “I mean demigoddess,I am” he responded,

“ I know your Alpha doesnt want me and that is fine but Im not leaving here until I know you are all protected. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to my mate and his pack. I need a picture of the map of your borders please and four other people you trust to protect your borders.” Rowena snapped her fingers,

She snapped her hand and things appeared. She made 5 poppets. Inside them she put grass, a lighter, a whistle and then dropped it in a jar of water. Jaxs returned with the paper and she took it and whispered something under her breath and let her blood flow on it. A pentagram appeared,

“Listen I don't know how much longer I'll hold on element magick takes a serious toll on their users, place a jar at the point coordinates for each element. Bury them deep at the same time and the same depth, it's very important that you do this correctly if you don't want any magickal intruders. Noone with magick in their blood will be able to enter without the Alphas permission.” she finished and Jaxs ran off with 4 other people. She started walking away, her breath coming out slowly,

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TRESPASSER?” I yelled after her, she stopped walking and just sat down,

“ Can I take your punishment when I wake up? I am so tired and I was just planning on sleeping on this soft patch of grass until my energy came back” Rowena spoke weakly

Holy fuck she wants my punishment thats hot,

‘Not really Gideon, it's sad. She just spoke about being abused, she basically said she offered her death over your pack and sleeping with her brother, she used all her energy to save us. I think she doesn’t value herself as much as she should so youre right she’s not your mate, you don't deserve someone as pure and selfless and Rowena’ Severus said with dispassion.

I felt bad I knew he was right but I didn't care. She did deserve punishment for trespassing on our land and he knows if it was anyone else they would have been dead already.

I turned to tell her but she was fast asleep on the grass, I wanted to pick her up and put her in my bed and hold her and never let go,

“Well aren't you gonna kill the bitch?” One asked frustrated,

“It’s what you usually do with trespassers and what you said you would let us do if you ever found your mate” she pouted her lips and batted her eyes,

“You should know better than to question your Alpha, she is powerful. We shall use her, now come inside. I'm bored” I threw her over my shoulder as she squealed.

I turned to my pack, “ Continue the party, nothing left to see here” I continued into the house where my room is. My mind wanders back to the mystery asleep on the grass.

I decided to mind link Jacs,

‘Beta, once you're done with the demigoddess request please return to where we were and put her somewhere uh-uh’

‘Safe Alpha?’ Jacs replied sarcastically,

‘Uh yeah safe, comfortable.’ I muttered,

‘Uh Alpha she's kinda dirty do you want me to just leave her in her dirty rags and bloody on the bed?’he hesitantly asked,

‘ Find a She wolf about her size and make them wash her and get her a T-shirt and some pants. Link me when everything is taken care of.

“Yes Sir” he said firmly

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