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The Demigoddess and Her Alpha

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Rowena Maddox is a half Witch, half Goddess. Lachlan Gideon is a ruthless Alpha. She has been waiting her whole life for her soulmate. He thinks mates make you weak. Unseen enemies and danger lurk. Will these two have a happy ending or does the Moon Goddess have something else in store for them?

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Chapter One: Bad Romance

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Alpha Lachlan Gideon

It was 10:00 pm on May 1st. My pack and I were enjoying the bonfire on the lawn of the packhouse. We were celebrating my twin's and I's 30th birthday. It happens to fall on Beltane, a Gaelic holiday. We usually hold a bonfire to represent the fire festival for the Celtic Deity Bel. Beltane celebrates the coming of summer and the fertility of the crops for the coming year. I am a descendent of the Mactavish Clan, originally from Scotland. While everyone was celebrating Beltane and our birthdays, I was celebrating something else. Werewolves can start sensing their mate as soon as they shift at 13. However, the older you get, the chances of you finding a mate become more complex.

I’m 30 years older today and still mate-free. Not having a mate is a fantastic victory for me. Not only will I reject my mate on-site but kill her too. Many once rejected mates reunite. They can’t handle the empty feeling. It’s pathetic. Mates make you weak. I’ll be taking a chosen mate who can provide me with strong pups. How is it true love if I have no choice? Everything becomes about them and their needs. If they die, you eventually die too. I don’t want to go out that way. If I die, it’s because I lost a fight or I'm old, not because someone else died. Alpha James Gideon was the most feared and respected Alpha worldwide. Until his mate, Luna Aurora, died. Eventually, he lost all his edge and he began beating us, taking home random pack women. I found out later some against their will. He started wars with neighbouring packs for no reason. As a result, we lost many warriors, money and land. He eventually got himself killed for his reckless behaviour. My father left my twin sister Skye and me to take care of our six younger siblings. My mom had us, then two sets of triplets. Jack, Oliver, and Logan were 11 when she died. Paisley, Mae, Evie were 8. I was 15 when it happened and forced to become Alpha with Skye as my Beta. I had to quit school, stop partying and become a serious leader. It was difficult because most of my pack warriors were way older than me. A few even tried to fight me for it, but I was born to be Alpha.

Now the Lapis Lazuli pack is the largest in North America. I have around 2000 wolves. Once again, we were well respected and feared. I had spent years fixing the damage my father did. I expanded several of our businesses and we just acquired new land. I was happy with where I was in life and I had no plans of changing it. I looked around and saw Skye with her mate Jaxs our pack’s most vital witch-wolf hybrid. I smiled. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Ain’t no party like a wolf pack party. We had food, music, alcohol and drugs for everyone's amusement.Werewolves have a much higher tolerance when it comes to drinking and drugs. We can get pretty wild. I have a select few warriors who kept patrol of the borders, but no one dares to mess with the Lapis Lazuli pack. The pups and the older wolves are also here. They are inside watching movies, eating popcorn, candy and playing board games. I was sitting in the corner, knowing tomorrow morning we would have to get to work on the Rogues who are continually attempting to breach our borders. My father always says a good party helps motivate the wolves better. The Rogues have been attacking at our borders and trying to test how fast we breach. They seem to have a leader because Rogue wolves genuinely stick to themselves. They are trying to fight me for my Alpha status because I don't have a pup to inherit the Alpha blood. I never really wanted children, but if it meant solidifying my spot, I could have one of my bunnies carry him.

I have five bunnies total. I couldn't be bothered to remember their names. Yeah, whatever, I’m dick blah blah blah. I've changed them, or the bunnies got mates over the years, so I just call them bunnies. I like my submissives, tall and blonde. I make my way over to the bonfire. Once I sit down, I snap my fingers and the bunnies get to work. I had two bunnies feeding me, one bunny massaging my back while one massaged my feet. My favourite bunny sat in my lap, playing with my hair grinding into my lap. I call her One. She is 5'8, long blonde hair, blue eyes and the poutiest lips ever. She has great tits and a voluptuous ass. She wasn't that smart and you can't hold a decent conversation with her, but the bunnies aren't here for talking. I'm an Alpha. I have many sexual needs I need to take care of to take better care of my pack. I was having a bourbon neat as my Beta to Jaxs approached,

"Happy Birthday, Alpha. I hope you're enjoying it.” He winked at me,

"Thanks, Beta. " I laughed as I patted his back as he hugged me,

“What is with the formality, man? What do you need to tell me about my little sister now?” I provoked,

Jaxs sighed, “Gideon, man, she’s worried that if you don't find a mate, you won't ever be happy and that you're just pretending to be.” He took a step back and raised his arms,

“Just the messenger, remember?” He joked,

“ Don’t worry man. It’s something she has told me a thousand times, maybe a thousand and one since you two mated. The only time you should worry about me is if I start to put this pack at risk.” I turned to see her approaching,

“You need to find your mate. Watching you with those things is disgusting, brother. I let it slide while you were younger, but we are too grown now.” Skye poked my chest.

One scoffed and rolled her eyes,

“Are you really going to let her talk to you like that, baby?” One whined,

“Shut up. This is between me and my brother, not his mistresses.” Skye snapped,

“Skye. Not today, okay?” I begged,

“Whatever your wasted life, I’m going to bed. My head is killing me anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She kissed my cheek and left with Jaxs.

The air started to change. My favourite scents filled my nostrils, freshly baked red velvet cake, lavender, the smell of rain and gasoline. At first, I thought the bunnies had gathered my favourite things, but then my wolf Severus started going nuts inside me and he usually quiet around the bunnies. The alarm Jaxs, put up to signal a barrier breach, rang through the packhouse. Everyone went from partying to serious really quick. The fire grew to twice its size and out stepped a tiny figure,

"I FUCKEN DID IT YESS!" Yelled a soft smokey voice.

She stood up and looked around, her eyes locked on mine instantly,

'Mine!' Severus bounced inside.

Wow, her eyes are different colours. I see specks of red, blue, green, yellow and purple. It’s so hypnotizing they seem so innocent and endless. No! NO! This is not fucken happening today, not on my birthday NOPE!!!!. The tiny figure looked up at the packhouse and saw the sign ‘Happy 30th Birthday Alpha and Beta Gideon’ and gasped,

"Hi! I'm Rowena! It's my birthday today too! I just had to know you existed. I’m so excited that I found you, that you actually exist. My soulmate, mate, works for me as you wolves say. I have been waiting all my life to meet you. Oh! Oh, thank the Goddesses. Oh! I’m sorry. I’m rambling, but I’m so nervous and happy! OH! I have to go right now before they find me. I'll be back. I promise." She said enthusiastically.

She stood there with a huge smile that made my heart race. NO! NO! she is not my mate,

"I don't care who you are, I want to know how you breached our borders, and I must warn you. I do not have or want a mate. " I said and watched the fire in her eyes dim.

After a few moments,

"Oh." She said dejectedly,

If I didn't see her, I would have assumed she was crying. Her eyes moved up and down the bunnies hanging off me, and she seemed disappointed. She looked back down at her feet and took a deep breath. Severus started to stir,

‘I don't like my mate upset,’ He muttered,

‘ SHE IS NOT MY MATE!’ I yelled back,

"I am the daughter of the High Priestess Genevieve,” My pack gasped,

“I, I’m s-sorry you don't want a mate, I’ll leave now." She turned away from me, but I caught her wrist, and my whole body felt shocks,

"You're not leaving! Trespassing in this pack is a serious offense. Lying to the Alpha is another. Why would the daughter of the High Priestess be covered in filth, scars and dressed in rags? Tell me how you broke in, or I’ll kill you. " I gave her a deadly glare,

"Yeah, put her to death, Alpha!" Whined the bunnies.

Rowena growled at them, actually growled, like she was a wolf and not a witch or future High Priestess, as she claimed. I stiffened in my pants a little. NO, NO NO!!!!,

"You must let me leave. It was a risk escaping. If you don’t want me, it doesn't matter if I’m lying or not. But, please, I must go before they come for me!" She pleaded.

FUCK!!!!! I can’t handle the way her eyes are looking at me,

" YOU. WILL. NOT. LEAVE!" I bellowed,

"You don't understand they will be here soon they'll know what I've done-"

Another alarm cut her off. A portal flashed. Standing in front of us were three figures dressed in royal clothing, One woman and two men, High Priestess Genevieve, High Priest, Phoenix, and their son Ace. Holy shit, she is the daughter of the High Priestess! Genevieve is so loving to all supernatural beings. She dedicated much of her life to creating peace amongst several species. How could she allow her daughter to live in such filth? Maybe Rowena is evil, and she is trying to keep her away from the public so she doesn’t cause too much harm,


"Too late, silly child, we are already here. How dare you escape your cell! ” Genevieve boomed,

" Mother, please, I just had to know." She bowed her head

The full-of-life young women became so meek that my whole body twitched with anger. Do not get involved. It is none of your business,

"Listen, you little slut. I don't care if you found your soulmate. You will give me an heir." Ace fumed,

"I would rather burn in the witch trials than carry your child. Grandma was sick! Incest does not create a more powerful bloodline. I don’t care what she foresaw. My child will be twice blessed because of me, not because our bloodline doubled or whatever crazy nonsense Nana spewed," She snapped.

Her brother wants her to carry his child? What kind of fucked up Game of Thrones bullshit is this? Well, to be honest, I'm not surprised. Genevive’s mother, High Priestess Zelda, was crazy and forced her daughter to marry her cousin to increase the power in the lineage,

"Why do you think we’ve kept you away from other men?” Phoenix stated, bored.

I see her eyes widen and suddenly in my head, I hear her voice,

’I know you don't want me, but please just go along with it.’

How the hell did she do that? I did not Mark her yet?

‘I’m a witch REMEMBER,’


She laughed a little, which confirmed it.

The whole fucken time? She shook her head no,

“ Well, you see, I may think Grandma is nuts for trying to ‘purify our blood,’ but as soon as I realized my mate is an Alpha, I finally believed the crazy prophecy. I will have a twice blessed heir who will change the future for all the species and humans. However, she will be a witch-werewolf hybrid. I am afraid you guys arrived 10 minutes too late.” Rowena rambled.

A twice blessed Heir? That will change the future? I thought to myself, what the hell does that mean? She will not bear my children if I have anything to do about it,


“Liar! You did not have sex that quickly. You only escaped 15 minutes ago,” Her mother hissed,

“Well, mother, like you said to me when I complained about having to commit INCEST,
‘don’t worry dear most men only last a few minutes.’ I guess you were right. Didn’t take long.” Rowena ground her jaw,

“It's true I've been waiting 30 years. I just had to have her.” I huffed everyone, including my pack, gasped.

My pack knew it wasn't possible. The members were just shocked I would go along and put us at risk by going against the Priestess. They looked at me nervously while I am focused on her, Rowena what a beautiful name. Even covered in dirt and dressed in rags could I see her beauty. Half of me wanted to take her in my arms and suffocate her with my love. The other half, the more sensible half, tried to rip her to shred for putting my pack at risk, but I got held back,

‘She didn’t put us at risk! We are supposed to protect her and we failed,’ Severus whined.

I ignored him and focused back on The high priestess and my mate, but I felt a tug,

‘Alpha, I’m a little worried now. Lying wasn't smart,’ Jaxs chimed,

‘BACK DOWN, Beta.’ Severus was so angry he took control of me temporarily and order Jaxs to back down in his Alpha tone. I took a deep breath and channeled him to the back of my mind. I have no idea why I decided to go along with her lie. I planned to give her to her mother without any trouble. I just couldn’t go against her. I can’t even blame Severus because he took control after I lost my mind. I just had to help her. I could tell that Severus was already completely smitten with her. What a weirdo.

“MOTHER! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?” Her brother whined,

“Do not worry, son, if she really did have sex, and if she happens actually to fall pregnant well, miscarriages happen all the time.” She winked THIS FUCKEN

“And as for her ‘mate’- she used air quotes- “ we will just get rid of him and his pack.” High Priestess Genevieve laughed.

My pack growled. I was ready to shift when a piercing scream broke the chaos,

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