His Breeder

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Alpha Cain has struggled to find a suitable mate after his Luna died. He keeps getting pressured to mate with a breeder. On the night of a full moon, his pack is ready to mate and he is lured to cross the border into another pack. All Rights Reserved. COPYRIGHT ©

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

The sun had already set as a figure came out of the darkness from the woods. A huge, black-as-midnight Alpha werewolf with glowing red eyes walked out of the fields. After enjoying running in the fields and a refreshing drink in the brook, it howled in satisfaction while lifting its head. A cool breeze blew across the plains, moving its dark and glistening mane.

The neighing of horses was heard from the stables that were within a short distance from the house. As if answering in response to its howl. The wolf went towards a large ranch house and climbed the porch steps.

In a matter of seconds, the werewolf shifted into a tall, bare muscular man. Once he went inside his home, he walked towards his room to go straight to his en suite bathroom. As he passed by the mirror beside the shower, he noticed that his beard was an inch longer.

It was time to either revisit the barbershop or shave. He chose the latter. Some of the ‘perks’ of being a werewolf, let alone an Alpha, meant one had to shave often. After placing shaving cream on his jaw and cheeks, and took out his razor and shaved. Afterward, he took a cold shower.

After showering and putting clothes on, he went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea and went to his living room. Sitting on his couch, he took a sip. It was hot, just as he liked it. The flavor and its warmth reminded him of his late wife, Sarah. She used to make it for him. They would both sit down to drink hot tea on the porch every night, followed by endless lovemaking.

A frown crossed his face a moment later when his gaze fell on the small portrait of their wedding day on the wall. It was the happiest day of his life. But their happiness was short-lived. Cain hadn’t been able to recover after her death, let alone find a mate. He loved her so much and felt so lonely without her. The moon only knew how many times he wished it had been him instead of her. But the elders were always going on about how there were other plans for him, how strong he needed to be for the pack, and how he had to move on and find a new Luna. Thinking about it brought back memories of his conversation with the elders of his pack the day before.

“Cain, Sarah has been gone for almost two years now. As the Alpha male, you need an heir to the pack. A future Alpha will ensure this pack will continue to thrive.” his father had told him.

Three other older men who constituted the elders of the Rockbridge clan of werewolves always nodded in agreement when they would talk about this. Even though he was the Alpha, he was expected to submit to the elders and their wisdom. At some point in time, they had also been Alphas of their clan.

“I haven’t found a mate I want yet,” Cain had argued.

"We know,” Old Jeb added quietly. ”But true mates are scarce nowadays. There hasn’t been a true mate bond for too long. But that is why we have chosen a breeder for you. An Omega breeder. They’re fertile and birth great pups.”

He opened his mouth to protest. He knew it would be pointless but still did it anyway. “I want to choose. I don’t want anyone to do it for me.”

“She will be your mate and bear you an heir. It’s her duty as a breeder.”

Cain cursed again, wishing that he wasn’t the leader of his pack. If Adam and Patrick hadn’t gone to war and mortally wounded each other, the responsibility of being the next pack leader wouldn’t have fallen on him.

“I’m the Alpha of this pack. I should be able to make this decision, this one decision for myself without being babied.”

"Hannah Kent will breed for you, Cain, and she has already agreed. This is final." his father had told him, and he had objected vehemently.

Hannah was the daughter of the late Jonas Kent. He had owned the biggest supply store in Roswell, Colorado. Cain didn’t particularly like her, even though they both grew up in the same pack. It wasn’t that she wasn’t beautiful. He just wasn’t into her. She was ordinary, easy on the eyes, yes, and she would writhe underneath his Alpha dominance. But she simply wasn’t his type. Her petite stature, shiny black hair, and black eyes made him feel he could break her.

A knock on the door brushed his thoughts and concerns about his arranged mating.

What now? He sighed, realizing he’d spent quite some time brooding.

He strode to the front door and threw it open. In front of him was Hannah. With a bright smile on her face, she stood before him. His wolf scoffed. She wasn’t the company he needed at the moment.


“Hannah, it’s not a good time.”

“The elders sent me here for us to get more comfortable with each other. It is an honor to be chosen as your breeder. ”

He let out a low groan.


Lifting the basket she carried in her hands, she added, “Are you hungry? I brought dinner.”

Great... He wondered how he would get out of this one.

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