His Breeder

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Chapter 10

Amelia’s vision was blurry, and suddenly it cleared up as she found herself in the middle of the hot desert with terrible wind around her. Thick sand moved all around her, but it didn’t stop her from seeing a dark figure approaching.

“I will kill you!” The figure was dressed in all-black attire shouted at her. Blood was dripping off its sharp teeth.

“Who are you?” Amelia asked, coughing from the dust blowing her way.

The figure snarled. “Your worst nightmare. Do you think you have what it takes to be a breeder?”

Amelia was angry that. The figure was trying to intimidate her. She returned her snarl, and lifting her hand, a thick ball of green dust formed. She threw it at the figure who screamed.

“I will bear an heir, whether you like it or not.”

She could suddenly hear Cain talking, but her eyes only fluttered open and closed as she fought for control in the dream.

“No one is going to stop me.”

“We’ll see about that, witch.”

Suddenly she saw a lighter figure from afar blasting away the dark figure. She didn’t seem to be a threat, like the other figure. It was a woman, and she seemed to be talking from a distance, but she couldn’t hear her.

“I can’t understand what you are saying. Please come closer,” The figure immediately stood in front of her as if it ran to her in a flash. It was Sarah, Cain’s late wife. She recognized her from the pictures she’s seen of her.

“You’re Sarah, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I am.”

“Sarah, he has missed you so much. He has told me so.”

“I know. I have felt it. I am happy he found you, though.”

“I remember now seeing you the night I met him. You led us to meet. Didn’t you?”

“In a way.”

“But how is this possible?”

“We will always watch over Cain and you.”


“Well, your grandmother and I, of course.”

“Is she here too?”

“She is with you, always.”

“Please go back to him, Amelia. History cannot repeat itself.”

“What does that mean?”

“It is not your time yet. By the time you wake up, the poison will be out of your system, and it is what’s keeping you under.”


“The person trying to hurt you added poison to your food. You know who it is, don’t you?” She said as she started to fade away.

“Wait! Come back!”

“I must go. It is time for you to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Amelia tossed and turned on the bed. Her dreams were restless. “Amelia! Amelia! Wake up!

“Please, Love. You’re dreaming!”

She jerked awake to see Cain sitting beside her and shaking her shoulders.

She looked around her for the figure who threatened her and then realized that she had been dreaming. Her whole body felt weak, like it was fighting an invasion, but she pushed through it.

Cain looked very worried. “Amelia, I was so scared. You wouldn’t wake up. You’ve been asleep for days!Are you alright?”

She noticed an IV connected to her wrist and wrapped he arms around him while he cuddled her to himself. The heat radiating from his body filled her with warmth.

“I’ve been so scared for you, mate.”

“You need to call a meeting.”


“I know who’s trying to kill me.” she firmly told him when she reluctantly pulled away from his arms.

“Don’t pull away from me, mate. I thought for days I would lose you. Come here.” Cain jerked and pulled her back in his arms. “I’ve had suspicions for a while that someone was too. Gabe is on it. I’ll call the pack doctor to come check on you again.”

“I just saw clearly who doesn’t want me here. Please, I want us to handle it.”

“Talk to me, Amelia.”

Amelia moved her gaze from the people settling down in the fields to her mate, who stood ramrod still. Trepidation ran through Amelia as she watched the clan gather at the ranch. Not everyone was there, of course, but the people she needed to be there were present. They usually gathered for meetings at the ranch fields, and it was the only space large enough for them to do so except the woods.

Cain looked every inch, the Alpha male that he was. If he weren’t her mate, she would have been afraid of him. His face was like a storm cloud, his features harshly set, tautened, and his size was intimidating. Standing beside him made her feel proud to call him her own.

He had been so furious that he wanted to confront the pack member, but Amelia stopped him. It was better if the person responsible confessed on their own. Or it would look like she had picked on them for no reason.

“Everyone is aware of the different recent incidents that almost cost Amelia her life.” Cain began in a crisp tone when everyone had settled down. The people nodded in agreement.

“After bringing her here and explaining how we shared the mark, I didn’t expect anyone to have issues with it. But apparently, someone does. It turns out that someone is out to harm her simply because she is my mate, and I will give a chance for that person to step forward.”

Amelia’s gaze trailed around the clan. Everyone was stunned at what their Alpha had just said.

Amelia inhaled sharply when Cain suddenly turned to where the person responsible was standing.

“What do you have to say to that?” He demanded, pointing at the culprit.

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