His Breeder

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Chapter 12

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“Alone at last?” Cain asked Amelia as he joined her in bed, stark naked. She had just taken a cold shower, and he did too.

“Should I be nervous?” she questioned with a twinkle in her green depths.

He chuckled. “No. You will enjoy every second. That is a promise.”

She cupped his face. “I have waited for this moment since the first second I laid eyes on you.”

“Me too. I will be able to hear your thoughts in human form too, mate.” A grin spread across Cain’s face. After the whole drama with Hannah two weeks ago, he hadn’t been able to wait for their trip to the mountains. He proposed to her as soon as they got back to the house. She gladly accepted even though he told her he had planned a more romantic proposal.

"I don’t care. As long as we’ll be together forever,” she had told him and kissed him.

They wanted to get married immediately. They didn’t want anyone to try and stand between them again. Just like he’d done with Sarah before becoming Luna, he wanted a quick and intimate marriage. Yet, his people would hear nothing of it.

They planned an elaborate wedding and mating ceremony, which had taken place in the early hours of that evening. Presently, the pack was still celebrating in the woods while Cain had brought his bride back home. Her heat started not long after they completed the ceremony. Now, they could finally consume each other and complete their mate bond.

“I, too, have longed for this moment. Now you are all mine,” he said and captured her lips in a searing kiss. Searching her face after lifting his head, he solemnly said,

“I can smell your arousal. It calls to my wolf to touch you.”

“I want you,” she breathed and brought his head down for a kiss.

When he went up for air, he bathed her with his lustful gaze. He couldn’t wait any longer for what they wanted, and they were ready.

“You have an amazing body, my love,” he told her with huskiness in his voice.

She blushed and remarked, “You too, sweetheart.”

Cain laughed and proceeded to bathe her body with kisses in reverence. Showing his adoration with every kiss and touch. He began from her mouth, down to her throat, and then captured one of her blossoms between his teeth. Amelia moaned and jerked as he twirled his tongue across the hard tip.

Her moans echoed as he enjoyed what he was doing, loving the effect he had on her. His hand found her moisture and slid a finger in between her thighs. She arched off the bed with a whimper and squirmed.

“Relax, my love.” He breathed.

His other hand grabbed and caressed her sensually while he continued to swirl his tongue everywhere. Then his mouth lowered to replace his hand between her thighs. She grabbed his head tautly as he weaved his tongue inside with all kinds of pleasurable movements. He took turns where he worshipped all her body by kissing and licking her everywhere. Wherever he kissed her, he left a trail of goosebumps.

Then went down again to continue his delicious torture by pressing her thigs apart and pinning her down. He left her no choice but to take all he was doing to her until she reached euphoria and cried out in pleasure while she rode out her high.

“Cain, Please.” She whined moments later.

Cain smiled with satisfaction and positioned himself between her thighs, obliging his Luna’s request. It was her first time, and he could tell, but this didn’t trouble him. He wasn’t bothered that she hadn’t touched him. There would be more than enough time for that. He would teach her how to satisfy him. But he wanted tonight to be all about her.

In one fluid motion, his arms were around her pulling her chest to chest. The tight sensation that had been gathering since he started kissing her threatened to burst as he slowly slid into her. Pleasure he had never experienced spread heat and sparks through his body as they slowly became one.

“Wow, wife, this is a bliss,” he said in a tortured tone. He bent and swallowed her scream with his mouth while he thrust fully into her. In a voice he didn’t recognize, he asked a moment later, sheathed inside her to the tilt.

“Is this okay?”

He stopped himself from moving to let her get accustomed to his size, and it took all of him to restrain himself from burying himself deeper in her. He watched as the painful expressions went away from her face, and a bright smile and moans replaced it. “Yes.”

“Tell me if this feels good.” He started to rock his hips slowly in circles while seathing into her. She simply moved underneath him, and that was the encouragement he needed to slide out and plunge into her again.

A satisfying groan sounded from his throat as he began to ease in and out of her. He started moving slowly at first; then, he increased his pace when he felt she was ready for all of him. She clung to him, whimpering as he took her to heights otherwise unknown.

He went higher and faster, then harder and deeper.. he thrust into her until the sensation in his loins reached fever pitch, and he wrapped his arms around her tighter, pinning her to himself. His eyes changed from black to gold and then to red as Amelia shuddered beneath him. A bulb of green dust enveloped them as another release shook her body.

His wolf howled in satisfaction as he joined her in the most explosive ecstasy he had ever experienced. He jerked violently before collapsing on the bed beside her. The green bubble slowly dissolved as he gathered her into his arms.

That was amazing, my witch mate. He mind-linked as he kissed her.

She giggled. It sure was, my Alpha King.

He kissed her again. “I love you. I couldn’t have chosen a better mate. You mean the world to me.”

Tears glazed her eyes, and he kissed them away, content that he had, at last, found someone to love again. They fell asleep entangled with each other.

But then Cain awakened her various times during the night. Her heat demanded attention, and he clearly didn’t have nearly enough of her. They consumed each other all night long.

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