His Breeder

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Chapter 2

Amelia straightened up and sighed, filled with longing as she watched the little younglings leave her classroom. For years, she had yearned for a child of her own, but as a mate wasn’t forthcoming, she had to learn to live with it.

“See you tomorrow, kids!” She said as the children were trooping out the door.

“Bye, Miss Martins!” Little Jane, a little blonde-haired girl with town ponytails, waved at her.

“Bye, Jane.” Amelia smiled and waved back.

Teaching 4th Grade kids gave her a sense of belonging even though she wanted more. She remembered her grandmother told her before her death that she had a higher calling. That was five years ago. It made her happy to be helpful to her pack. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help, sometimes wishing that she had a higher purpose. She wasn’t content with just looking forward to existing as a werewolf or her powers.

At twenty-five, she couldn’t find a mate among the New Moon pack. Not that it was hardly surprising. Amelia comes from a long line of powerful witches. Combined with her powers as a werewolf, a lot of the male folks found her intimidating. Even though she never did anything to bring attention to her abilities. Being an omega werewolf and a half-witch didn’t help matters either. Unmated Omegas like her were considered breeders and mostly inconsequential in the whole pack because they have the highest fertility chances. Usually, Alpha’s chose them as their breeders.

Sighing, she put the remaining papers she wanted to grade into her bag and walked out of the classroom. Like any other day, she exchanged pleasantries with her fellow teachers and other students as she strode down the hallway.

A cheerful smile formed on her face as she ran into her childhood best friend, Matthew Woods, the Alpha of her pack. As the Alpha male of her pack, he wielded a lot of power and respect. Some pack members didn’t even dare to address him, but she was a special person to him.

“Hey, you!” He was something to gaze at. A tall, muscular, dark-haired man with blue-grey eyes. She couldn’t help but smile every time he smiled at her. They had been the best of friends since when they were kids. They both grew up together in their clan in Utah. The New Moon clan had always lived in Chesterfield. Matthew owned and ran a successful IT company where most of their pack members worked. Her pack was mainly into technological advancements. It was the biggest in all of Utah and from where their community majorly earned their living.

“Hey! what are you doing here?” she asked and started to walk with him.

“I was just passing by and decided to stop and say hello,” he said while they walked towards his car.

Every pack member who passed by said hello. For a moment, Amelia wished things were different between her and Matthew. Everyone thought that they would become mates. Or that he would at least choose her as his breeder. But then, a few years ago, Matthew experienced the mark with another woman. His mate, Emily.

The mark was when a wolf imprinted on their true mate, the moon itself passes it on, and it was scarce nowadays. Wolves needed to honor the moon’s wishes. The mark could occur any time after a wolf first shifted. If a werewolf made that connection with another, nothing could be done about it. It’s love at first sight, a bond stronger than anything else. Once the mark happens between two wolves, they are bound for life.

Amelia was devastated when she found out. But she was happy for Emily, who was now heavily pregnant with Matthew’s second child. Even though Matthew didn’t end up with her, they had remained friends, and he was very protective of her.

Amelia liked to think that her clan’s werewolves were a fierce but kind and considerate breed. Like Matthew, she lost her parents to clan wars between werewolves and vampires when she was a kid. She grew up with her grandmother while he grew up with one of their clan members after his parents passed.

“Jason has been crying for his Aunt Amelia, and Emily misses you.”

“I miss them too.” Amelia’s smile brightened. She and Matthew’s mate had become good friends after she connected with their children. They even made her godmother to Jason. She adored him.

“She asked me to invite you for dinner tomorrow evening. Can you come over?”

“I’ll be there.” She said while pulling back a loose strand of her red hair behind her ear.

“Good,” he said, returning her smile.

“You don’t seem like yourself. “Then his forehead creased in a frown. “How are you doing?”

She hadn’t been to his house in a while because she had been feeling down lately. Sometimes, she got so depressed; she would spend her weekends overthinking how her life should be different. Especially seeing how happy Matthew is with his mate, Amelia wanted to find a love that would root itself so deep as she knew their bond is. But men in her pack were afraid of her. She didn’t blame them. Only Matthew and a few others didn’t care about her heritage.

She shrugged. “I’m fine. I’m just tired.”

“Amelia Martins, I’ve known you since we are kids. I know when something is wrong. I always know.”

“I promise I will share another time. I have to head back home.”

“Wait. Let’s talk about it when you come over, okay?” He tapped her on her nose like he used to do, and she laughed. She nods as she watched him walk away.

Her house was close to the school, so she decided to walk home today. She needed nature to distract her. When she was halfway home, she took a longer route through the woods and shifted. Her wolf placed her handbag around her. She was happy to be let out to enjoy the warm rays of the sun and ran faster than ever. As soon as she arrived, she shifted back and stepped into her home. Suddenly a vision overtook her, leaving her breathless.

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