His Breeder

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Chapter 5

Amelia instantly sensed withdrawal from him.

He hadn’t told her that he was an alpha, but he didn’t have to, she knew. Power radiated off him, and they were usually as large as horses with red glowing eyes. Cain’s wolf took her breath away. Even in the moonlight, his black coat looked silky and shiny.

She couldn’t wait to see how he looked like in human form. She was sure that he would be drop-dead gorgeous. Would he like her looks?

Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself, Amelia? He won’t want you because you’re a witch.

Mate. I never said that.

Amelia let out a startled gasp. He must have heard her admiring him. She completely forgot that as they connected, they could hear each other’s thoughts in wolf form.

Cain chuckled. I think you’re a beautiful mate. I can’t wait to see you in human form, either.

She was blushing up by now and her wolf thinking of more reasons to drool.

But what’s the point when you don’t want to have anything to do with me?

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put it that way. I was only wary of you being half-witch. We also have a pack witch too. This news just took me by surprise, is all.

Then he chuckled and added, I was only scared that you would cast a spell on me or my pack if I upset you in the future.

Warmth flowed all over Amelia as she heard the word ‘future.’ Did that mean that they were going to explore this new connection between them? Was this her chance to be happy?

Cain moved forward, so they were standing mere inches apart. He rubbed his neck against hers.

I would never hurt anyone other than self-defense.

I believe you. Amelia, I was sort of led here to meet you, I don’t know how our future will turn out, but the sensations running all over my body make me believe that I did the right thing by heeding the call.

Amelia’s eyes were tearing up. She wanted to try. They owed each other that much. They were bound for life. Even though she thought the things she felt for him in such little time of knowing him were too fast, she figured it was a result of the mark. Those words coming from him made her heart fill with Joy.

We’ll take things slow, Amelia. Let’s explore the mark between us before committing to anything. Okay?

His muzzle pulled back over his sharp teeth, and his tongue hanged loosely out the side of his mouth. Amelia couldn’t help but giggle. He was an amazing sight to behold, and she was in awe that he was her mate. The fact that he was from another pack didn’t bother her much. It still seemed like a dream that she had finally found her mate after all these years.

Yes. I’d like that.

He couldn’t help but keep staring at her wolf and understand why he had waited so long for her. His mate honestly was perfect. She blushed when she listened to his thoughts about her. She couldn’t help but think the same about him.

Please tell me about yourself. I saw snippets of your life during the mark, but I want to know everything about you.

Amelia was happy they would get into deep conversation and tell him everything. She wanted to know everything about him too.

I saw snippets about yours too.

Amelia told him about growing up as an orphan and enhancing her powers with the help of her late grandmother. Then she listened with fascination as he told her about his tribe and his life. She was sorry to hear that his wife died almost two years ago and that she had not been able to birth him an heir. Something felt off to her in her mind as he spoke about his late wife, but she couldn’t quite place a finger on it.

They spent hours lying there, and their wolves cuddled up beside each other. The moon was already receding when they decided to go to her Alpha and let him know Cain was there.

They both rose reluctantly. Neither of them wanted such a magical night to end.


She heard her name and then an angry snarl before seeing a big grey werewolf lifting in the air. She watched in horror as the wolf jumped like a beast on Cain and held him by the neck.

Matthew! No! Please don’t kill him, stop!

He trespassed on our land. Rogues aren’t welcome here!

Amelia kept pleading for him to stop attacking Cain, but he didn’t, and a full-blown fight ensued between both Alphas. Closing her eyes, Amelia began her incantations. Green smoke rose from her hands, which she sent in Matthew’s direction to yank him away from her mate. Matthew landed heavily on the ground and snarled at her.

Why did you do that? He was taking advantage of you!

He wasn’t. He’s my mate!


He was led here by a force greater than both of us. The moon bound us together through the mark. The effect led me here, too. And we found each other.

Amelia turned from Matthew to look at Cain, who she could see, was bleeding from his neck.

I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Matthew sighed. I know what you mean. I have experienced the mark before.

I didn’t mean to cross over without permission.

I understand but any other Alpha would kill you right where you stand and you know that. Would you spare my life if the situation was reversed? Would your pack show mercy?

But Cain didn’t reply.

Amelia moved toward Cain. Please, Matthew.

Amelia, are you sure he’s your mate?

Yes. I’m positive. I wouldn’t lie to you about this.

I will spare your life for Amelia.

Amelia grinned just as Matthew strode forward and stared at Cain.

Are you all right? Amelia asked Cain, who nodded. Does anything hurt?

No. Well, except my pride.

They went back to the pack community and shifted back to human form. Cain was amazed at how beautiful his mate was in both wolf and human form.

Amelia tended to Cain’s wounds in her house. Watching him sleep an hour later filled her with joy. She kept pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming or in a trance. She studied his angular face as if she had never seen a man like him naked and all his glory. She knew she should rest, but she couldn’t stop looking at her mate. This tall, handsome man with a muscular build, dark hair, and his wolf, took her breath away. Finally, she found a mate, her true mate, which was so rare nowadays. A mate to call her own.

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