His Breeder

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Chapter 6

“Stay still, Alpha.”

“You may only call me that in bed, mate.” Cain and his wolf were now thinking about inappropriate thoughts while imagining her calling him names on bed.

Her eyes widened, but she quickly composed herself. “Fine, Stay still.”

“We are equals. Call me Cain or mate if it makes you comfortable for now.”

“Alright, Cain.” She smiled at him, and he smiled back. He could hear her voice say his name all day. “You have the touch of an angel.” Cain breathed and focused on his mate’s touch as she cleaned his wound again and replaced the bandage. Although she reminded him of his Sarah with her gentility. He had to acknowledge that he felt more strongly for her than he had for his late wife. Perhaps it was because he and Sarah didn’t experience the mark.

Amelia laughed. “Why, thank you mate.”

He couldn’t tear his gaze from her. He hadn’t expected her to be so stunning. Her round face, delicately carved brows, pert nose, and rosebud lips took his breath away. She was his green-eyed goddess with flaming red hair and an hourglass figure.

Her touch was so gentle as well; it almost pushed him back into slumber, but he couldn’t sleep anymore. He needed to speak with Matthew and take Amelia back to Crescent Moon with him. She was his now, and he wanted the whole world to know it.

When she moved away, his gaze traveled around her bedroom, decorated in shades of green and gold.

“Would you like some breakfast, mate?” she asked when she returned to and sat next to him on the bed. Her emerald green eyes put him in a trance. They had him on a spell. She had told him she inherited her eyes from her mother.

“Cain?” Her words brought him back from drooling.

“Mmm?” He enjoyed her tending to him. For a moment, he wanted to keep playing patient and nurse a bit longer, but it was time to stop behaving like an invalid.


“Yes. What do you have in mind?”

As the Alpha male of his pack, he had a reputation to maintain, so he rose from her bed. Matthew had caught him off guard and injured him. But he held a small satisfaction that he’d also hurt him back. So they were even.

“I need clothes. Mine shredded when I shifted to run here.”

“Matthew left a change of clothes for you. It’s in the bathroom. You can change there.”

Cain changed and was surprised how he and Matthew were the same size and muscularly built, so the shirt and jeans were a perfect fit. As he came out, he followed a delicious smell of food mixed with his mate’s scent. He went into the kitchen quietly and stood behind her. He towered over her, and he liked it. His thoughts went to mating with her. What it would be like having her moan and whimper under him in pleasure all night. He itched to turn her around, swing her into his arms and kiss her tempting lips. But he controlled himself as he had promised not to rush her. He wanted to go slow with her... for her sake.

Amelia stunned him by turning around, “Mate. I know what you’re thinking.”


She shrugged and looked away. “I can hear your thoughts in human form, remember?”

His face scrunched into a frown. “But, I can’t hear yours in human form until we mate.”

Her face reddened as he mentioned mating, and she turned away. He held her hand to keep her in place and to stop her from moving away from him.

“I think it’s because I’m half-witch. I know you’re not comfortable with me being one and all but I—”

He silenced her rambling by embracing her into his arms and slowly but firmly placing his lips on hers. Sensations upon sensations ran through his body. They were causing him to shudder as his mouth started to devour hers.

“Mmm. Your lips are so soft, love.” He whispered between kisses.

Sparks ignited from their lips and spread between their bodies all the way down to their groins. Their wolves were begging each other to complete the mating right there. If they didn’t stop, they would mate before they were both ready, so Cain reluctantly released her lips. She opened her eyes, and he smiled at her with satisfaction as he took in her swollen lips and rosy complexion.

“Let’s go and get breakfast before I find myself indulging in another kind of hunger.”

She blushed fierily and stepped away from his arms, and finished cooking their bountiful breakfast as he sat down at the table looking at her. He enjoyed watching the gentle sway of her hips as she cooked, set his plate, and placed it in front of him. Taking care of him and her food tasted delicious. She was a great cook. After they finished, they spent hours on her sofa curled up, talking and getting more comfortable with each other.

“Amelia. You know that you need to come back with me to my pack. Right?

Amelia took a deep breath and sighed. “I know. But so soon?”

“I need to get back to my pack, and we can’t be apart. It will hurt us and our bond. We need to stick together, but I can’t stay here. I have a duty to my pack as Alpha. And you are now their luna.”

“I have to talk to Matthew first.”

“No, I will talk to him. He has a true mate too. I’m sure he will understand.”

“We go together then, okay?”

Cain knew it would be a difficult task, no matter how much understanding Matthew could be. Amelia told him how protective he was of her. He could only hope Matthew would understand why she needed to leave with him and he would not leave without her.

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