His Breeder

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Chapter 8

She laughed heartily as Cain carried her through the hallway to the living room. He set her down on her feet and kissed her. The kiss grew with passion and hunger just like it did in her house, but they stopped to catch their breaths and rested their foreheads together.

Cain hugged her in a lover’s embrace and stared at her lovingly. “Come, my love, I’ll show you around,” he said when he finally lifted his head and offered his hand.

Still breathless, she took it and followed him out of the living room. By the time the house tour was over, Amelia was filled with happiness that she had found a home. After Cain took her around the ranch, it was time to meet his clan members. She was nervous when they all gathered at the ranch.

As soon as they had reached Chesterfield, Cain mind-linked his father. They had been worried about him as he just took off and didn’t lead the pack on their hunt as it was their tradition. But the pack witch told them about a vision of her and Cain that night. So Gabe, his Beta as second in command, lead the pack that night instead.

“Welcome, Luna Amelia. I am Gabe, the pack’s Beta. At your service. These are our elders, and over here, our pack members. We have all been waiting for you to arrive since we found out about you last night.”

Amelia was happy that everyone in his pack knew about her, including the elders. She was going to be the Alpha Female, and she found it a bit daunting. Yet, after the introduction, Amelia felt better as the elders and the people welcomed her to the pack. She could sense they were wary of her at first, but after she spoke to them and enlisted their help to feel at home, the women loosened up.

“Welcome Luna, I’m Hannah Kent. I’m an herbs healer and an Omega breeder. We’re happy you’re finally here,” Said one, in particular, giving her a warm welcome.

“I’m an Omega breeder too.” Amelia smiled. “I’m happy to be here too. Thank you.”

“Welcome to the Crescent Moon clan,” every pack member said, with a smile on their face.

“Thank you,” Amelia said, grateful for the heartfelt welcome.

She was happy that she already made friends in the pack. Everyone was quite welcoming.

“You are even more beautiful than I envisioned, darling. Welcome.” Said an older woman as she approached her and touched her hand. She could feel she was also a witch like her, and it seems she also recognized her as one.

“Never be ashamed of who you really are.” The woman told her in a serious tone as she squeezed her hand quite hard and then released it. Amelia’s features changed, but she composed herself, as she thought the woman would tell everyone, but the woman kept it to herself and walked away. She was thankful for it. Cain hadn’t yet told them that she was a witch. They wanted to keep it a secret for now until they could break the news to the pack.

Amelia then met Cain’s father. He looked like an older version of Cain.

“Welcome to Crescent Moon pack. My son’s mate. The moon chose well. You will be a fine Luna, dear.” He didn’t waste a minute to tell her all about the expectations of them having children soon and giving the pack an heir.

Nevertheless, she did agree with his father. She knew this was her duty as Luna, and besides that, it’s something she yearned for such a long time she was willing to, as soon as they were ready. She could see where he got his handsome looks from. So she teased Cain about it and joked playfully about what his father told them about breeding.

“I love you.” Cain chuckled as he drew her into his arms and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, and then her lips. Goosebumps burst out in her flesh as she sensed something in the air around her as he kissed her.

She pulled back and looked around the gathering, but she didn’t see anything suspicious.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just a bit nervous, is all.” She tried not to think about how she felt something was wrong around her. Cain would be able to feel her distress.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I just. I love you, Cain. So much.” She quickly pushed her thoughts away and grabbed his face, placing her lips on his again. He returned the kiss as intensely as she kissed him.

This wasn’t the time to be a witch, but a Luna.

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