A Reincarnated Curse

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Katerina is a 16 year old normal girl, living a normal, suburban, teenage life, or is she? Every year on her Birthday, she has the same dream. A dream about a life she seems all too familiar with. A dream about a man she cant seem to forget. A dream about power she can't seem to control. Is this dream a coincidence or something more? In this magical fantasy-fueled journey, Katerina finds more than she bargained for. The reoccurring dream isn't just a dream. It is a life she once lived, with a man she once loved, and power she once wielded. Her normal, suburban, life she once lived, gets turned upside down as she finds out that she is the reincarnation of a very powerful witch. She isn't just a regular witch, Katerina is royalty by blood. What's more, she was in-love with Alessandro, a very handsome and intriguing man. The only thing is, Alessandro is a vampire, and not just any vampire, he is the heir to the Vortigen throne. Vampires and witches are forbidden from being together and when they are discovered, they are subjected to death. Before the act is carried out she placed a curse on the town until her next life. Learning all of these things, Katerina must decide what path to take. She must choose who to trust and decide who she will be. Who is her real enemy? Are her feelings her own? Will she learn how to control her power, or will it consume her entirely?

Fantasy / Romance
Aundrea Lynn
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Running through the same field as she always had. This same dream she has had every year on her birthday. The difference this time, though, is that she knew she was dreaming, but it still felt as if it were actually happening. The sun was peaking over the mountain in front of her as she ran, laughing, with not a care in the world.

Looking back, he was chasing her, but she knew if he wanted to, he could catch her. Just before she reached the end of the field, he wrapped his arms around her and they rolled laughing together. “Why would you do that?” She asked as she pulled herself up and dusted off the dirt and grass from her dress.

“Why would I not do that?” As she was walking away toward the town, he grabbed her arm. “Where are you going upset like that”.

“Anywhere, so long as it is away from you”, she said playfully. As she looked at him, she felt nothing but the love she had for him.

He was very handsome and tall, about 6’3, his skin was tanned by the sun and dark black shoulder length hair. He had very broad shoulders, lean and muscled arms, the arms of a fighter, but for her they were the arms of a lover. His accent was apparent and just as attractive as he was. He had to be Italian, or something similar.

He wrapped his arms around her as he grabbed her face and, ever so gently, kissed her. She could literally feel her blood boiling, she pushed him away playfully and ran to her home. Right before she went inside, she looked back towards him, he called out “Goodnight Katerina” and she gave him a simple smile. Walking inside she saw it had straw at the top for the ceiling. It was obvious it was a house from a different time.

A moment later, a crowd of people had gathered outside of her door. All she heard was screaming and yelling “Witch, come on out or we will burn you inside the house!” Walking out the townspeople grabbed her, and she saw two other young women being restrained and taken to the town square. Three poles awaited them ahead. As the other two women and herself were tied to the poles she looked out into the crowd searching for him, but she couldn’t find him.

A man she seemed to know, and yet, didn’t understand how, started talking to the townspeople. “Behold, the Duncan witch and her followers.” She looked to her left there was a younger girl than her, maybe a year or two younger. She had fair skin, long flowing brown hair with an old-time townspeople dress that touched her ankles. She was crying incoherently, looking up to the sky as if to ask for help. Looking to the right she saw a woman older than she was. Her skin was tanned by the sun and her hair was wavy and as blonde as her own. She was looking right at her as if to tell her something.

“The Duncan witch, along with her followers, will die tonight as the moon rises to its highest point and we will be rid of them and their evil forever.” The townspeople started chanting “Burn the witch, burn the devil”. Looking up to the sky she saw the moon almost risen to the middle of the sky, a feeling came over her that she couldn’t explain it was a rush of power and anxiety.

Anger swept through her as she looked towards the crowd. She noticed a coffin sitting just behind the crowd. Somehow, she knew what lay inside as they opened it. She felt a single tear stream down her face as she saw him with a stake in his heart “NOOOOO! ALESSANDRO! How could you!? All of you will die this night for the evil you have committed!” Even as she spoke, she didn’t recognize her own voice, it was as if the power she had felt moments earlier was speaking for her. A light came down from the moon and surrounded her. The wind picked up and clouds came full circle surrounding the town square.

Looking up to the sky she seemed to be moving closer to the moon, but as she looked down, she could see she was in the air, yet, still tied to the pole. She wasn’t too high off the ground, but she knew it was the power inside her that allowed her to lift herself and the pole from the ground. Even though she did not quite understand how, she only knew she wanted to make them all pay for what they did. Inside she could feel the anger taking root and she knew somehow the darkness had taken over, darkness that she had somehow already known. Suddenly she started speaking a language she didn’t even know that she knew and, yet, knew exactly what she was saying. It was a curse, and an evil one at that.

As the townspeople started to run, screaming, “The witch is going to kill us all!” The man that she had seemed to know, ran to her instead of away. He had a torch and threw it at her saying, “You choose him, so you choose death.” Just as he threw it, she did something and wasn’t quite sure how. The man that threw the torch dropped to his knees as she dropped to the ground laying completely still.

She saw him drop lifelessly to the ground and as the fire started to engulf her, surrounded by the fire, anger and the feeling of depression and hopelessness swept through her. She felt as though she had no more fight left inside. She could have gotten free, she could have walked away and exacted her revenge for them killing the love of her life. She had only enough energy to say aloud, “I will find you again.”

Shooting up from her sleep she looked over to her alarm clock, she saw her window. “What is going on?” Looking to her right she realized, “Oh my god!” She was Floating! As she yelled out in panic she dropped to her bed. How was this possible? Could she have power like in her dream? What did it all mean? As she fell back to her pillow, she looked to the ceiling filled with confusion and amazement. Did that really just happen, she wondered.

As she looked to her alarm clock it was midnight. Just like every birthday since before she could remember at midnight exactly, she has the same dream. She never had finished the dream until tonight. Normally, she gets to the part where she sees the coffin and had never gotten to see what or who was in it. This night, this birthday, felt different. She had most definitely never floated before. Laying there, she felt so tired as if she were being drained of energy. Just as she was about to go to sleep, she could have sworn she heard a man’s voice “Katerina”. There was no doubt about it, it was the man from her dream. The accent was too similar to not be. Playing it off as if it were nothing and shutting her eyes, she let the sleep, she seemed to suddenly long for, engulf her.

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