A Reincarnated Curse

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Chapter One

“Katerina wake up! We have a lot of birthday stuff to do today.” Looking over to the alarm clock she saw it was 7 in the morning. “Mom! Is it really necessary to get up at the crack of dawn?” She called down to her mother as she threw a pillow on top of her head. She then remembered what happened the night before as she pulled her head out from under the pillow. She was floating above her bed.

Had that been a part of the dream as well? The guy in her dream, why did she suddenly feel closer to him as if she knew him. It was a dream, that’s all. It couldn’t have been real, people don’t float in mid-air, or at all for that matter.

Getting out of bed her alarm clock started going off. “Oh my God! Shut up!” As she spoke and reached for the snooze button, the clock slung off of her nightstand and against the wall. She instantly stood from her bed and onto her feet, baffled by what just happened. Did she do that? Does this mean the dream could hold some truth in it?

Immediately after the thought she brushed it off as if it was nothing. It must have just fallen, and she imagined the entire thing. Though the mere thought of it actually happening scared her to point where she didn’t even look in the direction of the clock. If she had and it was truly across the room, she would then have to admit she was crazy. There could be no other explanation.

“Mom I have to go to the mall, I promised Amanda and John that I would meet them there when I woke up today.” “Well, I guess that will be okay, but first I need you to go to the garage and bring me the basket by the door if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, but I have to hurry the bus will be at the bus stop any minute now.” As she ran to the garage and opened the door she froze. “MOM?!” Turning around she saw her mom standing in the hallway with keys jingling. “NO WAY! Are you, oh my God, SERIOUSLY?” “Happy birthday baby girl.” Her mom said laughingly, as she ran up to her and hugged her as tight as she possibly could. “Now what were you saying about a bus you needed to catch?

I mean, if you want you can ride the bus and I’ll just hang these keys up.” “Ha-ha very funny,” she responded back mockingly. Grabbing the keys, she ran up to the car. Her dream car, A brand new Mustang GT. It was black in color and the inside had black leather with red outlining the threads and crevices.

Driving to the mall she could barely think of anything accept the dream and the incident that happened this morning. Even though she was driving her dream car, she couldn’t let anything else enter her mind. It was draining enough just thinking of the dream, the guy, the fact that she apparently floats in her sleep and let’s not forget slinging the alarm clock without touching it. Pulling up to the mall, both, Amanda and John were waiting for her.

Could she confide in them about her dream, about floating, or about the alarm clock? Would they think she was crazy, or just making it up? She decided not to say anything. Her entire life she had never floated. What she had gone through and had experienced every single birthday of her life since before she could remember, was have that dream. Like clockwork, at twelve midnight, she would wake up drenched in sweat, fear and confusion. Yet and still, she had never told anyone about the dream except Amanda.

“Look who it is, fashionably late as always. Please tell me this is real, and I am not dreaming.” Amanda said as she ran her hands along the side of the car. Amanda was about five foot nothing, long black hair, the bluest of blue eyes with freckles. Absolutely stunning but never saw herself in that light. She met Amanda in Kindergarten and they had been inseparable ever since. She told Amanda everything, but could she trust that Amanda wouldn’t immediately suggest that she seek help for her obvious loss of sanity?

“Wow, super nice! What engine does it have? How fast does it go? This is so cool!” John was a car buff, he wanted to become a mechanic one day and open his own shop right here in town. He was about 6 feet tall, a good medium when it came to complexion and he was very handsome as well. He had brown hair cut into a fade with a little bit of hair in his face and big brown eyes. He had a really deep voice and yet he was the quietest guy she knew. She met John in the third grade and introduced him into her and Amanda’s circle. “It’s not a dream, happy birthday to me. As far as car talk you lost me after wow super nice.”

Walking into the mall she couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched or followed even. Just as they made it to the arcade in the mall, she heard it again, “Katerina”. She turned around looking behind her. It sounded like he was behind her. “Did you guys call for me?” She asked hoping John would tell her he had. “No, I am trying to get some coins, so we can play.”

Still looking around searching, she started to think she was really going crazy. Maybe she was just replaying the dream in her mind. That had to be it. After the dream and the floating then the alarm clock and now hearing voices, maybe she was losing it after all.

“I got the coins, who wants to take me on in air hockey?” John was ridiculously competitive. Playing against him in any sport, game or contest was just a waste of time. If he didn’t win, he’d convince you to keep playing until he had the upper hand. It was almost not fun anymore after losing to him even just once.

“Not me, Amanda, that’s all you.” As they played Katerina felt like someone was watching her. They had been there all day, but it seemed as if time had stopped. She got the same feeling she had when she heard the voice.

It should have been creepy, but it felt mildly comforting. Looking around She noticed a woman across the room staring at her. The woman was average height and blonde hair like her own. She actually favored her in looks. She was staring at her intently, as if to tell her something. Then it hit her, the dream the woman to her right tied to the pole.

“No, that’s impossible.” She said allowed to herself just barely above a whisper. The blonde hair, the same expression as the woman in the dream, her face, even her eyes. The same emerald green as her own. How was this possible?

Immediately she turned around acting as if she hadn’t just seen that the woman saw that she was looking back at her. Walking rather fast, she didn’t even stop to speak to Amanda or John. “I have to go, I’ll text you guys later!” She yelled as she hurriedly walked out of the arcade. As she was walking to her car, she had all these questions swirling around in her mind. How could she have a dream about a woman she never met?

Why was the woman staring at her so intently? Why in the world did she look almost identical to her? Was it a hallucination? I mean she was pretty much losing her mind since midnight. Weirdest birthday EVER. Walking by the cars trying to find her new baby, she beeped for it and all at once every single car within the parking lot it seemed that had an alarm started to go off. “Katerina!” Why was she still hearing the voice? “What do you want!?”

She started to run to the car she went with her gut and ran right up to her car. Fumbling the keys in her hand she went to unlock the door. “I have missed you so very much!” Dropping the keys, she let out a scream and jumped backwards turning around and just as it started every car in the parking lot stopped going off all at once. It was the woman standing there, she wasn’t a hallucination, she was real. Stammering she asked, “W-What do you want? How do you know me?”

“You have grown into such a beautiful young woman, you look more like me now than you did then.” “Who are you!?” Looking at this woman was like looking into a mirror, she really was almost identical to her. How did she know her? In her heart she felt as if she had missed her. How can you miss someone you don’t know or have never met? More importantly, why was this woman following her?

“Why did you follow me and what do you want from me?” with tears in her eyes she pulled her hand to her mouth covering it as she let out a soft cry. “You really don’t know me?” “No! Should I?” “You feel it, I know you do. We are connected and even more so now that you are sixteen.”

“Feel what? I think you have me confused with someone else.” “You are my daughter, you must know this.” “My mom is at home waiting on me to get back I think you have me confused with someone else.” She quickly opened her door and jumped in before the woman could keep talking to her or try to murder her. She was seriously out of it; her mom was at home. “Her daughter? I think not!”

Looking in the rear-view mirror as she drove off the woman was still standing there watching her drive away. Lost in her thoughts, she jumped as her phone rang. She reached for the phone and it was Amanda. “Sorry I ran out like that I’m not feeling well.” She said as she answered. “I was wondering what happened, you were acting strange, just wanted to check on you.” “Yeah I’m fine, just be careful walking to the parking lot there was- “As she looked into the rear view mirror the woman was gone.

“I’m sorry what?” “You were saying to be careful walking to the parking lot.” “Oh, yeah. Um nothing…Just be careful because of it being night and everything.” Where did the woman go so fast? It was as if she disappeared. “Okay well I hope you feel better!” “Thanks, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Pulling into her driveway, she parked in the garage and just sat there thinking of how crazy the day had been. “Hey, how do you like your new car?”

Startled by her dad’s lack of respect for personal space and knocking on the car window she jumped. “Oh my God, you scared the crap out of me!” She said as she turned the car off and opened the door. “Ha-ha, You okay sweetie?” “Yeah, I’m fine, just had a long day. Walking into the kitchen from the garage she went to the sink to fix her a glass of water. “How did your birthday go sweetie?” Her mom asked.

As she turned around looking at her mom, she started to pay close attention to how she looked. She looked nothing like her mom. She had short dark brown hair straight as a board. Her eyes were brown, and her skin was pale.

Looking over to her dad sitting at the table she noticed aside from his blonde hair she looked absolutely nothing like either of them. How did a complete stranger look so much like her and yet her own parents she didn’t resemble in the slightest? She looked like she was adopted. What if she was, in fact, adopted and the lady was right? No, can’t be.

“My day went okay, just kind of weird.” “Oh yeah? How so?” Her mom asked curiously. “Well it’s a long story but the weirdest part was there was a lady tonight that followed me to my car. She was completely out of it. She told me I was her daughter.” Looking at her parents as she said it, she expected them to laugh or say that it was ridiculous. She watched as they shared a look, and she instantly knew what the look meant.

“That’s ridiculous right, Mom? Dad?” “Sweetie, your mom and I wanted to tell you, it’s just we never found the timing to be right.” “Are you serious right now!? How could you keep this from me?” Running up to her room she slammed the door and locked it. She was adopted, so the woman at the mall, she could actually be her mother. Her whole life has just been one big lie. How could they keep something like this from her, her whole life? Does this mean the dream has some significance?

Walking over to her bed, she laid down and put her headphones in staring up to the ceiling. A little while later, her mom knocked on her door, “Katerina, honey, can I come in?”. She refused to respond. If you can keep something like this from someone, what else could you be keeping? Who are you even?

Soon the knocking stopped, they got the hint. Obviously, she didn’t want to be bothered. Drifting off to sleep, she thought, at last some peace. Running in the same field as she always had… “NO! Not again!” She heard herself scream aloud as she shot up from her bed. Why is the dream back? It normally only happens once on her birthday, not twice.

She walked over to her window looking out into the peaceful darkness. “Katerinnnnaaaa.” She heard the voice again, this time it was drug out and it was as if someone was behind her. She jumped back looking around her room to find nothing. That man from her dream, it was his voice again. She should have been completely weirded out, but aside from being slightly startled she felt a sense of familiarity, hope and longing.

Though she didn’t quite understand yet, the only thing she was sure of, was that she needed to find that woman. She could give her the answers she was looking for. Just as she was about to walk away from the window, she stopped. The woman was standing across the street. Was she seeing things, or was she really there?

She tried blinking just in case she was imagining the whole thing. She was still there. Sneaking out her window and onto the tree limb that hang, ever so conveniently, beside her window, she climbed down the tree and started walking toward the woman.

“What is going on with me? Who are you?”

“I told you who I am, and you feel it, you know I tell you nothing but the truth.”

“Why are you here? How did you find my home?”

This isn’t your home and that is why I am here, I have come to take you home.” As she reached down for her hand, Katerina snatched her hand back.

“You abandon me and pop up sixteen years later with barely any explanation, and expect me to just trust you and go with you anywhere?”

You don’t understand, but I can show you, and help you to understand. There is much to discuss, and much that you must learn. It is no longer safe for you to be unaware of who you are.”

Looking at the lady she realized she was genuinely concerned. For what? She didn’t know yet, but she could feel in her heart she was telling the truth. The lady lifted her hand reaching out for her to reciprocate. She looked back at her house, she grew up here with these parents that were apparently strangers all her life. For some reason she felt that she needed to go with her.

Maybe she could shed some light into her life, her dreams, the voice and let us not forget the floating. She turned back to the woman and grabbed her hand. Suddenly she was in a completely different place and seemed as if she were in a different time.

“Where are we?”

“I am showing you the truth and I am showing you why.”

They were in a small town, with no paved roads. The houses had straw on top like medieval time houses. “This seems so familiar, it’s like I have been…” She drifted off in thought as she saw herself in the field running from the guy from her dream.

“You have most definitely been here before. Long ago, when you were born for the first time.”

What in the world was this lady talking about? “What do you mean exactly, ‘Born for the first time.’?” Yep, she was absolutely off her rocker.

“I mean, the first time that you lived, it is called reincarnation. “Reincarnation?!”

“Look!” The woman said as she pointed to a guy watching intently at her. Well, not her, but the her that was running. Then it hit her, the man that threw the torch in her dream. He was handsome, not as handsome as the guy she was running from, but handsome, nonetheless.

“My dream, that I have every year, isn’t a dream is it?”

“No, more like a memory.”

“Why do I have the same dream every year on my-”

“Birthday? You have the same dream of this memory every year because it was your birthday when it happened. Your eighteenth birthday to be exact.”

“What is your name anyhow?” She just left her home and ended up in a different time and place without even asking her name.

Laughingly, she told her, “My name is Venus, but you can call me Mom, or Vee if you prefer.”

Vee pointed to the man that was watching her dream self. She looked and saw he was mouthing something, though they were too far away to hear what he was saying. Although she didn’t know the man from Adam’s apple, something in his eyes and the way he was watching so intently made her understand. “He loves her, or…me, doesn’t he?”

“I believe he does, but I also believe it had a lot to do with your secret relationship with Alessandro. It is forbidden for out kind to mix or mingle with the nightwalkers. You were breaking the laws of our coven.

“See, I don’t understand any of this.”

“Okay, you are descended from Royalty, you are heir to our coven, rightfully. As Royalty, you were promised in marriage to Selene DuBois’s son, Raphael. He is the man you saw watching, and the same man who ended your life as you came into your full powers. Raphael knew you could never love him as you did Alessandro. As such, he decided to cause a disturbance with the townspeople, a riot, to end his own miserable suffering. You were meant to marry him as an alliance between covens. Not even I knew of your indiscretion with Alessandro, until the end.”

“Woah, woah, you have officially lost me. So first you expect me to believe that I am some reincarnated princess of a…coven? What are you saying? I am some sort of witch?”

“Well, Yes.”

“This is absolutely insane, I am either dreaming, or I am going crazy.”

“Honey, I know this is a lot to take in all at once, but you are not dreaming, and you are most certainly not crazy.”

“Oh yeah? She asked matter-of-factly. “Then how do you explain how we got here?” Vee looked at her as if she were wounded, that she didn’t seem to be understanding.

“It is a spell sweetie. I just explained that to you.”

Katerina stood in amazement by it all. “I can’t be a witch, witches don’t exist.”

“Then how do you explain how I have brought you here? A different place in a different time?”

“Easy, as I just explained to YOU, I am certifiably insane.”

“You are not, and I won’t here anymore of you condemning yourself!”

Looking back at Raphael, she saw he was gathering people from house to house. “What is he doing?”

“I think you know the answer to that.”

“He is trying to kill me! Well not me, but her, her-me! We have to stop him!” Vee just stood there with tears in her eyes as Raphael had gathered the town outside of Katerina’s door.

“We can’t stop him, can we?”

“I am afraid not, we are only spiritually here so that you can see and so that you can make it right.”

Watching as the townspeople drug her to her death she noticed Alessandro running to the crowd. He was trying to stop them, he was trying to save her, or rather, me. Suddenly, Alessandro was lifted into midair and it seemed incapable of movement. She looked back at Raphael holding an amulet in his hand chanting something in a language she didn’t feel like she knew.

“He is performing a spell on Alessandro. Physically we are no match for the nightwalkers, especially the Royal family of Vortigen. They are the highest in rank regarding the night walkers, a form of royalty. They are also the oldest nightwalkers of all of them.”

“That amulet,” she reached for her necklace, it was her necklace that she wore around her neck.

“As I said, we are physically no match for them, but same goes for our power. That amulet that he is holding and the amulet you are wearing is yours. It belonged to your great, great grandfather ‘Dorian Gratu’.”

“Wait, So Mr. handsome over there, that dream me is in love with, is like, really old? Gross! By nightwalkers, do you mean Vampires?” Looking back at him as he was dropped into the coffin, she noticed he didn’t look older than twenty-one. “With a face like that though, who could blame her, I mean, me?”

“Yes, he is handsome, they all are, but it is forbidden and yes vampire is what they prefer to be called. They take the blood of innocent people and wipe their memories today, but back then, they took whole lives. I wish you had never caught his attention. He would have used you and your powers, and they would have taken control of us all.”

“I am understanding so far, except for the part where it’s forbidden, and the being able to control us all with my powers part.”

Vee shook her head, “Did you not hear me when I told you they took the lives of innocent people to feed their own selfish existence?”

“I heard that part, I am still not understanding how you can forbid someone to love someone else.” Love was love, maybe he wasn’t like the rest of his family. Maybe that’s why she loved him then.

“You thought then, much like you do now. It’s almost as if you never died. It is forbidden because they are different than us. It would have tainted the bloodline. They are a whole different species of immortal beings. That, and the fact that, once upon a time, we witches were slaves to his kind, more specifically, to his family.”

“Okay I get it, but times change, people change. In my experience and from what I’ve learned from history class, nothing good can come from when people start talking about people being different and keeping bloodlines pure.”

Laughingly, Vee pointed to the crowd. “I know what happens, I just went through this last night, and every birthday since before I could remember.”

Shaking her head, “The ending you have not.”

I guess she didn’t know everything after all. “That’s where you are wrong, I finished it last night.”

Looking at Vee she was hoping she would see some sort of relief, instead she saw concern in her eyes. “How?... Then this is it. This life is the one we have been waiting for. I knew it the moment I looked into your eyes.”

“What do you mean exactly, ‘the moment we have been waiting for’?”

Long ago before your first life, you were foreseen by our ancestor seer. It was said that you would be born and on your eighteenth birthday, would ascend to your full powers. You were to be our savior, when we were but slaves. Turns out that foresight was about your great, great grandfather.

He set our people free with that very amulet that you wear around your neck. Centuries later, on the night of your birth, there was another foresight. It was a warning to our coven. You were to be the single most powerful of us all, and with great power and goodness comes evil and darkness. You would be given choices during your journey from the moment you come into your teenage powers until the night you come into your full powers.

These choices would determine which path of magic you take. Ultimately, you have a choice, but a lot can happen between now and then. We didn’t know what to expect from you and to many, it was a scary thought that they just couldn’t handle. A lot of people wanted you dead, so I did what I had to do to save you.”

“So, let me get this straight, I am an all-powerful witch with a vampire lover and a witchy stalker guy who murdered me. You have come to tell me all of this so that I can either destroy you all or save you all…from what?

Laughing, she realized Vee wasn’t amused, she was worried. “I thought you saw the ending?”

Feeling confused she responded, “I did.”

“Then you know of the curse you unleashed on the town.”

Remembering the dream, she glanced over at her dream self in the air floating while the moon surrounded her, and the wind blew ferociously. “I do remember, but I don’t know what I said, I remember knowing it was a curse, but I don’t remember how I even knew that language.”

“I don’t think you realized, but you not only cursed those townspeople, but all of our covens and even the nightwalkers.” What could have possibly been so bad that she looked as fearful as she did.

“Alessandro, Raphael and you, were all first born. You cursed us all, that no first-born children shall live until your second life came to pass. You basically, reincarnated not only yourself, but everyone that was there and died that night. You made it to where all first-born children died upon their birth until the day you were allowed a second chance at life and love.”

“I cursed everyone to not have children…I don’t understand why I would do that.” How could she take centuries of children from innocent people? “It was just in this town, correct?” As if that somehow made it better.

“Yes, it was only in this town. I believe you did it so that you and Alessandro could be reunited and that this time, no one would attempt to stop you.”

“Fantastic, let’s go find my vampire lover so all of this can end, and I can go back to my life.”

“I am afraid that is not what I have come to do. I am afraid of history repeating itself. I have come to take you back, but not to Alessandro. I have come to take you home to meet Raphael, you are still intended to him in marriage.”

“You have seriously lost it, I am not going to marry anyone, I am sixteen!”

“No of course not, not right now anyhow. There is a school for us witches and as of a couple years back, Vampires as well. It is meant to teach you to harness your powers, and to be able to control them.”

“So, you want me to go to this school, meet Raphael, control my powers and marry him one day so that he curses will be over?”

“The curse is already over since everyone’s rebirth. I have lived for centuries, for I didn’t die that night and so has your sister and many others. The day you were born every other first born was allowed to live after and we knew it was because of you.”

“So, what do you want from me then?”

“Give us a chance, I believe if we get your second life right and veer your course, opposite of what it was, that everything would continue to be just fine. I fear that if we fail, history will repeat itself and we will be right back where we started.”

She hadn’t even realized that she was back home across the street again. How long had they been back? Good thing it was too late for her neighbors to see any of that. “I don’t know about all of this, I understand everything you have said and appreciate you making sense of my weird life. I am just not good with change and am not okay with being ‘intended’ to someone in marriage.”

“As I said you feel now, much like you did then. As a member of the royal family, you have been born to privilege, and with that comes certain responsibilities. I am not going to force you into anything, I just hoped you would come with me to give it a chance.”

Looking back at her home she felt bad for how she had reacted. They had given her a home and a good life. A life filled with love and happiness. “How can I just leave them like this?”

“You can come back, I am not taking you hostage. Grab my hand and repeat after me, “Detrahet me in domum suam”. Everything around her started to fade away and a swirl of wind surrounded them both. All at once the wind stopped and there were in the town from her dream. It seemed more modernized now though, brick houses built sturdy instead of with straw on top.

“Okay, where will I be sleeping tonight?”

Pointing at a familiar house, Vee smiled. “Right here, of course.” Turning she saw that she was pointing at her old house.

“Okay, well I am like super tired, so I am going to bed.” She said as she started walking to the house.

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