A Reincarnated Curse

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Chapter Two

Walking inside the house she remembered all the things that were still there. ‘So, I reincarnated myself, that’s not weird at all.’ She said aloud to herself. The outside of the house was remodeled but the inside remained the same. Walking into the room, almost by instinct, she reached a creaky floor board and knelt to pull it up finding a black box. Reaching for her necklace she squeezed it and it popped open. All of these years she never knew that it had opened, or maybe she had and that is why she reached for it.

There was a key that fell out. She grabbed the key and went to unlock the box it was filled with letters and a portrait painted of Alessandro. She really caused all of this mess because of this g man. Placing the pictures back into the box, she pulled out a letter. It read, “To my love, it will only be a short time now and we can embrace each other without fear of our families. I am counting down the days until you are my wife. With love, Alessandro.”

“They were planning on eloping, wow, go girl! I mean, go me!” They were so in love that they were planning on leaving all that they knew and risking going against their families to be with one another. Vee had mentioned that her and Raphael were to marry as an alliance between the covens. Why would they need an alliance? Were they at war with each other? Are they still? There was a lot she still didn’t know or understand. She still questioned if Vee was someone she could trust completely. Something in her gut told her she couldn’t.

Laying down she realized she would be at school tomorrow and have to meet that ‘Raphael’ guy. Who she was most anxious to meet in person, was Alessandro. Would he be there? Was that him in today’s time calling for her? Would they all hate her? She was, after all, the sole reason they were all cursed until her ‘rebirth’. Suddenly she felt so drained as if all her energy left her at once. Drifting off to sleep her thoughts seemed to follow her in her dreams.

She woke the next day with the image of Alessandro burned into her memory. Someone was banging on her door. “Katerina, it your mother, I mean, it’s Vee, it’s time for you to get to school.” Looking at the wall where the clock hung, she saw that it was five o’clock. Answering the door, she rubbed her eyes. “You do realize it’s five in the morning.”

Vee laughed, “No baby, it’s five in the evening. The sun is setting, and it is time to head to the school. You aren’t even dressed yet?!”

“Evening? How? I slept all day? What do you mean time for school? School is at night?” Then she remembered the vampires go to the school as well. That must be why it is held at night.

“Yes, school is at night, witches and vampires are beings of the night. The moon calls to us both and having school at night just makes more sense.”

“Well yeah, I get that. Wouldn’t they like burn up in the sunlight or something?”

Vee laughed, “No honey, that is just made up stuff on television. It is just easier because the moon is where we witches draw our power. Since the school is the Duncan family castle, we get to choose when school is to be held there.”

Running around to get ready she was trying find something to wear, “I don’t know what to wear, all of these clothes and I have nothing to put on.”

“This is your attire, I forgot to leave it with you.” Looking up to Vee she saw she was holding a catholic school girl outfit.

“You don’t really expect me to wear that, do you?” it was a black blazer jacket with a white dress shirt and of course it had a neck tie. The neck tie was red, to match the plaid red and black skirt. Let us not forget the knee length socks and church shoes. “I have my own shoes. If I have to wear that, I am at least going to wear my own shoes.” She pulled out her high heels and threw the socks on the ground.

“Okay, let’s go your majesty.” Looking at Vee, she smiled. “I could get used to that.” Vee rolled her eyes. “Come on now you’re going to be late.” Stepping out her door she said, “Grab my hand.” As she barely touched her hand, they were suddenly at the school entrance.

“I could get used to that as well.”

“That is exactly why you are off to school, to learn things like that and to…”

“Harness my powers, I know. You gave me that spiel last night. What if they hate me? I did curse their families for centuries.”

“I think you will have more trouble from jealousy more so than you will hate. You are to be the strongest of us all, and we still don’t know everything pertaining to your powers or how strong you are to become.”

“When will I know?”

“Well on your eighteenth birthday you will ascend into your full powers, though I imagine you are very powerful even now…okay off you go!”

Walking through the school gate and looking ahead she saw the man from her dream. “Alessandro.” She said under her breath. Just as she said it, he diverted his attention to her. He was such a beautiful man. Even more so in real life. He made direct eye contact with her and they shared a moment. It was as if time stopped and nothing and no one was there except the two of them.

She continued to walk toward the entrance where he stood. She could feel herself blushing and as soon as she got closer to him, she saw the girl looking and hatefully smirking at her. She was absolutely beautiful, porcelain colored skin with long flowing straight brown hair and blue eyes that reminded her of Amanda. The way she flipped her hair she instantly knew she was one of ‘those’ girls.

She must be Ms. Popular. She wondered for a minute why she was looking at her so hatefully and then realized she was holding Alessandro’s hand. She thought to herself, ’So my vampire lover already has a lover. Fantastic, this will make it much easier to get to know Mr. ‘Let me throw my torch of love on you and burn you to death.’ As she walked past Alessandro, she heard the voice again this time in her head.

Had it been in her head the entire time? Looking back at him she saw he was watching her still. Ms. Popular hit his chest and he grabbed her playfully. “Don’t be like that.” She heard him tell her. She turned and kept walking admiring the splendor of the building. It was so old looking but immaculate. It kind of intimidated her a little.

The castle was gray colored and made of old stone. The door opened by itself as she walked in. “At least they have automatic doors.” She said aloud to herself.

“It’s called magic, Evil queen.”

Looking over to where the guy had spoken, it was Raphael. “Evil Queen? Is that the best you can do?”

“No, I have better, that is what we all call you, courtesy of Lorraine.”

“Great. Look I am not here to cause trouble, I am here to make right what I apparently had made wrong years ago. Then I can go back to my normal life so don’t be a jerk.”

“Whatever!” He said as he pushed passed her bumping into her. Fantastic, her vampire lover already had a lover, and her ‘intended’ was a big jerk. She shouldn’t be surprised, Alessandro was way too handsome to not be taken and Raphael did kill her. Everything is as it should be considering. Looking around she was so confused. Where was the office? Who did she need to talk to?

“Come with me.” She heard a voice say and yet no one was there. Suddenly a man appeared out of thin air.

“Hello, I am-”

“Katerina Duncan, yes, I am aware. I am your head master, Ladin Vortigen, and these are your classes.” He handed her a piece of paper with a list. “Thank…you?” Just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone. “What a great welcome wagon.” She knew she would experience some hateful looks, but creepy head master guy was… “Vortigen? Then he must be-”

“My grandfather.”

Looking back, she saw him walking up to her. She could feel they had a connection still. After all these years, even after death, her and Alessandro still had something. That must have been some kind of powerful love. She couldn’t allow herself to do that though. That isn’t what she came to do. She came to right the wrong she had done.

“Let me see that.” He said as he reached for her schedule. “That is Ms. Varlie, she teaches moon mystics. Follow me, that’s my first class as well.” She was so mesmerized by him, those beautiful brown puddles for eyes, that hair, solid black and shoulder length. The color of his tanned skin and that accent was so breath taking.

“Are you coming?”

“Yeah sorry, are you sure Ms. Daggers for eyes won’t be upset with you for walking with me?”

“She might be, but what is the harm in being helpful to the new girl?”

“Well considering we are the ancient reincarnations of our previous selves that just so happen to be planning an elopement, I would say she would find the harm in it.”

Laughing he placed his hand on her back, “This way Princess.” His touch instantly made her blood boil and her heart started to race. He was a vampire, could he hear her heart beating? He laughed as it started to beat faster. It was official, he heard it, great.

As they reached the classroom, she had realized that she hadn’t even payed any attention to how they got there. She just knew they walked down a long hallway and took a left.

“Welcome to class Prince Alex. Princess Katerina, thank you for allowing us the privilege to be in your presence.” Everyone laughed as someone yelled out ‘Evil Queen’. Tardiness is unacceptable in this classroom. Take your seats, today since you are both late, all partners have been chosen so you will have to pair up with each other. Lorraine, keep your comments to yourself, green is not your color.” Looking up it was Ms. Popular herself.

She could feel her stabbing her with her eyes. “Don’t worry about her, she is upset with me, don’t let it get to you.” Alessandro’s voice was so comforting. “Thank you, Alessandro.”

“Call me Alex, if you don’t mind. Alessandro just sounds so ancient. I have until I am eighteen to have to go by that name.” He said as he laughed.

“Okay, Alex, sorry.” She said as she blushed. She realized she didn’t even know how old he was. He couldn’t have been much older than her, maybe a year or so older.

“Don’t apologize, you are far too pretty to be sorry for anything. Besides, you are Royalty. Royals apologize to no one.” She could feel her blood boiling, and if it were possible, her heart would beat right out of her chest. How could someone have so much influence on her emotions? This was definitely going to be harder than she thought it was going to be.

He laughed again, quietly, to himself. She realized that he could hear her heart, she really needed to calm down. She could feel everyone staring at her. Did they all hate her? Looking ahead as the teacher spoke, she saw a piece of chalk floating. It started writing by itself, ‘Go home Evil Queen’. Everyone laughed, she stood up and all at once with all these emotions swirling, a wind came from nowhere and all the windows broke. She ran out of the classroom and decided she was going home.

She heard Alex defending her. “That’s real attractive Lorraine.” He said sarcastically. Suddenly he was in front of her and she ran right into him.

“Hey, it’s okay, don’t do that.” He said as he grabbed her face and wiped her tears. “Look at me, you are the princess of your coven, you are said to be the most powerful of your kind. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior. You are far too pretty to be this upset.”

“Shouldn’t you be in there laughing with her? What are you doing out here anyways?”

“I don’t know, I feel a connection to you. I know why, but I feel like I can’t let anyone hurt you, and I wouldn’t dare laugh at you.”

“I only came here to do the right thing. Vee told me I had to right the wrong that I had done. By that, I know she meant loving you in our first life, but I have met my so called ‘intended’ and he is a big jerk.”

“Raphael, Mr. High and mighty himself. I don’t like him he really is a jerk.” He said as he laughed.

“Actually, he envied you because of me in our first life. I have this dream every year on my-”

“Your birthday?”

“You have had it as well then?” She asked intrigued that she wasn’t the only one. “So, you have seen the memory as I have, just from your perspective?”

“Every year, like clockwork, on your birthday.”

He had seen her and felt what she felt over the years. Had he looked forward to meeting her has she had been to meet him? So, the voice…every year, it was him in real time. She hadn’t realized that he was still holding her face in his hand. He seemed to be moving closer to her. He reached up and moved a piece of hair out of her face and ran his hand down resting it on her neck.

He was about to kiss her. She hadn’t come here for this, but she couldn’t stop herself. She moved in closer to him as he was to her. This was it, just one kiss couldn’t hurt. She wondered what his lips must feel like pressed against hers.

“There you are!” They jumped back from one another. “If you are upset with me then fine, but you don’t have to hang out with the Evil Queen to get back at me.” Lorraine was walking up to them, and as beautiful as she was, her personality was just as ugly as they came.

“If I were him, I would want to hang out with someone who had a brain too.” Katerina responded mockingly as she walked away. She understood Lorraine’s problem, even if she was evil incarnate. Her boyfriend was canoodling with his past lives love. That and the fact that he was a prince. Who would buy her new shoes and get her nails done if she allowed the Evil Queen to steal him away? She thought to herself as she laughed.

“Hey! I am Narcissa, you don’t remember me but I am-”

“My sister, I remember you from my dream. It’s nice to finally meet you. How old are you anyhow?”

“I am fourteen.” She was just as pretty in person as she was in her dream.

“Can I ask you a question?” Just meeting her she didn’t want to seem rude, but she had to know.”

“Sure, but we need to walk and talk, or you will be late to your next class. Spells and curses class is this way.”

“Okay, so I thought Vampires and witches weren’t allowed to be together.”

“Ah, so you’ve met your vampire lover and his evil temptress.” She said as she laughed.

“Yeah, something like that. It was my understanding that’s what started all of this.”

“Well our family and our coven still believe that way, but the other coven doesn’t have the same feeling about it. I think you had a lot to do with that. Our family, as Royalty, we were slaves to the Royal Vortigen family.”

“So, it isn’t against the laws of the covens anymore?”

“It was because of you and Alex, they felt it was more dangerous to have such a law than to not.”

“Yeah it only took the death of everyone involved and all first born children for two centuries for them to see things my way.” They both laughed. They obviously had the same twisted sense of humor. Having a sister will be a good thing, she has always wanted a sibling. Walking into class she noticed everyone starting at her. This was just going to be the norm. People were just going to stare at her and secretly stab her with their eyes.

Then she realized ‘Spells and curses’ class. Just great, as if her night hadn’t been crappy enough. The irony of it made her laugh though. As the night went on, she felt herself getting tired. During her last class she noticed the sun peering on the horizon and the bell rang. Walking out of class she was ran into by none other than the jerk himself.

“If you can’t get with the program and out of the way, maybe you should go back where you came from.”

She felt anger bubbling under her skin, and it was as if something had taken over and she heard herself speaking a language she didn’t even know. “Labi et Cadere.” As she said it, and he fell, she knew she had made it happen. She made him slip and fall, and she couldn’t help but to laugh along with everyone else that saw. He jumped up and turned to look at her. “You will regret that!” He yelled as he ran down the hall.

Walking home she felt more tired than usual. Why was she feeling so drained? Maybe it was this town. Being here again must be taking its toll on her. She was Walking so long that she felt her knees grow week. “I have really got to learn that pop up anywhere I want spell.” She said aloud to herself. Looking around she noticed she had gotten lost.

“Just great!” Where was she, and why did she keep walking as if she knew where she was going? It seemed that she had taken a detour through the woods. There were ancient looking statues everywhere. Some looked like the gargoyles from the medieval times and others looked like people. They were all but destroyed. Lost in thought she ran right into a statue in the middle of the pathway.

Falling backwards she noticed it was a statue of a man. It wasn’t destroyed or broken like the rest of the statues. Looking down she read the name ‘Dorian Gratu.’ It was her great, great grandfather. It was unreal how like him she looked. “Do you happen to know the way home?” She laughed as she asked aloud. Suddenly the amulet around the statues neck started to glow, as did the one she wore around her neck.

A bright light made a path back toward the town as if to lead her. She didn’t want to be that person in scary movies that thinks this is a great idea to follow the path that a mystical light was showing her. Before she could do anything else, she realized her feet were moving. The light had led her straight home, but someone was waiting on her.

What was he doing there? Her heart started racing as she got closer to Alex. She saw him smile as she got closer to him and she knew he was hearing her heart again. She wished he would stop and make this easier for her. Everything inside her wanted to reach out for him and every thought in her mind was telling her to stop. This must be what they mean by your heart battling your mind.

“Hey Princess, I just wanted to make sure you made it home safe and to apologize for Lorraine’s behavior.”

“Hey back, and yeah here I am. You don’t have to apologize, she feels threatened and I understand.”

“Yeah, but that isn’t an excuse to treat someone she doesn’t even know like that.”

Laughing she said, “You don’t even know me, for all you know I could be an axe murderer and her actions could be justified.”

“I feel like I do, and I don’t think you are.” He was leaning against her door and it took everything inside of her to not touch him. This has got to be the hardest thing she has done. Resisting the temptation to be close to him was taking everything she had. Walking up to her door she asked, “Do you want something to drink or…” She trailed off remembering he was a vampire. She felt so embarrassed and hoped he hadn’t taken it as an invitation.”

“I am so sorry, I forgot the whole Vampire thin-”

“Sure, why not? As far as me being a vampire, we drink and eat regular food and drinks as well as blood. I understand why you thought otherwise though.” He laughed, but she could feel her face burning she just knew she was turning into a cherry. Walking inside, he was so close that she could almost feel him touching her. Turning around he was inches from her.

“He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall kissing her aggressively. He had his hands on her face and she couldn’t stop herself. She reached up grabbing the back of his head as he pressed his body against hers. His touch made her skin tingle and his kiss felt like she couldn’t get enough. This was happening, she couldn’t do anything to stop it and she didn’t want to.

He picked her up still pushing against her on the wall. She wrapped her legs around him as he held her legs sliding his hands upward. She remembered the curse and what she had done.

“Wait, stop, we can’t do this.” She managed to say and immediately regretted it. Pulling himself away, he seemed confused and a little hurt.

“I am sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I shouldn’t have-”

“No, don’t apologize, I wanted you to, I don’t know what came over me either.” She felt so connected to him and his touch felt so right that she had let it get the best of her. She couldn’t let history repeat itself.

“I just feel so connected to you, I feel like I know you, as if I need you. Everything in me is yearning to touch you.” It was as if he had read her mind. He felt as she did, and they were forbidden, yet again, from being together. This was all so confusing, and yet not, at the same time. How was she going to spend years here and not touch him? She didn’t know if she had the strength to stay away from him, but she had to try.

“I feel as you do, but you have Lorraine, and this whole curse thing, we can’t do this.” Why did she keep saying that? It was as if she were trying to convince herself that she couldn’t.

“I should go, I am sorry.”

Walking to the door to close it behind him he looked back at her, “Goodnight Katerina”. As he spoke, she remembered her dream and in her past life on that horrid day, when those were the last words, he had spoken to her. She had to be close to him and at the same time, she couldn’t. “Goodnight Alessandro.” He smiled back at her and just like that, he was gone.

Closing the door, she leaned against it sliding to the floor. She couldn’t wrap her head around it all. Her attraction to Alex was almost unnatural. The feelings he stirred inside her were unexplainable. She started wondering about past lives and how a past life could be a part of someone in the present.

She knew that her feelings that she felt for Alex weren’t her own. He was absolutely gorgeous, but other than that she didn’t know anything about him. It was confusing to feel so strongly about someone you don’t know and had just met. Besides the fact that she didn’t want history to repeat itself, he was already taken. She really didn’t want to step on that.

After getting out of the shower she laid in bed and touched her lips. She could feel his lips on hers. It was as if they left a lasting impression. Why did he have to be so charming? Why couldn’t he be a jerk like her so-called ‘intended’? That would make this much easier she thought to herself. As she was drifting off to sleep the image of his face stayed permanently burned into her memory.

“Katerinaaaa.” Shooting up from her sleep she wondered if she were dreaming. Did she really just hear the voice again? Was it him? “Katerinaaaa!” As if hearing it in her sleep weren’t good enough, she heard it again. She knew, hearing it this time, it wasn’t Alex, it was Alessandro. As confusing as that may seem, they are two different people and from two different times. Getting out of bed, she started plundering through the house. To the left of her room, there was another door.

She realized after the fourth time pulling it that it was locked. She remembered the necklace held a key and wondered if it would also unlock the door. Squeezing the locket, it popped open again and the key fell to the floor. She picked it up and put it in the lock and it snapped. Earlier in spells and curses class she learned two convenient spells that would come in handy at this moment. Holding her hand over the key, she said aloud, “Repairus”. The key melded back together.

Looking at the door she tried to concentrate all of her energy into the next spell. “Quid Est Aperire Clausa.” The door slung open, almost hitting her in the process. The back of the door contained a painting of a woman. A beautiful woman, that resembled herself so much, and yet looked a bit differently. She realized it was her from her past life when she looked at the amulet she wore around her neck. She couldn’t help but to wonder where the necklace came from and why it was passed down to her.

Looking around the small hidden room, she saw a bunch of dark magic trinkets. “I was into dark magic?” Taking a step into the room her body was frozen and her arms outstretched she was lifted into the air. Almost like a dream, she could see herself as if she were watching television, she was in a room in what looked like a castle.

She was waiting for someone, or something. She saw Alex running up to her and just as she saw him, she realized it was Alessandro. He ran up and embraced her so lovingly. For someone so physically powerful as he was, he was so gentle with her. It reminded her of her encounter with Alex earlier that night.

“What have you learned since our last meet?” She heard her previous self say.

“Nothing more, he is still determined to go through with it, I hate this!”

“Why can’t we just leave? I am more powerful than them, they couldn’t stop me, they couldn’t stop us.”

“My love, you know as well as I, with me being the heir to the throne of Vortigen, and you to ascend the throne of your coven on your birth night, we can’t.” He responded matter-of-factly, but she could hear the pain in his voice as he spoke.

“We have responsibilities to our people, but these same people forbid our love.” She could see the pain and anger in her eyes, “and we will never be allowed to be together so long as we stay here.” She hung her head in defeat as if to give up.

Suddenly she dropped to the ground in real time. Lifting herself up, she saw a book that fell when she fell. It was black and made of leather with a symbol of some kind on it. It was G surrounded by a type of star. She picked it up and walked out of the room. As soon as she stepped out of the door way the door closed behind her by itself.

“That’s not weird at all, completely normal.” She said aloud to herself. She felt for herself in her previous life. She wondered how much of herself and who she used to be, was a part of who she was today. Just as she sat on her couch, there was someone banging on her door.

“Katerina! Open the door! Are you alright?” It was Alex, but why was he there? She unlocked the door and he busted in looking around frantically.

“I am fine, but why are you here? Why would you think something would be wrong with me?”

“I am not sure, I had a gut feeling and I felt as if you were in some type of danger. It was as if you were scared and I could feel it.”

She was scared with what happened in the room, and being lifted in the air, gaining a vision of the past and he had felt it. How was that possible?

“It was nothing I found-” She trailed off as something inside her was telling her not to mention the room or the book.

“You found what?”

“Nothing, it was a spider, but what do you mean you felt me?”

As he walked closer to her, he responded, “All I know is I felt a sense of fear, and your face came to my mind, I don’t know how I felt you though, I have never drunk from you.”

“What? What do you mean?” Drank from her? He feels people he drinks from? For how long, she wondered. Had he drunk from Low life Lorraine? She felt a tinge of jealousy at the thought.

“When we drink from someone, we feel them, we know where they are and what they feel.”

“So, you drink from someone and you feel them forever? That seems tiresome.”

“No, it doesn’t last forever, unless-” He stopped mid-sentence as if he didn’t want to finish what he was saying.


“Unless we share our blood as well. What I mean is, if there is an exchange of blood, there is a permanent bond between us and another person. That hasn’t happened between us.” He looked her over as he spoke as if checking her out and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks. “It normally only happens during a more…intimate moment.” He said as he brushed the hair from her shoulders.

Why was he doing this to her? She wanted him with everything she had. She thought about their previous lives and had an epiphany.

“Then, maybe, in our previous lives we did.” Just as she blurted it out, she felt embarrassed at what she had said. She wondered what it must have been like to be with Alex in that way. She shook the thought as it came to her. She had never been with anyone, so she didn’t even know what it would be like in the first place. He was watching her as she was lost in thought and she noticed that he was checking her out in her pajamas.

“Oh my God! Get out, don’t look at me!”

“Why not? I like your night clothes.” He said laughingly.

“Why would you do that!?”

“Why would I do what?” He responded playfully. She was trying to get him out but pushing him was like pushing a mountain. Then she remembered him saying that same thing from her dream after she was brushing the grass from her dress. Was he doing that intentionally?

“Oh yeah, I’m a witch.” She smiled at him and spelled him out of the house. She leaned on the door as he called in, “I am glad you are okay. That is really what I came for, nothing more.”

She couldn’t respond, or she would have been tempted to open the door and let him embrace her like in her vision. She shook the thought from her mind, but her heart was still racing.

“I am glad to know I have that effect on you.”

She heard him laugh as he ran with his super inhuman speed. He really did hear her heart and she couldn’t help that he had that effect on her. He was just so handsome, and her knees grew weak around him. She hadn’t ever felt like this around anyone else and she had yet to understand those feelings for him. All she knew is that she wanted him.

Walking back to her bed she laid down, and like the previous night, she felt drained of all energy She seemed to long for sleep, when moments earlier she felt wide awake. She allowed sleep to engulf her and finally she was able to rest.

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