A Reincarnated Curse

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Chapter Six

The next day they decided to go to the school library to do some research on her family history. As soon as they got there and started plundering through the books a familiar voice was echoing across the room. It was ‘Low-life Lorraine’. Who knew she could read? There was another voice talking to her, a guy’s voice. She walked around the corner to see Raphael and Lorraine whispering back and forth.

“It is happening again, that homewrecking tramp put some kind of spell on my Alex. He isn’t her ‘Alessandro’, and I will be damned if I let her win.”

“It is only temporary; she is betrothed to me and she belongs to my family. Her magic will be my own and she won’t be able to stop it.”

“Yeah because you are doing such a great job at swooning her. Besides, little miss evil incarnate is packing some serious mojo. I have never felt anything like it, well, since that night.”

“You were supposed to keep Mr. ’Tall dark and brooding occupied so that when she arrived I could ‘woo’ her, as you say. I am well aware of how powerful she is, but it isn’t possible for her to be as powerful as she was that night, she is only sixteen.”

“If you would have done your job the first time around, we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we?”

“Lorraine! Don’t speak to me with such insolence, chambermaid! My family owns yours, or have you forgotten? I would hate to have to tell my father of the complete lack of respect you just showed me.”

They were discussing how to get her to marry Raphael. It was a little disturbing how she was only almost sixteen and people were discussing who she should marry. He wanted to take her power somehow. She wondered for a moment how he would accomplish such a task and she looked down at her amulet she wore around her neck. He was planning to do what her grandfather did and steal her magic.

“Kat! Look what I found!”

She had almost forgotten that she was there with Amanda. She blinked to her and covered her mouth and blinked them back to her home. She explained to her what she had just witnessed and waited for a response. She didn’t know what to think of it all, and really hoped that they hadn’t heard Amanda yell her name.

“Well, that is not shocking at all. I mean think about it, you are supposed to be this all powerful super charged witch and Dr Evil and his trusty side-bitch Lorraine want it for themselves. I don’t see why you are so worried about them. You could like snap your fingers and obliterate them both.”

“I am not that powerful yet. I don’t even know how to control this magic in me. I know its dark magic, and it is powerful but when I use it, it’s like it’s not me using it.”

“First of all, how do you know you aren’t that powerful yet? Secondly, what do you mean you don’t feel like it is you using it? Who else would it be?”

“Witches don’t ascend to full power until their twenty first birthday. On my father’s side, we ascend fully on our eighteenth birthday. As far as who it would be, does my past self-sound too crazy of an idea?”

“Didn’t you die on the night of your eighteenth birthday? Well not YOU, but your past self?”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well I have been thinking about your conundrum as far as how much of you is you and how much is who you were. With your visions that you have been having I was thinking maybe it isn’t all that crazy to assume that your past self’s ascension power could have been transferred to you at full capacity.”

“But that would mean...when I ascend on my eighteenth birthday, my power would be even greater than my past self. That is kind of scary. If that is the case, and I cursed an entire town with the power I already have, I can’t imagine what I would do with more power.”

“Let’s just sleep it off. I, for one, am beat.”

As she lay there, she thought about the conversation at the library she heard earlier that day and wondered what they possibly could have been plotting. She didn’t even know that they were acquainted. As she fell asleep her dreams took her to the library. She was walking down a row of books that stretched to the ceiling and she looked around and realized she was in the school library but not in the library she had been to that day.

It was a smaller room with old books covered in dust as if they hadn’t been touched in years. Her necklace started to glow and became hot on her chest. Looking to the floor she realized a book with the same gem she wore around her neck was glowing. It had the letter ‘G’ embroidered in the cover. Reaching her hand out the book lifted itself to her hands and she was at her home.

Opening the secret black magic room, she placed the book on a pedestal and spelled the door shut. Waking up the next day she felt exhausted. Music was blaring in the kitchen and she realized Amanda was cooking. Throwing herself back down on her bed her mind raced with the images of her dream that night. What did it mean? She wondered what her past self was trying to tell her.

“Kat! I made breakfast! Wake up lazy bones!”

“Coming! Just resting my eyes. I feel exhausted.”

Amanda walked into her room, “Speaking of, where did you go off to last night?”

Picking her head up from her pillow she asked, “What are you talking about? I was here asleep.”

“No, I woke up in the middle of the night and you were gone. I figured you were off to see Mr. Yummy.”


She looked over to the black magic door and spelled it open. The book from her dream was sitting on the pedestal. It wasn’t a dream. She slept walked to the library and got the book. It made her question whether she had really been sleeping walking or did her past self-make her do it.

“You have a secret magic room? That is so cool!”

“I rarely go in there. That is a room from my past life. Everything in there is about black magic. but this book,” She said as she pointed to the stolen library book, “Is what I dreamed about last night.”

“Well maybe you remembered seeing it and dreamed about it.”

“The only problem with that is as you mentioned I wasn’t here, and in my supposed dream I was at the library in a secret room with old ancient looking dust covered books and my necklace led me to this one on the floor.”

“So, it wasn’t there before last night then?”

“No. I think my past self-led me there to get this book.”

“The big ‘G’ leads me to believe that it belongs to you anyhow.”

Spelling the door shut she got lost in her thoughts for a moment. It scared her to feel like she’s losing control of everything. Even as she slept, she had lost control of her body. Everything was all happening so fast and she didn’t know what to do about any of it. For a time, she hoped that she would wake up and it all be a bad dream. As the day’s past though, she realized it was very much real.

“Someone’s knocking at the door.”

As she reached the door, she heard Vee outside talking with someone. “Yes ma’am?”

“It is time for Amanda to go back home. She will have memories of the mountains with you and your family and nothing more. She will be able to tell everyone else that you decided to stay and attend school until senior year.”

“Vee, can’t it wait like a couple more hours?”

“I guess that would be alright.”

“Great! thanks!” She said as she hurriedly closed the door and ran to the kitchen. She couldn’t let Amanda leave and not remember anything. Of all of these people Amanda was the only one she really trusted. She needed her to remember everything.

“Okay so that was the calvary, coming to take you home and wipe your memory. Do you want to forget?”

“What do you mean? Do I have a choice?”

“Maybe, if I look in my magic room, I am almost positive I can find something to overpower Vee’s weak party trick magic.”

“Then yes! I want to remember, besides, while you are trapped in this hornet nest, I think you need me.”

Looking in her black journal she realized they were personal spells of her own making. She had mastered spell casting and made her own black magic spells. What was better, they were all alphabetical order. She found and performed the spell on Amanda and made sure she knew to pretend to not remember anything except what she told her to remember.”

After Amanda left, she felt a sense of loneliness again. She had no friends here. Everyone either hated her or starred at her as if she were some sort of alien. Everyone there wanted something from her, except Amanda. She remembered her old life and wondered what she would be doing if Vee had never come to get her.

She thought about the book that she got from the library and wondered about that small, obviously hidden, room at the library with all of the dusty books. Curiosity was her biggest flaw because she could never just let something go. She needed to know the who’s the how’s the why’s and the when’s. Walking over to the door she spelled it open and just stood there momentarily. As she reached for the book and barely touching it, she was forced into a vision.

A man’s face came to mind and she knew who it was. It was her father. He was boyishly handsome and had her eyes. Looking into them was to look into a mirror. She saw herself so much so that it scared her. The visions were quick and detailed. It wasn’t like a reenactment of events that already passed.

They were still images and she knew what it meant. He was coming. The thought alone from everything she heard should have sent shivers down her spine but instead she felt a strange sense of comfort in the knowledge.

Coming back from those visions, rather they be filled with replays of memories or still images she felt the same after. A bit lightheaded and dehydrated. Pulling her hand from the book her pendant started to glow as did the gem on the book. The book flipped open rapidly and stopped on a page of spells about syphoning magic. Startled, she stumbled out the door and spelled it shut. She felt a sense of unease as if she were being watched.

Looking around she realized she had an enchantment on her house, and it wasn’t possible for anyone to see or hear anything from the outside. Usually her curiosity would have led her to investigate further. Everything that was happening, she couldn’t logically explain, and it scared her. What had she gotten herself into? There was a knock at the door, and she felt relieved. A moment to get out of her own mind and not think of the book or her father.

“What are you doing here?” It was Raphael. “Woah, I just wanted to remind you of the witches council meeting tonight. What’s wrong? You look worried.” Worried? Try angry. Looking at him she couldn’t think of anything besides snake. He wasn’t someone she could trust, and she didn’t want him anywhere near her.

“I think I’ll pass, but thanks.” She replied as she attempted to shut the door.

“Well it isn’t negotiable.” He said as he put his hand on the door to stop her from shutting it.

The audacity he had to tell her anything. “Excuse me?”

“Calm down, I just meant it is expected the princess and soon to be queen of our covens is expected to attend. Myself, as the prince, I am also expected to attend.”

“Technically, isn’t that agreement null and void, considering I am with Alex?”

“Technically, no. You are yet sixteen, plenty of time for me to swoop in and steal you away.”

For some reason she smiled at that. She realized she was blushing. Why would she be blushing? He wanted to take her power from her and yet here she was a dewy-eyed schoolgirl smiling and blushing at the anti-Christ. “Okay I’ll be there.”

“Well, it is expected that we attend the festivities together.” He said as he smiled at her.

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Yes, I am well aware. I just meant you could be my date and we go as friends.”

What angle was he reaching for? Was he trying to flirt with her? The mixed feelings she had for him clouded her judgement for a moment and she agreed. Why would she agree? Why did her past self-have these feelings for this man? He was literally the anti-Christ and she caught him planning to take her magic. Something inside her made her realize he would never succeed but the fact remained that she heard very clearly what they were discussing.

After getting ready she realized that she hadn’t even told Alex she would be going to the council meeting with Raphael. He would probably be angry. She spelled herself to Vortigen castle and felt a sense of uneasiness. She was being watched and as she looked up to the beautiful, yet, intimidating castle of Vortigen she brushed the feeling off. What was it about this place that sent her into an almost certain panic?

As she walked up to the door, it creaked open. That’s not concerning at all. She was about to be that girl in the movies that decided to continue walking even though every bone in her body told her to turn around. The feeling she got of being watched wasn’t just a feeling.

“Katerina, what are you doing here?” It was Alex. Was he the one she felt watching her?

“I um. I had to tell you something. You probably aren’t going to like it.” He was standing there looking as handsome as ever. She thought to herself, her taste in men wasn’t all that bad. There was something off about him tonight though. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Straight to it then. So, there is this witch’s council meeting that I have to go to and I-”

He cut her off. “You want me to go with you?”

“Well, no. Witches only, but I am expected to attend...with Raphael.”

She blinked and he was nosed to nose with her. “You want to tell me that you are leaving me for that snake?” There was a fire in his eyes, and she knew she flipped a switch.

Stepping backwards she stuttered a little. “No! I am expected to attend with him because it is about us both.”

“So, you want my permission? The answer is no!”

“Excuse me!? I don’t need anyone’s ‘permission’ to do anything! I merely came out of respect for you, because I know you aren’t his biggest fan.”

“Oh! ‘I’ am not his biggest fan? He killed us both! He is solely responsible for this entire thing.”

’I am going to be late; we will discuss this later.”

As she started to walk out of the door, she heard someone calling for him. “Alex, Baby!” It was Low-life Lorraine. What was she doing there? As she turned around, she saw her walking up to them she noticed a bandage on her neck. Looking over to Alex she realized what she was doing there.

“Oh! So, you have the audacity to get upset with me about Raphael, meanwhile you are here with this power-hungry tramp and its feeding time!?′ She felt her heart start to race with rage. Wind that seemed to come from nowhere started to pick up and she felt herself drift away as if she wasn’t herself anymore.

“No! Katerina, it isn’t like that! I can explain.” He started being pushed back by the wind she was creating. Looking over to Lorraine she saw fear in her eyes. She was right to be afraid. This two-timing no-good man and his groupie were about to feel what she felt.

“Her eyes! They are glowing! Katerina, I... I am sorry I tried to-”

Lifting her hand, she lifted Lorraine in the air and stopped her breathing. She didn’t want to hear anything out of her lying mouth. She came here with full intentions of letting him drink from her and god knows what else. She saw everything she was doing and as much as she didn’t really want to physically hurt anyone the power, she felt rush through her felt like a high she didn’t want to come down from.

“Katerina! Stop this!” As he tried to reason with her, she lifted her other hand and lifted him in the air.

“Stop? Why on earth would I stop!? You want to cheat on me with this nothing, no matter tramp, and expect me to stop?” She realized Lorraine couldn’t breathe and her heartbeat slowed almost to a complete stop before she could pull herself from the trance, she seemed to be in. She dropped her hands and with them they both fell to the floor. “I never want to see you again. If I do, next time, I won’t stop.” She ran crying and smearing her makeup. She ran as fast as she could and remembered she could teleport places. The only thing about teleportation and blinking anywhere you have to be focused on a destination.

“Katerinaaaa!” She heard Alex calling out to her. She was heartbroken she just wanted to go home and curl up and cry her eyes out. She was scared to see him again. She knew school was starting back but she didn’t want to see him. She was worried she would hurt him. The feeling she felt when she was in her power mode was a rush she couldn’t really explain.

She blinked herself to the grove for some reason. She couldn’t focus on a destination but apparently her subconscious brought her here. She was frantically crying; it broke her heart the thought of him even touching another woman enticed a rage inside her and she dropped to the ground letting out the loudest scream she could muster.

“There you are. I went to your house to escort you, but you weren’t there...Are you okay?”

“No, I am not okay, but I will be. Just leave me alone.” She dropped her head in defeat.

Walking to her, without hesitation, he asked, “Did you do this?” He was looking around in astonishment. She looked around to see what he was talking about and all the trees within her vicinity were burned down as if a fire had destroyed them. “No, I... I don’t know.” Could she have done this? Her magic seemed to be strongly connected to her emotions. Most witches had to say a spell, all she had to do was wave her hand or get upset. She scared herself sometimes.

“The green light that shot up to the sky, it was like a laser. I followed it and that is how I found you.”

Wiping her face, she asked, “What do you want?”

“Why are you upset?” He bent down and wiped a tear from her face. His touch should have disgusted her. He didn’t care about her, all he wanted was her power. Even still, his touch felt comforting and she felt something radiating from his skin to hers. He reached for her hand and she looked up to him. Grabbing his hand, he helped pull her up from the ground.

“Tell me what happened. He reached up and pushed her hair from her face. Why did he keep touching her and why did she keep letting him? In her sadness she realized she was allowing it because at that moment she needed to be comforted so she allowed him to do so. He may have been a sleaze ball but at that moment she didn’t care.

“Alex... he fed from Lorraine.” She couldn’t help but to cry. If there was one thing she hated, it was to cry in front of people.

“You saw them?”

“Well, no but it was obvious. She was in his castle and came running after him with a bandage on her neck.”

He hung his head down as if he was sad for her. “I am so sorry, Katerina. If I can do anything to help, let me know. I am always here for you.” He sounded so genuine in that moment she thought maybe there was an explanation for the conversation she heard. How could her gut be so trusting of him and he be such a sleaze? Maybe there was something she was missing.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“How about we get going and try to not fall asleep during this meeting.” He said as he laughed.

“Okay.” She said, as she fixed her makeup and straightened her dress.

They blinked to the council hall. “Okay, after you, princess.” He said as he motioned for her to lead the way. How could Alex do this to her? So much for true love and soulmates and reincarnated lives. She thought of what Raphael said, ‘He isn’t Alessandro, he is Alex and they are completely different people.’ Maybe he was right. She looked over at him and saw him looking back at her. There was something about his eyes, she just fell into them. For a moment she forgot that he couldn’t be trusted.

As they walked into the room everyone stopped talking and they all starred at her as if they had seen a ghost. Considering she is the almost exact replica of herself two hundred years ago, she understood the frightened looks on their faces. They walked over to their assigned seats at the head of the table. How coincidental it was that they sat next to each other.

“Welcome back, Katerina.” The head of the witch’s council was Freya. She was named after the old Norse goddess of love. She was also associated with sex, lust, beauty, sorcery, fertility, gold and war. She was a Tall pale woman of immense beauty. She had long flowing wavy red hair that reached her hips. She was wearing a long green silk-like dress and she wasn’t as tall as you would think she should be from the authority in her voice.

“Thank you, I um...I’m happy to be here.”

“Are you?” She looked over to see Lorraine sitting at the table.” Just as she looked at her, she stood up from her seat and she felt the heat from her eyes radiating as she spoke.

“You are going to keep speaking to me and I will cut your tongue out, you blood bank!”

“OH nook. I am so scared; I’m shaking in my boots!”

“You will be when I’m through with you!” She felt something taking over. It was something she couldn’t control, and it felt powerful. She knew, with a flick of her wrist she could end her entire existence. She didn’t want that though, she wanted her to suffer. As usual, the wind started like a tornado around her and she felt the power surge through her.

“That is enough!” It was Vee. She stopped her magic from coming out. How was she controlling her? She stopped her with mere words. She realized it may have seemed a bit excessive, the reaction she gave after ‘Low-life Lorraine’ spoke to her. None of them knew what was going on though. She had a feeling none of them would care either, considering they all despised the Vortigen family.

“Thank you, Vee. I called this meeting because there is something we need to discuss.” Freya Spoke with such authority, the entire room froze with anticipation. “Daniel, as most of you know, has escaped. He did so on Katerina’s birthday. We don’t know where he is, but we DO know what he wants. Her power, and every time she uses it, it sends a beacon to him. He can feel when she uses it. It isn’t her mother’s magic he senses, but his very own dark magic. I have called this meeting to determine what we are to do about this situation.”

They wanted to stop her from using her magic. The room exploded with suggestions to take her magic and to suppress it. It was like an angry mob pushing her into a corner and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

“No one is taking my magic! I don’t know any of you! I am here after being born again as everyone has told me. You all think that you know me but that girl that cursed you, isn’t me? I am not her.”

“Calm down, no one said we were going to take your magic. They were only suggestions, and everyone here is entitled to their own opinions. The suggestion about suppressing your magic is actually something we wish you would consider. If he traces you back here, we are all in danger.”

“You all want to suppress my magic because you trapped my father in a prison and are now scared if he isn’t out there looking for me, he will come here and do what exactly? Exact revenge on the ones who entrapped him in the first place?”

“For lack of better words, yes.”

“NO! Absolutely not. How would I protect myself if my magic is diminished?” She looked around the room and she couldn’t tell if they were more afraid of her or her father.

“We hoped you would be more cooperative. Since you are not, we have to do what we have to in order to protect this town.” The chair she sat in; she couldn’t move. It was a trap. They were going to take her magic or suppress it, either way it left her vulnerable. Freya walked over to her and pulled her necklace off. She couldn’t move her hands or her feet. What was she going to do? They all started speaking in Latin, and as they spoke the chair lifted in the air and she could feel her magic being drawn into the amulet.

She felt her blood boiling, she was so angry at them all. First, they allow her to be burned alive and now they are trying to take her magic from her. They were afraid and she could sense that, but there was no coming back from this. She looked over to Vee and she stood emotionless. She was reciting the spell with them all. Looking over to Raphael he was the only one not chanting. Wasn’t this what he wanted?

As she felt the power draining from her very essence, she felt powerless for the first time in her life. The more power they spelled out of her, the angrier she got. She felt a wave of rage sweep over her and all of a sudden, she started feeling more and more powerful. The magic was returning to her and the wind started to pick up as she let out a scream. The chair dropped and she was still floating, but not by their magic. This was her own magic. It was as if it refused to leave her, or she refused to let the magic go. She wasn’t sure which one, but she felt nothing but anger.

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