The Assassin Princess

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A journey of a transmigrated assassin from 21st century to a place of history. An Xuilan who was perfect in all the way hates how she died. it wasn't perfect in the least causing her to feel disdain towards her death. grew up with two wolves taking care of her, animals listening to her, she had no idea of her special power until one day a fairy called her spirit to a place called Gentle Wind pagoda that weirdly resides in her brain. She has to level up to complete quests after quest to achieve what she was meant to achieve and therefore she shall start now. Opening a restaurant? CHECK! Making money? CHECK! Having a... husband? CHEC—WAIT WHAT?! From a single thirteen year girl with a thirty one years old soul, she suddenly became wife of some prince yang who loves her deeply from the moment he saw her? WHAT THE HELL??! "Prince, princess ran away to the restaurant!" A certain man holding deeds of restaurant "Just within my reach. HAHAHA!" Join the journey of a quirky assassin leveling up to become the world's top cultivator and princess to her prince. A certain protagonist holds up her knife and says "Join me or else..."

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1: The Assassin Princess

An Xuilan.

“They are here!!”


“Xuilan move aside!!”


Millions of stars were seen by Xuilan as her head blasted and suddenly everything became black for her.

She didn’t know what happened to her but all she knew was everything around her turned red and then black.

She tried opening her eyes, she felt numb and then in her 17 years of practicing and becoming perfect in everything, the biggest imperfection of her life would be this. Her own death.

She died in a plane crash in a mission as the last parachute was shot by the person she was supposed to assassinate.

An Xuilan opened her eyes to see two wolves looking at her and tried to shout. All that came out of her mouth was gargles and her tongue flapping inside here or there with nothing to produce sounds. She realised she had no teeth! Damn!

Did she get her teeth broken!

What the fuck!!!

She looked at the wolves and somewhere she knew they won’t harm and that was exactly what happened and that when she realised something more, she wasn’t herself.

She was some child of barely two with no information and much memory. As if it didn’t make any memory at all.

She was looking at those wolves who now handled a kid and with this, a new life, in a new world took a start for An Xuilan.

Twelve years later.

“What the hell, Xiao Bo, how could you act like that!!! You are supposed to help me, you! You lazy bum!” A girl with hairs opened and flying around her shouted at a certain wolf who was lazily lying on the grass doing nothing but sleeping.

This bum is supposed to help her with getting food today.

She has to go to the market too!

She has so much to do today and this… this wolf doesn’t even care about her.

Assassin of the 21st century transmigrated to a place called qing. She was only 18 when she died in previous life but what she had was experience that stayed with her in this lifetime.

She looked at the wolf and sighed.

Today, let him do anything he wants but in no way would she allow him to be lazy again. She is promising herself. It’s a vow!

She bathed herself and got ready to go to the market with some herbs and fruits and vegetables. Also, some rabbits and animals caught by the wolves.

She wasn’t of this place causing the people here to know just where she lives but nobody ever spoke to her. All they did was not get between her business and not caring about where she goes and what she does.

Whether she lives or dies is her business whatsoever and nobody cares about her except Xiao Bo and Xiao Hei.

Xiao Bo is more like a spoiled son of hers than a parent! Lazy bum!

Xuilan sold all the things she brought in a low price and got herself some clothes and necessities, she would need to live by.

She looked at her wolf and sat on his back to robe back to the forest when suddenly someone fell in front of her with whip marks all over her body.

She turned her head and looked at everyone but nobody seemed concerned about that person causing her to feel weird.

She was about to help the person when a whip fell on her hand which was about to touch that person.

“Step away, low birth!” The shout from the soldier made her very and she stepped away when a person caught her and stood holding her hostage.

“I apologize, kind sir, please let me go. I was not aware that this is your hostage.” Xuilan tried to be exceptionally polite but nothing worked and nobody listened.

She was forced to kneel when someone from the carriage came and stood in front of her.

He pulled her chin up and looked at her by turning her face left and right.

“Not the one.” The person spoke and left her to which every soldier moved away and left her to leave.

She ran with her wolf and bags away from those idiots who stopped her.

Weird people.

Weird place.

Weird world.

Her wolf fathers understood her thoughts and nodded at her.

Xiao Bo today especially went to bring her some good animals to make food of.

Her sweet Xiao Bo!

Still a lazy bum though…

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