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Witch Alpha

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One minute you think you're an orphan with no family and no future, the next you're caught in an interspecies war over you. Eleanor was orphaned when her parents were killed but the day before her 18th birthday she was taken to what would have been her home. Her father's pack. After she turned 18 she was taken from her pack by her aunts. Her mother's coven. Can she keep the peace between two halves of herself? Can she find out what really happened to her parents?

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Chapter 1: A day in my life

His chocolate brown eyes held me and for a second I couldn’t move then the most wonderful feeling hit me like I had just walked off the edge of a pool and was covered in a ripple of little bubbles as they tried to get to the surface.

I unconsciously took two steps forward before someone grabbed me.

There was a growl not behind me but from the man in front of me. Then he closed the distance between us and took my hand. Electricity shot through my arm and a warm feeling filled my chest and made its way down to my southern hemisphere.

He smiled and brought my hand up and kissed the inside of my wrist.

When the same warm feeling spread again I knew.

This man was my mate.

My alarm started going off. The constant beeping was so annoying first thing in the morning.

Without opening my eyes I lifted my arm and turned it off then rolled over.

I kept my eyes closed holding on to sleep. I’d been having such a good dream. I’d been running through a forest and a big brown wolf bigger than I’d ever seen started running beside me. Then a ball of light made up of every color came floating up on my other side.

But the stupid alarm woke me up before I got where I needed to go.

I heard doors opening and closing down the hall. I knew that my wake up call would be in here any minute if I didn’t show signs of life so I groaned and opened my eyes.

The light from my window was dimmed by my curtains but I could still see how sad my room looked. Well for a young adult still living in an orphanage it was heaven but for any normal eighteen year old is was sad.

I didn’t have posters or pictures on my walls, they were the same cream color that all the rooms were painted. I had a suitcase leaning against my small table meant to be a desk and next to it a medium-sized dresser that had my alarm clock and a small mirror on it.

I sighed and got up about to get ready for my day when my door flew open with a bang.

I caught a glimpse of some feet and heard laughing. I groaned, must be one of my bully’s cause they’d done it before.

Once they did it while I was changing and stood there to laugh at me. I started locking my door after that.

I walked over to lock my door but Elizabeth looked in then.

Elizabeth was one of the women who looked after the girl’s side and took care of people when they were sick in the infirmary. But she was also like a mother to me since she got here the same day I did.

Not only did she get here the same day as me but we looked quite a bit alike. We both had irritatingly perfect skin, both had platinum blonde hair and both never gained a pound when we stuffed our face. No matter what we both stayed the same slender build.

“Hey.” She said brushing her hair behind her shoulder, “It was the usual crowd. I’ll go talk to them again.”

“Ok.” I said as she started to walk off “But it never does any good.”

I closed the door and locked it. Not everyone was able to get a lock. I wouldn’t have got one if the handyman and my close personal friend Mitch hadn’t gotten me one as a gift.

Mitch was my best friend just like Elizabeth. He was in charge of the building and the lawns but didn’t usually deal with the kids. I was the only one he seemed to like. I found out why when I turned twelve.

While other girls in the ward were getting their periods and developing breasts I was going through some different changes. I was always more curvaceous so it wasn’t a surprise when I developed early but while everyone else was catching up to me I was having pain all over my body. It started when I was eleven and gradually over the year got so bad that not even the strongest medicine could help me. Every night it felt like my bones were breaking and my insides were changing.

But on my twelfth birthday I was out for a walk cause it’d been a pain-free day when it hit again but this time I felt my bones breaking and moving and I felt my insides move. I screamed at the top of my lungs but the only person who heard me was Mitch. He picked me up and took me back to his small cabin and let me lay in his bed while my body changed. My body grew and tore through my clothes. My skin changed to thick fur and my face changed to the face of a wolf.

Well, naturally I began to panic until Mitch grabbed me and held me till I calmed down then he told me I was a werewolf. He would know because he was one too. He calmly told me what had been happening to my body all year was it was getting ready for the transformation but he couldn’t tell me because the staff wouldn’t let him be alone with me. He told me how to transform back and left a big baggy sweatshirt for me to change into.

Over time he taught me everything I needed to know about being a werewolf. He helped me master shifting then helping me to mask my smell from other werewolf’s. And then we moved on to defensive and offensive battling, emphasizing on the defensive.

I smiled to myself and I dressed for the day. Just a plain light blue v neck cotton shirt with faded jeans and sketches tennis shoes.

Mitch was like an uncle to me. He looked after me and was there for me when I needed someone.

I went downstairs for breakfast and on my way down the office door opened.

“Oh, there you are dear.” The matron said motioning for me to come inside.

I walked inside. I hadn’t been in the office since my last birthday. Usually on birthdays or when you get in trouble you’re brought to the office.

It hadn’t changed much since the last time I’d been inside but this time I felt like I was in trouble.

The matron walked behind her desk and sat in her high backed chair. On either side of the desk were Elizabeth and Mitch.

“What’s going on?” I asked looking from one adult to the next.

“Don’t worry sweetheart you’re not in trouble.” Mitch said smiling at me.

I caught the look of loathing that Elizabeth shot him, though he and the matron did not.

“Dear I’ve called you in here to speak with you about your birthday tomorrow.” the matron said lacing her fingers together “As you are aware will be turning 18. Legally an adult.”

I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes. Of course, I knew I was turning eighteen tomorrow. I’d been preparing for this day since I began to get an allowance. I had hundreds saved up so that I could last for a while before I had to get a job.

I planned to look into my parents and try and find out where they came from and if they had a pack if maybe I had family out there somewhere.

“Well, a police officer came over yesterday afternoon. It turns out that they were contacted by an elderly couple who claim to be your grandparents on your father’s side.”

I blinked, sure I’d misheard her.

“They have been searching for you for years.” the matron continued, “They would have come here but they aren’t well enough to travel. The police got DNA samples from them and compared it with a hair sample from you and it’s a match.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I have a family?” I said softly.

“Yes.” Mitch said smiling.

“What did you say dear?” the matron asked leaning forward.

“I have a family?” I asked louder.

“Apparently so dear.” she said smiling.

I couldn’t believe it. Family. I had a family. And they’d been looking for me. I took a few breaths before it hit me.

“Excuse me ma’am but I’m about to be 18, surly if they have been looking for me they would have been able to find me much sooner.”

“Excellent point El.” Elizabeth said smiling at me but then shooting daggers at Mitch.

True they had never got along especially where I was concerned but this was highly unusual.

“Well,” the matron said shrugging “apparently your father ran away and they gave him ten years to cool off before sending a private investigator to find him. Then the private investigator ran into trouble finding out about his death and your existence then after that it took him a few months to find you.”

I guess that made sense but it really shouldn’t have taken eight years to find me. It’s not like I’ve been hiding.

“Apparently it took eight years to find you.” Elizabeth muttered.

“Well, your grandparents have paid for a car to come this afternoon and to bring you to their house so you will get to meet your family by tonight I expect.” The matron said opening a drawer of the desk and pulling out a manila envelope.

My eyes widened. “Today?”

“Yes. They would love to celebrate your eighteenth birthday with you.” She said smiling, “Isn’t that nice?”

I nodded but bit my lip and looked at Elizabeth. She wasn’t looking at me, she was staring at her fingers as she was fiddling with the pinkie of her left hand.

I hadn’t expected to leave today. “Umm, I’m not packed. And I haven’t said goodbye to anyone.” I said looking to Mitch.

He seemed unfazed by the news that I was leaving today.

“Since Mitchel is leaving today as well he has volunteered to see you off so he’ll be able to say goodbye then.“

I nodded and stood up, “I should go start packing.” I said a little upset.

“One more thing my dear.” The matron said pushing the envelope towards me.

“What’s this?” I asked picking it up.

“Personal effects. Your birth certificate, parent’s death certificates, and any of their personal items. Jewelry, wallets, and quite a bit of money found with them. I don’t know how much. The police officer just dropped it off when he came by this morning to tell me about the car details.”

I held the envelope to my chest and stood again. “Thank you ma’am. I’m gonna go pack.”

I made it to the door before she spoke again. “Oh, Eleanor!” I turned around. “The police officer said he has some more things for you. Your parent’s clothes. But he said he’d bring them by when the car gets here at two o’clock. He thought you or your grandparents might want them.”

I nodded and left the room. I made my way back to my bedroom. I wasn’t even hungry anymore.

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