The Reischhart Chronicles

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A betrayed, dead king. 3 kingdoms. 5 people. What will become of their legacy as they ride to conquer these kingdoms?~

Fantasy / Erotica
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The distant moon shimmered in the dark sky, glimmering down faintly upon the desert of monsters.

There lay a man. A rich man, perhaps. He wore rich tattered clothes, so as like a king. The poor king lay breathing heavily at the floor of the desert, all around the sea of monsters laying. Uncountable numbers of the monsters lay there dead, with the poor king’s hands full of their blood. It heavily exhausted him, being betrayed and needing to kill such.

But no, “I WON’T DIE LIKE THIS!”he boomed to himself. He was desperate for revenge. Think, think, what to do? Then he knew as Morninglight came. He would leave with remnants here. ‘That’s all left now for me in this world’ he thought as he took out of his flesh a ball of light and darkness.

Come morning he was frozen, all his senses and insides and piss coming as he was in the world no longer. The ball of powers had a prophecy of itself, proposing life and death at the war he had just started.


Somewhere far away at the heart of castle Saldavor lay Belham, the royal advisor sleeping. But as he woke up in a stern wood bed and a small room with barely anything but food and research and books to advise, he looked out his sole window, just for a second or less, he saw faint glimmer of light shining brightly basked in darkness.

It startled him.

It made him remember what had been forgotten, of what was done that could not be forgiven, but was. “Zeldoros” he shivered in the cold morning sky. He looked through his books for what to do. There was nothing of help. All he knew was: “A war is coming...”

Hisisters or brothers today’s my birthday and I be publishing this book. Hope you like it, and peace! Enjoy this poem :

I’m just a little kid

And it’s not a poem

Even though I am meming


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