Stolen (The Evalanty series, #1)

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​The year 2042. The existence of magic is known to mankind, which now suffers from the siege of the Dark powers. Every second is a fight for survival, no matter what. Led by the magician Caleston, Europe is destroyed by a storm of violence, poverty, and misery. The war from a lost time and beyond the borders of Earth ruins everything in its path. ​After weeks of torture and experiments in a research facility, Maisie Brummet has lost her will to live. With no memories of her past, she is unaware of the forces that have awaited her birth for centuries and why. ​Who is the hero, and who is the villain? The choice is yours.

Fantasy / Action
K. Artifex
5.0 3 reviews
Age Rating:


*The first 4 chapters of “Stolen”, the English translation of “Bestulen”

*Link to the Kindle store, where the complete book will be available, will be on my profile

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