Stolen (The Evalanty series, #1)

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3.2 - Maisie

The enemy is approaching too fast. Time is running out.

Without hesitation, I sweep my hand in front of me. A giant wave of fire rises and grows until it fills the tunnel from floor to ceiling. The soldiers slow down, but not even the roaring fire can overwhelm their furious hatred of me. Bullets plunge through the flames in random directions. The adrenaline rushes and gives me the strength to lift the door enough to feel the outside breeze.

With one last burst of force, I push the door away and open it. I take charge, jump, and grab the edge. The muscles burn, and the arms shake.

I have to get out of here!

Fueled on willpower alone, I manage to pull myself up. When the whole body is finally over the edge, all energy vanishes. I roll around on my back to catch my breath. No matter how deep I breathe, it's not enough. The mouth tastes like blood. Something is running down my arm, and there is a tear in the sleeve at the shoulder. When I feel for it, I can not help but curse and pull my hand away from the pain.

Blood has ended up on the fingertips. Echoes of fights and explosions are heard further in the city, forcing me to get up.

The lights of flickering flashlights fall on the house's walls in the darkness of the night, showing the silhouettes of an approaching crowd. My legs are threatening to buckle, but I still manage to get to a nearby alley and further away from the violence.

Accompanied by a couple of rats, I rush to the other side of the alleyway but barely get out on the street before a pulse of energy attacks me. In what feels like a hurricane of electric charges, the power flips me in the air before my back hits the asphalt. The air leaves my lungs, and the pain makes me want to scream, but no sounds are coming out.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, there's a voice urging me to get up, but no muscles will obey me. Eventually, against all the odds, I force my body to sit upright. Someone is running towards me, and a pair of black boots appear before my hair being forcibly pulled back, and some strands detach from the scalp.

Without caring about my painful protests, the person forces me face to face. The look that meets me is the same one that reacted to my necklace several weeks ago.

"Why the rush? Is it ... burning anywhere?"

The woman's voice gives the same fatal fear in my heart as the eyes of steel-grey evil. But… the emphasis on the word burning … does she know about my powers? How? Has she seen it with her own eyes, or does the necklace have a part in it?

"What do you want?" I spit out angrily.

The woman's grip on my hair hardens, and more strands are pulled out. My neck is exposed as she bends me backward. Even though I scratch her hand and kick in vain, she seems unaffected by my struggle. Instead, she glances aside at my pants, where the necklace in her pocket glows through the fabric again. When I realize what she's after, she laughs and stretches her hand towards the chain.

"Don't worry," she replies lightly, pulling it out. "All you need to know is that thanks to you, all problems will soon be solved."

She's holding the charm firmly, but it still does not stop the light from radiating through the fingers. Seeing the necklace in the wrong hands means that everything else loses meaning. No! She can't take it!

I finally manage to direct a kick at her stomach with my entire body weight behind, but that's not enough to set me free. Before I have time to stop myself from doing something stupid, flames appear that immediately wrap around the woman's body like snakes. She screams, and the grip on me becomes weak enough for me to force myself free and snatch my necklace back.

But in all the stress, I stumble on my own feet and fall backward.

The chain is thrown away towards the street edge. Without glancing at the woman or making sure that no Guardians has seen me, I rush forward to catch the necklace before it falls out of reach.

My fingers only touch the chain before my hair is again gripped, and the person presses my face against the gravel. To my horror, my outstretched hand pushes the necklace down in a crack where it disappears.


I try to scream, but my voice is stuck. When the unknown person throws me on my back, I see the Guardians' brown vests. No no! I sputter, turn around and kick in vain to get loose, even though I have already given up in my heart. This is the exact reason I have been so careful in using my powers, unless it has been a matter of life and death. All years are now wasted … due to a necklace

"Cuff her!"

No, not the handcuffs! Anything, but not them! Spikes on the insides pierce into my flesh to stop the magical flow. I bite my tongue so as not to show my pain.

No way am I ever to give the Guardians that pleasure.

Once they are in place, I am entirely at the mercy of the Authorities.

Someone grabs my arms, and my knees and feet are scratched against the asphalt when I'm pulled away. It does not take long before turmoil is heard further away. I see at least a dozen Guardians forcing people into a truck when I look up. I recognize most of them from the hiding place, people of all ages, wearing the same kind of handcuffs as me. I hit my elbow when I'm thrown inside. My whole arm hurts, and I hold my breath as the doors close, trapping us all in the dark.

No … no this is not happening!

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