Stolen (The Evalanty series, #1)

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4.2 - Damien

“What are you doing here? I’m guessing Caleston didn’t send you here to enjoy the terror of the Guardians?”

“Do what you want,” he hisses, “you will learn nothing from me.”

The edges of my lips twitch. I love this part.

“Let’s test that theory,” I say softly.

Rylen’s gaze sparkles in panic before my abilities are activated. No one without telepathic abilities can see it, but grey smoke comes out of my eyes like tentacles. Like attacking snakes, they throw themselves at Rylen and in through his eyes. Our brain waves are connected, my magic penetrates his mind and takes over. Rylen’s roar cuts into my ears, but I refuse to let go. His body thinks that all bones are crushed in one blow. Rylen’s muscles are tensed in synchronized spasms that reduce the ability to speak to a suffocating gurgling.

I’m hardly the only one with telepathy, but mine manifests in a way that is so unusual that it has given me a bad reputation even among my own. But without them, I wouldn’t be alive.

I reduce the pressure to give Rylen a breather. His muscles relax and saliva flows along his chin.

“Are you sure you have nothing to share?” I ask.

He remains silent, but the hateful gaze gives sufficient insight into his feelings. Not that he will ever gain sympathy from me. If it were not for him and his side, the crying girl would not have stood and screamed for a parent, who is most likely already dead. The anger makes me let the pain wash through Rylen’s veins. Blood bursts over the membranes of the whites of the eyes. The legs kick frantically, and a gurgling sound is heard from far down in the airways. I will not let go until he is close to losing consciousness. Once again, the muscles relax and Rylen pulls hard for air. After a few breaths, he begins to shake. The first impression is that he is crying, but I quickly realize that he’s laughing.

“What you do will soon mean nothing. When the Most Powerful get hold of The Lost One, you and all who have defied the Dark will pay.”

The Most Powerful, I snort. Talk about Caleston having gone mad with power.

“What do you mean by The Lost One?” I ask.

Rylen’s grin becomes wider.

“All you need to know is that it will lead the Most Powerful to victory.”

The evil that his ugly face radiates makes him deserve further punishment. But before I can do anything, something burns on the top of my ear. Further down the alley stands a Guardian with a pistol aimed at me. It shakes in her hands, and that’s probably why I’m still alive.

The interruption gives Rylen the chance to break free. A kick in the chest makes me fall backward, and before I regain my composure, he disappears into a cloud of smoke. My shoulder gets scraped and the back of my head hits the cracked asphalt. The frustration distracts me for a moment, but when the Guardians’ running steps move in my direction, I come back to reality and teleport away before she gets hold of me. On the other side of the teleportation, the knees hit the asphalt on an empty street where the fighting is still heard in the background.

“Damien!” Alex comes running with a bleeding wound in his forehead. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Where did you go?”

“Got sidetracked”, I force myself to say and start coughing. “Where are Nyla and the rest?”

Rylen’s kick hit right in the ribs and is more painful than I care to admit.

“They were forced to retreat. We are too few with both the Guardians and Caleston’s followers here.”

I nod and crawl up.

“We might as well go home too. I’ve had enough of city life for today.”

“Christy and the others are waiting for us at Council headquarters. I stayed behind to find you and make sure nothing had happened.”

It warms my heart every time Alex shows care, especially considering that he has no obligation whatsoever to show it to me. But not even it can chase away the cold that spreads in my stomach when I hear Christy’s name. She is the only one who really terrifies me, as she can order my death at any time, without consequences. I would rather be shipped off to Cecilia and be her eternal slave if that meant I never had to see Christy again.

She is my leader and one of the leaders for the Light side of the war, just as Caleston is for the Dark. But she spares no means to get her will through and is at least as much a tyrant as Caleston.

“Are you coming?” Alex asks.

I can’t get out any sounds and instead reply with a short nod. I linger when Alex disappears into a swirling, white mist. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and steel myself to meet my nemesis. I shake so hard my teeth chatter, but if I don’t follow Alex, it will only get worse.

Before panic takes over and hinders teleportation, I head to the Council headquarters.

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