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Prophecies from the Dark

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Gabriella was six when she was taken from her parents,friends,and pack members. After 11 years of abuse from the people who abduct her, she's finally found beaten, scared, and bleeding out . Its not easy to return to a life you had once believed to be gone, and even harder learning to live again. As Gabriella works to find even a small piece of happiness in her new world she will be tested with new challenges both old and new, including an old prophecy declaring her as the -only white wolf- the leader to destroy their most vicious enemy, long before she was born. Top it all off with a hunky mate who will stop at nothing to protect the woman he has finally gotten back and a whirlwind of jokes, romance, and a bucket of sarcasm, they will all face a the most powerful challenges in the world. Gabriella has spent years locked up struggling but what she must face can both break her or create a symbol of power and hope, what will she choose?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Beginning of Hell

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:

I hide in the trees breathing heavily from running. My whole body was shaking like an earthquake while my heart beat crazily. I just don’t know what to do, from what I can see through the tree line my pack house will be gone by morning. Shouts and screams of agony echo out around me as there burned alive or murdered by them. I climb higher up in the tree trying to keep myself from shaking bad enough to fall from the cold nights air. I climb up onto a large branch the flames of my burning pack visible now, lighting up the night sky and the only light strong enough to let me see where I'm climbing. Tears run down my cheeks as I look down at my side. Three large claw marks slicing from my ribs down to the bottom of my stomach. Every time I inhale more of my blood is pushed out as another wave of agonizing pain washes over me. I sniffle, trying to keep the tears and my running nose from falling.

All this destruction came out of no where, leaving my pack helpless as those men came after us. I’m a lucky one, I was small enough to escape that giant grey wolfs claws. Running fast enough to get into the woods and hide just as mommy told me too. My mom, I hope she’s okay I don’t want to lose her. I know that my father is dead, I saw his life leave his eyes as he screamed for me to run, just before the wolves jaws came down around his throat. My dad had died protecting me from that horrible grey wolf, Its sharp red eyes filled with the wanting of blood shed.

The snapping pain in my chest sends a stifled scream out of me as the familiar feeling hits me. Tears push from my eyes as I feel another one of my pack members lives snuffed away, their tether to me snapping away from me. Each loss of life hitting me like another one of my bones being torn from my body until theirs nothing left. No string in my chest or head to pull on, because their was no one left of my pack to link to. I was alone.

I push the tormenting pain out of my thoughts as I notice quiet creeping in around me. Only the sound of crackling from the pack house and falling building fill the night now. As my eyes watch my only home burn my ears pick up the body shaking howl of their Alpha. The vibration from his howl would have made me curl in submission if I wasnt born to an alpha. Alpha’s were always intimidating, and yet my daddy was so kind. He didn’t steal or murder other packs like other’s do. He always said we were all brother’s and sister’s in the Moon Goddesses eyes. But now it didn’t matter, he was gone and I’m alone. A chill begins to sweep through the trees and I struggle to pull down my bloodied and ripped sleeves. The bottom half of my shirt was ripped and soaked with blood. As I stare at my bloodied hands I finally let my tears fall, I’m alone now. All alone.

The only hope I have left is that my best friend ,Roman got away while his dad the alpha fought the intruders. When the attack began I was told to keep him safe and hide him. I don’t know why they attacked us but the one thing I was sure of was that I needed to protect him. Mommy always told me to watch out for the ones we care about so I had to watch out for him. Hopefully he stayed hidden from those bad men. I just didn’t think that me helping roman would end with my parents being torn into pieces by that pack.

I sit on the branch with tears sliding down my cheeks as my eyes don’t leave the necklace roman gave me last summer when we met, he thought Id forget him. I wouldn’t forget him. He’s my best friend and that means remembering one another. We met last summer on his birthday, that's when we promised to be bestfriends. That was the day he first changed, mom says its a common thing for alphas of big packs like him. When we met he said we were mates and I don’t understand what it means but I’m pretty sure it means we are best friends so I had to protect him.

when I asked mommy she said she would tell me after my first change into a wolf. So before we parted for the summer he gave me his golden necklace that had a moonstone shard on it. I didn’t want him to leave me I was really sad that he had to leave since we had just met, but mommy said we would see each other next summer. I didn’t want him to forget me either so I gave him my ring I had gotten the month before when I turned six claiming that its what big girls wear, it was gold too, but mine had my initials, they were G.S, which meant Gabrielle Sparrow. I really liked that ring but I didn’t want roman to forget me.

My thoughts are disrupted when I hear people stomping around in the forest, I’m not to sure if I should hide from them, but to be safe I’ll stay on the branch until I know they wont hurt me. That is until a growl from the ground under the tree startles me and I fall. The ground is cold as I hit it snapping the twigs and leaves under me. I’m scared to move ,and when I finally open my eyes a large man is standing on my side looking down at me, he was old with a long grey beard and his eyes were pitch black.

My thoughts instantly began to think of ways he will kill me, my pack members would always say not to trust other wolfs who aren’t in the pack, mostly because they didn’t care if they killed us, they always thought it was all fun and games. As if the old man can tell what I’m thinking he smiles and says, "I don’t think you should be out here ,you are far to pretty with your blue eyes and long brown hair to be wondering around in the dark ,oh, and I won't kill you I have a better plan on what I want to do with you!” He let out a laugh as he went to grab me.

He grabs my arm and pulls me with him, it hurts to walk or even breath. My body must be losing to much blood from the claw marks I have. I stumble as we leave the forest and I see a black truck on a dirt road and as I’m pulled right towards it, from then on I knew what was about to happen wouldn’t be good and that I will wish I was dead and with my parents. Dread settled over me and I knew I was gonna be lost forever.

11 years later...…..

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