Prophecies from the Dark

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New Houses and Smells

I thought yelling and voicing my thoughts would help... and yet when I finished all I felt was guilt. Roman’s just trying to help me, and even more he’s just worried. Yet I’m the one getting angry and acting like a child. I open my eyes and look over at him ready to apologies for snapping and hoping he wouldn’t punish me to bad. When I look at him I don’t see anger like I expected and only slightly hurt but mostly he seemed happy. A small smile on his face and I felt even worse.

You yelled at mate! Why would you do that? Now he wont like us. Winter worries.

I know winter I’m sorry I’m terrible I try to explain to her.

“I’m sorry... I-I didn’t mean to yell.” I say looking down at my knee’s guilt riding over me. “Its okay.” He simple says and I was shocked I look up at him searching his face. I’m so confused, If I had snapped like that with my captors I would be on the floor being beaten. “You not gonna punish me?” I ask quietly. Roman squints then confusion written on his face. “Punish you? No! Why would I do that?” He ask. I swallow trying to think of what to say. “When I got upset with the other’s they would punish me.” I try to explain. Sadness leaks through his face as the rest of his body seemed to tense with maybe anger? Did I make him mad?

” What those men did was horrible and If I could I would string them up by their necks. I promise you that it doesn’t matter what you say, I will never hurt you like that. You could scream at me all day but I will never lay a hand on you.” He promises his green eyes shimmering with determination and something else I couldn’t really place. I nod looking away from him and back at the grand house. “We don’t have to go in until your ready.” Roman says kindly and my heart fluttered at it. He’s been so sweet to me, It made me uncomfortable and yet I liked that he talked to me the way he did. Like we were still children when he would always give me whatever I wanted. “There’s just so many smells.” I compensate.

“I know, This is where most of the pack lives but ichiro has all of them in their rooms so you don’t get to overwhelmed.” I look away from the house at him, he really seemed to still be that little boy I knew before. I take a deep breath and step out of my comfort zone just a little, its the least I could do. “When we go in... you stay with me right?” I say keeping my head down self conscious. “Ill be by your side for as long as you want me too.” And yet again another flutter hits me. I give him a nod. “Okay.” And with that he gets out of the truck as I unbuckle my seatbelt, roman comes to my door opening it and helping me out.

I wince as he sets me down pressure once again being placed on my abdomen. The small sparks from his hands on my waist help alleviate it and I was thankful. We make out way up the stairs to the large wooden door. The door looks hand carved with a large tree expanding over it with two wolves at the trunk of the tree. Roman opens the door revealing a large open foyer, wooden stairs leading up to the second floor in front of us. The floor was wood as well as the walls with a small circular table in the middle of the foyer with fresh white Orchids sitting on it. A large arch to the right hand side opened up into the living room. The room felt like the inside of one of those fancy cabins with a large stone fire place on the wall flames causing the burning wood to crackle up. The room was large yet cozy, a large dark brown L-shaped couch sat in the middle of the room blankets lounging over the back of it. To the left side of the foyer was another wooden arch leading to what looked to be a large dinning room a long wooden table willed with chairs all the way down it.

“I had Tristan and a few others set up a room for you up stairs, I hope you don’t mind but I had you placed in the room next to mine.... So I can make sure you okay!” He stutters out the last part his cheeks growing a light tint of pink, and I resisted the urge to smile. I was starting to like seeing him get nervous like that. As we make our way to the stairs I get up one step before I realize their was no way was going to get up them with out dying on pain. Roman got this pretty quick when he see’s me stop and look over the stairs again. “Can I help?” He ask kindly and I nod, Immediately I’m swept up in his arms as he climbs the steps. I try my best to not think about the thousands of wonderful sparks covering my body where his touched.

We make it to the top of the stairs and roman gentle sets me down slightly hesitating. Their two large halls with dozens of doors going both left and right of the stairs and one that goes straight in front of us. Roman makes his way down the straight hall. This hall seemed to have only four or five doors in it. We don’t stop walking until we get to the very end , one door on the wall straight ahead. The door had a clear view of the whole hall but roman turns to the right where a second door sits. “My room is right there.” He explains pointing at the door we could get a view on the moment we got up the stairs. “I had you placed in this one, and don’t worry. The only ones living in these rooms is the alpha’s family and the beta’s family, so it should be quiet.” I gave him a small smile, I liked being away from the crowd of the rest of the pack. I think if I was in the other halls I would spend the whole time with my eyes on the door as people moved past it. I didn’t want to admit it but I also was happy I was close to roman.

“Thank You.” I say looking up at him. His face glows with a smile and I wasnt sure why. I open the door only to stop the moment I step in. The room was spacious completely wood like the rest of the house. The room had a queen sized bed with a cool blue bedding, the beds head board was carved with beautiful vines. The bed was to the right against the wall and on the left side against the wall stood another old stone fireplace, a large flat screen tv mounted against it. A large window on the wall facing outside had the perfect view of the forest with light blue curtains hanging on it. I walk into the room my eyes going over the room. I haven’t seen a room like this ever in my life. Everything about this house had me in awe. The left wall had two doors either side of the fireplace. “The door on the right is the bathroom and closet, the door on the left leads to.. um... My room.” He explains and I don’t look at him as I continue looking over the room but I knew his face was pink again. “This use to be the kids room so.. yeah... but feel free to use it if you need me.” He continues to talk trying his best to make me feel comfortable. “Its beautiful, thank you.” I try to help him relax and he visibly did.

“I hope you can be comfortable?” He worries and I felt like I needed to be truthful. “Roman, trust me when I say... This is the most comfortable I have been in years.” I explain. I could see that same flash of sadness in his face if only for a moment. I make my way to the bed sitting down then falling completely on the bed. It felt like cotton candy, “This bed is amazing... Its like cotton candy!” I exclaim mostly to myself. I hear romans heart stopping chuckle and I felt my heart dance. I love his laugh, I loved it when we were children its the kind that makes others laugh. I lay their quiet for a moment feeling the fatigue from all the movement starting to take hold. “Ill let you get some sleep, you must be exhausted.” I was. I can feel my eye lids drift shut already but I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted to be alone in the quiet, and yet I wanted him to be there with me. I sit up wincing slightly with the pain, My eyes falling on his back as he moves to the door. “Roman?” I mutter not completely sure.

“Yes?” He says turning back around his hand still on the door knob the other in his pocket.

” Could you stay? At least until I fall asleep? I don’t want to be alone.” I mutter out. “Of course.” He simple says and felt this lightness hit that I didn’t know I needed. I climb in-between the sheets and the bed. Roman coming to sit at the side of the bed next to me. I roll onto my side, my eyes staying on his face. Suddenly I’m scooting over making room for him. He little hesitant for a moment until he climbs in next to me. Both of us on our side’s looking at one another, My eyes drifting shut as they rest on his green ones.

Blood cover’s my shaking pale hands droplets falling to the dirt covered cement. The shallow breaths of a body filling the small room. Blood pools around the his paling body as my bare feet move closer to his limp body. I stand over his body my naked feet planted in his red blood. I can feel a smile grow on my face as I watch the life drip from his body. Joy filled every inch of my body as his dull brown eyes lose the last of his life, his last word falling from his lips, “Eternal.” and he goes cold and chaotic laugh flooding the room as it falls from my lips.

I surge of panic floods me as I bolt up from my sleep a scream erupting from my lungs.

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