Prophecies from the Dark

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Roman’s P.O.V:

I lay next to her warm still body as she sleeps soundly, her even deep breath letting me know she was asleep. Her long brown hair cascading down her neck, slightly falling over her shoulders. Her dark chocolate brown hair made her pale skin even paler. Every part of me wanted to holder her in my arms, Ive spent years searching for that girl I once knew and now she lay right in front of me. As a child she was so bubbly and full of life, Its unbearable to watch that girl now seem so broken and scared. But even after all she’s gone through I can still see that fire she had the moment we met.

Gaby stirs a little snuggling closer towards me as she nuzzles into her blankets. I cant help but smile, when we were little she had perfectly olive skin. That may mean one of the hardest things to see, she was paler and skinnier than she should be. Even though her clothes covered them I could see a scare or two peak out at her collar and legs. An yet she still looked more beautiful then I could have possibly have dreamed of. I think laying her, in this very moment, I’m the happiest I have been in years. Its been hard to keep myself under control since the moment I saw her, even harder to keep my wolf from jumping her bones.

Three soft knocks draw me from my blissful moment and I couldn’t help but silently grown. I love my pack, but at the moment I’d rather be here with my mate. I begrudgingly slip out of bed trying my best to be as quiet as I can allowing gaby to sleep soundly. I tuck the blankets back closer to her, her body slightly shuttering from the distance placing a smile on my face. I get to the door and slightly open it just a crack shielding my mate from the intruder. When I open the door I see Tristan standing there relaxed with both his hand stuck into his pants. I give a second look back at Gaby’s slumbering body and slip out of the room.

” Yeah?” I say getting his attention. “How is she?” He ask concern filling his voice and face. I would feel jealous if I didn’t know just how important she was to him. She was like his sister, he was her beta and they were bonded in a way no one else is. I would have the same relationship with my beta if I hadn’t lost him to a rouge attack. He was my most trusted packmate and friend, I could trust him with my most sacred possession, Gabrielle. “She coping, and right now she’s sleeping.” I informed him. Tristan nods understanding. “Good, she needs it. She looked terrible in the car.” Tristan bluntly says. I would growl at him yet I didn’t, He didn’t mean it in any negative way. Tristan is a straight shooter, thats why I could trust him. “Yeah, so what did you need?” I try to get to the point. I didn’t want to be away from her especially when she is unprotected.

“Some of the trackers got a lead on the guys that got away from us o the rescue mission for Gabrielle.” Tristan usually has a smile and a humorous glint in his eyes but like the beta he is, he gets serious when needed. “What lead?” I ask now putting my hands in my jean pockets.

” They caught one of their men’s scent, the guy obviously wasnt trained to hide. They followed it to a small cave a couple hundred miles away from the cabin, they found him huddled behind a boulder like a coward.” I could feel my wolf ready to hop on the this news. My territorial alpha blood wanting to go after the man that held my mate captive. “They bring him in?” I order instinctively lurching into my pack leader mind set, “Yep, he’s locked up and enjoy some great living accommodations at the pleasure of me. Although he came in a little bruised and battered thanks to our friendly neighborhood trackers.” Tristan taunts. I smile, there’s a lot of reasons why I sent those tracker’s out, one was to make sure they are no longer a threat to my mate but another is to find out why they attacked her pack in the first place. The third is mostly so that I can tear his head off his body with my own hands for taking her away for so long.

“We’ll keep him brewing for a while, make sure the guards don’t kill him even though they may want to.” I order Tristan gives me a quick nod. and just as he begins walking away he turns back quickly this time sadness and concern in his eyes, “She is.. okay, right?” he didn’t seem to have humor anywhere near him He seemed generally concerned. “After everything that’s happened, I think she’s remarkable well. It’ll take time before she can start to become herself again but she’s tough, tougher then the both of us.” I try to reason, I believed every word. Tristan opened his mouth just about to say something when a blood curdling scream from Gabrielle’s room.

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:

I cant stop the scream tumbling from my lungs as I launch up from bed the same blood covered hands imprinted on my eyes. I try to wipe the blood off on the blankets but the blood just wont go away. The flashing body lingers as does his raspy voice whispering that word. That terrifying and heart stopping word. The door is slammed open and hands circling round me and yet I cant help but focus on the blood on my hands. “Gaby! Gaby your okay, breath!” Roman’s voice cuts through the panic as he tries to pull me back from my panic. I cant help but mutter it, I needed him to know, I wasnt crazy it’s there. “Th blood! The blood’s every where I cant get rid of it!” I shake as I try again to get the blood off. “Gaby, there’s no blood, look at me!” He begs trying to get my eyes off my hands. His hand touches my chin urging me gently to look at him. When my eyes finally leave my hands and look at his face. He was scared and so concerned. His green eyes watching mine desperate. “Breath.” he urges again and I try my best to follow his orders.

He gently pulls me in to his chest, the closer he gets it seems the more my heart calms. My breathing begins to calm as I get control of myself. “Tristan can you get some water please.” I listen as he leaves the room. I pull away looking up at him again. “I’m sorry.” I mutter trying to control my shaky voice. “Don’t be it’s just a nightmare.” He tries to comfort but he doesn’t understand, he couldn’t. “No, its not a nightmare.. It really happened.” I whisper. I didn’t know why I needed to tell him but my hands aren’t clean. Roman pulls away slightly his eyes searching my face. “What do you mean?”

I look at my hands again, Why do I want to tell him so badly. “When I was being held... One of them tried to-to mess with me...and I lost control I killed him.” I try my best to control my stutter and avoid looking at him. I didn’t tell him specifically that he was trying to force himself on me, Only to end up with a gutting.

For a long moment he’s quiet until he just nod’s, “Okay.” I look up at him confused. “Okay?” I ask again. Looking up at him questioning. “I told you I wasnt going any where... and honestly I would have done the same.” he reasons.

With in moments he didn’t care what I had done, He was too kind.

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