Prophecies from the Dark

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Strawberry Waffles

I wonder what all of Gabrielle’s dreams are about?:) So what do you guys think about these cute little moments between our leading couple? Let me know!!

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:

After I had finally calmed down enough I pull the blankets closer to me quenching the odd chill over me. Roman didn’t say anything else but rather sat next to me, looking past my pulling away and curling into the blankets. When Tristan finally returns he has more like a large jug of water rather then a cup. He seemed a little freaked out but I just couldn’t help wanting to laugh as his seeming rush of grabbing the water left a large damp spot on his shirt and a wild facial expression like he just woke up to a fire. First a smile covers my face then a laugh starts to fall out until I couldn’t breath any longer. The more I looked at him the more ridiculous he looked. I was laughing so hard I eve think my eyes had begun to actually tear up.

“What?” He asks puzzled and hen I can finally get a grip of myself I realize they were both looking at me like I was a crazy old bat. “Oh ,haha... I um.. You just came in so freaked out with a huge jug of water... You.. You look like you fought the water and lost!” I laugh louder as pain starts to shoot through me. Finally when I stop laughing I look back up to see Tristan’s face know filled with humor and even roman seemed to find it kind of funny. I get a hold of myself looking at Tristan then the water, even though it was funny I am pretty thirsty at the moment. “Can I have the water now?” I ask looking at the iced water. “Oh! yeah. sorry.” He mutters moving over to me and handing me the drink two times larger then me.

I take a couple large swigs trying to cast away the sore throat from my screaming. When I pull back Tristan places it on the side table. We sit for an odd second, there’s time’s I feel like they expect me to say something or do something but I don’t know what. A loud rumble from my stomach brings my mind to my next thought, I haven’t eaten for... I don’t know how long, a week maybe two?

“When was the last time you ate?” Roman inquires and I couldn’t even give him an answer. My captures would starve me for a few weeks then suddenly give me a buffet of food, only to starve me again. I look down at my hands a little self conscious, “I’m not sure... maybe? A week? maybe two?” I try my best to guess. I look up to see Tristan a little rigid but I was surprised to see roman. His usual green eyes are now dark and shadowed. I know what that means, Ive dealt with it before too. When ever I get upset or angry and I have to fight back winter theirs an odd distance in the eyes. I wasnt sure what to do, and I was honestly a little scared to touch him. Finally I take a big swallow placing my hand on his forearm doing my best to act like I didn’t notice it. “Can I eat?” I ask, trying my best to not sound so weak.

As if a switch had been turned his eyes go back to normal a small smile on his face, I was more then thankful for that. “Of course, You can eat what ever you want hen ever!” He states and I simple nod. “What would you like?” Tristan asks his voice light and easy. And I stop, what did I want? Ive spent my life scrounging for anything just to survive, now they say I can have anything? I didn’t ever think about what I would want to eat the most if I survived. “I- ah- I don’t know?” I mumble out. I was hungry but I didn’t know what I liked or didn’t like. I try to explain, “I’m not sure what I like?” I wasnt sure of anything any more. When I think back to what I liked as a kid only one thing seemed to make me smile. I look up at both of them worried it would be to bother some. “There’s one thing, but-” I cut myself off.

“Go ahead you can have whatever you want!” Roman coaxes me to continue. “I remember something from before I always like.. the waffles, with strawberries and whipped cream?” I say more in a question then anything else. Its quiet for a moment then roman speaks up. “Well thats an easy one! Its a perfect choice for dinner!” Roman cheers on and a weight seemed to lift off of me. I cant help but smile. I am surprised that its dinner time already, di I really sleep the whole day away?Suddenly a noise rings scaring me a little with surprise. “Oh! sorry Elle, its my phone.” Tristan apologizes and digs into his pocket leaving the room. Roman begins to get up, “I’ll go make you those waffles.” He says sweetly but before he could leave I ask quickly, “Can I go with you?” I didn’t know why I wanted to so much. In fact see the rest of the pack scared me to death at the moment but I was curious to see the rest of the house.

Or you don’t want roman to leave. Winter taunts and I mentally tell her to shut it.

“Are you sure, I don’t want you putting to much pressure on you wound.” He asks concerned. Normally I would still be in the hospital for my wound but with my lycanthrope ability to heal fast by tomorrow I’ll be fully heal and just a little sore. I give him a sure nod. “I’m okay I’ll just need to move slow... ad may need help with the steps.” I think about this morning and his arms holding me. I hadn’t thought about that part. I quickly push away the thoughts and lift myself out of bed trying to avoid moving to fast. We make our way to the door roman once again opening it for me as we walk down the hall. I stop when we get to the end of the alpha’s hall my nerves getting the better of me, “Don’t worry their all mostly asleep, and Ive linked the others to stay away from the kitchen for a while.” roman reads my thoughts and I couldn’t help but be thankful, he’s to kind.

When we finally make it down the stairs and roman places my feet back on the ground I had a harder time with the sudden loss of connection. But I push it down, I wasnt really ready to deal with those emotions or that mate business just yet. But I’m starting to get the idea that I may not have a choice in the matter. We slowly turn into the dining room that has a door to our left that seems to swing leading us into the kitchen.

When I take in the kitchen I was a little taken aback by the way it looked so modern and yet held that same country cabin feel to it. The kitchen ceiling rose up high with old wooden beams leading a crossed the it. Large black ceiling lamps hang down from the beams. The counter top expanded against the room ’s wall for most of the kitchen, a large country chic sink sitting in the middle of it. From the sink someone could look out the back of the property at the forest tree line. The same wall with the counter tops was filled with large windows allowing light into the room. A large fridge sits against the wall away from the counters on the right when we enter with a few wooden stained cabinets. the industrial stove sitting next to the sink. In the middle of the room sat a wooden island with a few stools tucked under it. Roman made his way to a few cupboards pulling out flour and the many other ingredients. Unsure of what to do I pull out one of the stool’s and sit at the island watching him move around he kitchen.

Roman seemed to know exactly what he was doing, come to think of it, I don’t think Ive ever made any food. Let alone by myself, I was curious. My mother was a great cook and I would watch her cook for the pack on Sundays when we all had a family meal. It never looked to hard to do and yet I still had no idea what he was doing. Roman pours a bunch of ingredient’s into a bowl mixing it together, my eyes watching his hands move about. “Do you cook a lot?” Curiosity pulling at me. I haven’t talked so much in years and yet when I’m with roman I wasnt scared to speak up. If he was anyone else I would be petrified but he makes me comfortable, brave even. Its odd actually talking to someone, and even more odd to no be hit for speaking up.

“I like to pitch in with the pack cook’s when I can, plus my mother always said the best way to someone’s heart is through cooking, especially true when they are a werewolf. We tend to like food more then other’s.” Roman says cheekily, a smile on his face thinking about his mother. I had never met her. She was the sentinel banes pack Luna, and when I met roman she had to stay with the pack to watch over them. I wonder what she was like, even more if he got any similar features or If he’s more like his dad. “What was she like?” I ask tilting my head slightly. Roman thinks for a moment trying to find the right words. “She was beautiful and terrifying. She was always so loving and kind but whenever someone pushed the line or stepped out of their place, like challenged the alpha position, she would pumble that person just for thinking about it.” he musses. I knew his father only a little but Im not sure what happened with his parents.

“Can I ask... Where are they?” I know its a rough question and can be seen as a little forward but I wasnt good at tiptoeing around when talking. In fact I wasnt sure if anything I said was the way a normal person would say it. Its not like Ive had much practice with communication or social queue. Roman doesn’t seem fazed by the question easily answering. “My father retired a while ago and is visiting some other pack alpha’s he’s friends with, and my mother was killed by an attack not long after your..” He stops suddenly looking up. I know he was scared mentioning that day would upset me but I was okay, or as okay as one could be. “I’m sorry, about your mom.” I simply say. Pushing away that distinct knowledge of pain.

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