Prophecies from the Dark

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Honest Exchange

Roman places the batter in the waffle maker and we wait quietly, quickly the sell of the waffle hits my sense and for the first time I really register just how hungry I am. The smell made my mouth water as I stared at it intently. After a few more agonizing moments he finishes up a few waffles as the waffle maker was one with multiple slots. Something probably far to needed for the pack. Roman quickly moves to the fridge pulling out the strawberries and whipped cream, and soon we both had a plate in front of us. Roman pours some red tinted syrup as the bottle red strawberry flavored.

I grab the syrup bottle after him and as I pour the syrup held my eyes. It looked a lot like the blood in my dream, a lot like the blood Ive seen so much of. I pull my focus away from the syrup and grab my fork. The moment that strawberry flavored waffles touched my tongue I was in paradise. It wasnt the waffle that had me but he sweet strawberries. I close my eyes as a moan escapes my mouth. When I open my eyes I look over to see a huge smile on romans face, my cheeks grow red as I try to excuse my reaction, “I think I love strawberries!” I say meekly. “I’m glad, when we were young strawberries were your favorite.” He says looking down at his plate. “Really?” I didn’t really remember like any particular food.

“Yeah, I think it was the night we met. My father and I came to visit and your mom too us to the local strawberry festival, you tried everything that had strawberries.” He laughs a little remembering our past. Come to think of it, I slightly remember throwing up strawberries during that. “I remember now.” I saw thinking back to those days. I was such a wild kid, I did and said everything and anything I wanted. “It seems like such a long time ago.” I simply say.

We finished our waffles and roman helped me get back to my room. I was so full, like one wrong move I would explode and yet I only ate a quarter of my waffle, I felt bad that he had done so much for most of it to be trashed. When we get to my door I open it to the dark room, quickly I open it and head for my bed. Roman places the a cup of water on the night stand and heads to the door. I lay on my side watching him head out but when he moves his hand to the light switch I panic. “Wait.” Roman stops immediately looking back over his shoulder. “Can you leave the light on.” I ask. He simple nods closing the door behind him.

I didn’t know why but sitting in the dark scared me, it reminded me of being locked up in that terrible cabin. My eyes stay on the door, I still couldn’t sleep with out having an eye on the door. I didn’t know who would come in and I just needed to be prepared. I know if I asked roman to stay he would have, but I just wasnt as comfortable with that after this afternoon. I didn’t want him to see me like that, weak and pathetic. My eyes grow heavy as I drift into a feared sleep.


I know its not the most action packed chapter but sometime a little fluffy cuteness is needed!!:)

Don’t forget to leave comments on your thoughts of what’s going to happen next!!

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