Prophecies from the Dark

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Roman’s P.O.V:

I close the door to Gaby’s room and head down the hall, and down the stairs. I head to my office in a small hall between the stairs and the living room on the left. The hall has a bathroom and two door’s each to mine and Tristan’s offices. my mind lingering on my time with my mate. She was still timid and scared, but its only been two days since we found her, considering everything she was doing well but it was hard to watch her struggle. She all but gave me a heart attack when she scream, I’m glad she’s okay but all I wanted to do is take away her nightmares and pain. I open my office door to see my packs lead tracker, and hunter. Those two things were very different yet very similar. Our pack tracker’s are able to track down any scent or print, this is helpful for tracking rouges and lone wolves but our hunters soul purpose is to hunt down and capture or kill enemies to our pack.

My eyes fall on her form sitting relaxed on the couch pushed up to the left side of my wall between two large book cases. Most would laugh when they saw her smaller form but they would be making a serious miscalculation. “Blair, glad to see you made yourself at home.” I tease her. She lays against the couches armrest her wavy brown hair is highlighted with blonde streaks. Her hair falls down to her shoulders, Her hair tones perfectly with her more tanned complexion from always being our training or hunting. Her calculating ocean blue eyes move over to me a smile forming on her rose colored lips. Blair was one of the most feminine of the female trackers as she’s wearing a black tank top with a light brown leather jacket over it and faded black jeans. In all ways she was more like a poster model, yet by the age of twelve she was a full fledged tracker. She likes to say she can track so well because girls can see things guys cant plus her small stature and frame allowed her to move quickly without a sound. After her first shift at 14 she found out her and Tristan were mates. Its the oddest coupling yet it makes complete sense in the same way. The both had a good sense of humor, and both are born into a beta family, Blair is the little sister of my late beta. Tristan likes how bossy and tough Blair is and Tristan help Blair relax and enjoy life.

“Don’t I always.” She laughs leaning up ad comin to sit at a chair in front of my large mahogany desk. I sit behind my desk scooting in to look over the hundreds of pack papers I need to handle. The alpha’s most annoying task was to keep the papers in order this accounts for income, bills, and any other necessities. The whole pack pulls in money from various jobs but our main income comes from our owner ship of many companies that function in the city near us. The pack members work at the companies and keep their own money but they all pitch in 10% to keep everything running right. Other pack members like our doctor work solely for the pack, its an large family run and operated million dollar business.

I pull my eyes from the papers quickly before I could get a head ache. “I called you in here Blair because I wanted to know the details of your tracking of those rouges.” I state immediately shifting into my alpha position. I have always enjoyed a more friendly and love based relationship with my pack members but I always make sure they understand that I’m the alpha and deserve respect.

Blair leans back taking breath,” We started our tracking from the cabin, their were a couple scents that weren’t the same as the Luna, our pack members or the rouges we already killed. So we tracked those scents, most of the rouges had some training or knowledge on how to avoid trackers. They covered their scents with mud and water but one of them was to dull to think about it. We followed him a couple miles farther into the woods to an old bear cave, we could smell his scent in the cave so me, Foster, and Kennedy went in and found him huddled behind a rock. It took a minute to subdue the guy, he was very large and stronger. When we got him under control I had foster chloroform him and we dragged him back here.” She informs me. I squint at her for a moment trying to get the full picture.

It just seemed weird, after all this time the rouges just take off leaving her behind? They just have one of them try to kill my mate now, after years of keeping her? “Did you see or find anything.. Off?” I ask her. She thinks for a moment going over everything I her head. “Well, There was some paper’s in a small room in the back of the cabin, most of the burned and destroyed but their was a couple that survived when we took them out.” She ponders filling me in with some details. Thats why she’s are lead Tracker, her official title. “Where are the paper’s now? I ask.

" I had one of the trackers pack it up and bring it back, I didn’t think it was really relevant but just incase I have it stored in my office in the trackers den.” I nod, glad she knows how to cover her bases. The trackers and hunters share a small more run down house farther in the woods between here and the hospital. We found that its easier to allow them to have their own smaller office to work in and keep their stuff while training. While they live in the pack house, Blair stays in the alpha’s hall with Tristan. ” Have the paper’s brought here immediately.” I order, Blair nods and heads out to follow my orders.

I take a quick breath and start on my neglected paper work approving payments and company business. My mind continue’s pulling to the sleeping girl up stairs forcing me to start over again on a few forms. After an hour of signing paper’s and forms I rub my temples pushing away the steady headache beginning to hit me. A knock on the door brings my door, “Come in.”

Tristan opens the door a look of determination in his eyes. He steps in quickly quietly closing the door. “I got news from our new guest.” He says crossing his arms. He was wearing a black zip-up jacket over an easy dark grey shirt. “what?” I respond giving him my full attention. “I went down to make sure the hunter’s didn’t get carried away with revenge, and between his screams he said he was willing to talk.” Tristan says walking round my office looking at the book shelves, its what he seemed to do whenever in my office.

“Well, then lets go hear what he’s got to say.” I reply standing up and making my way to the door, with Tristan in toe behind me.

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