Prophecies from the Dark

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Electric Waves

Screams echo out all around me I float lifelessly in the dark. Where am I? Who am I? My body seemed to rebel against my very mind telling it to move. I want to scream out for help, for anything really. Fear overtook every part of my body keeping under control. I try to scream out again only for my words to come out load and petrified, “Help! P-please Help!” I yell barely aware of my words. A loud thunder clap hits around me shaking me to my very core, bolts of lightning igniting all around me. I realize then in a moment of pure horror-stricken fear, I wasn't in a dark room or even on the ground. I am falling fast and quiet through the moonless night sky. I fall straight through the midst of a storm. Between the lightning strikes and ear shattering thunder a voice torpedo’s into my ears, quiet and fast. “The blood, seek the blood.” The voice wasn't harsh nor angry but panicked and powerful. I try to understand its meaning every time pushing the fear the words seemed to sink into me every time, deeper and deeper until my eyes flash down to see the ground rapidly heading towards me.

My eyes shoot open my heart once again speeding along, but this time I wasnt panicked as the usual night terrors make me. As I lay their those words continue to echo in my ears, the words about blood. Something had to be wrong with me now right? No one normal would be having dreams about blood. I push myself up and out of the bed, the regular black clock sitting on my side table reading 3 in the morning. I throw my feet over the edge of the bed making me way to the bathroom. My bathroom was nice with a shower against the wall to my right when entering and double sinks on the left with a large window hanging in front of it. The room like all the rest has wooden paneling and wooden flooring. The toilet against the wall on the right of me, and just passed the toilet sits a door, which I’m guessing is the closet he spoke about.

The bathroom was really nothing special but easy and efficient. When I turn to look into I stare at the girl looking back at me. It has been such a long time since Ive seen my reflection, my once short hair I had from about a year ago thanks to those men is now long and wavy. My pale skin beginning to tan and pinken, But what startled me the most was that although I was skinny I had already began to gain weight. As a wolf we heal and change faster then others but I had changed far to fast in such a little time. My eyes once dull blue are vibrant as if ice blue electricity vibrated within them. Suddenly my dream flashes into my thoughts and I’m forced to turn on the sink and splash cold water on my face.

That voice seemed so familiar, and yet it scared me now. Would someone normally dreaming about blood or is this just another reason why I cant be normal? I dry off my face and deliberate what I should do next, I will never be able to fall back to sleep. A part of me didn’t want to fall back to sleep or even close my eyes with fear that I might be falling again. As I stare at my reflection my eyes wonder on my wild hair. Most of my hair was tangled, when I was in the hospital the nurses brushed out my tangled and dirt clumped hair. I make my way into the closet expecting a large empty space, in fact that was the complete opposite of what I saw. The closet was a large walk in with shelves placed into the very wall. The room was painted a dark blue with four large closet doors sitting on each wall. On the shelves sat purses and shoe’s of every kind, a dark blue ottoman in the middle of the room to sit. I notice a white paper with scribbling on it sitting on the chair. I walk over it, my feet warm in the soft white carpet. The notes read:

“Dear Gaby,

I had some of the pack woman buy you an assortment of clothes while you were in the hospital. Feel free to wear what you want and let me know if their is anything else you would like!

Kindly, Roman.”

I was flabbergasted. The thought of those pack woman shopping for so many clothes for a woman they didn’t know made her uncomfortable but the thought of roman spending hundreds of dollars on her made her feel terrible. Why must he be so kind and generous. A frown formed on her face, she needed clothes... but she didn’t like having to depend on his money.

I like the clothes, mate loves us...Let Him Spoil Us!! Winter says enthusiastic, even giddy of the thought that roman went through the effort. I roll my eyes and concede, I did see some shoe’s that caught my eye. I decide to find the clothes I like the most and have the others returned. I open and go through my closets looking for clothes that I wanted to wear. In the first closet I find a dark green V-neck t-shirt that doesn’t seemed to dip to much down my chest, I find in a drawer under that the bra’s. To say the thought of those women buying my undergarments made me feel so embarrassed, I finally had to push away the thoughts as I move onto pants. I quickly settle on a black pair of tights, these ones don’t particularly smell like another woman. I quickly pick out underwear and a pair of black socks.

When I get into the shower, I cant help but sit their soaking in the boiling hot water craving the steady rhythm on my back. I wash my hair with the simple shampoo I found in a drawer. It felt so nice to clean of all the muck and anxiety, my head felt empty of all stress around me. I wash my legs trying to ignore the few scars on them, most are a small white line almost indistinct except one large one on my knee. The time one of those men had slammed me into some garbage giving me a large gash from some old metal laying around. I had many scars, most small and easy to miss but I had a few that no matter how hard I tried will always be eye catching. I finally get out when the water turns cold and pull on my clothes drying my hair with the towel. I decide to scrunch my wet hair up into an easy bun, out of the way and no fuss. When I leave the bathroom the time is only 4 am. I stand their for a moment unsure of what else to do, when my eyes wonder to the window looking out to the forest. Most would be scared of the dark and mysteries forest at night, but I couldn’t help but feel like wondering through the tree’s silent and ready to pounce.

Let’s go running! I need exercise, I’m getting fat! I need to look good for mate! Winter whines enthusiastically.

Your a werewolf with a fast metabolism... you don’t get fat. I think to my wolf.

Well, that doesn’t matter! We haven’t run free in years, pleassssss-

Okay! I yell in my head at her. She would continue whining until I said yes, and I did want to run free. I would change while captive but it was silent and I was confined to a small room most of the time. The idea of running on my four legs with no one to stop us, all alone felt magical. I take a deep breath and head for the door, poking my head out just a crack to make sure no one was around. When I’m certain the rest of the house is still sleeping I open the door farther inching out into the dark hall. I tiptoe down the Alpha hall and into the dimly lite main hall. I only realize one problem when I get to the bottom of the stairs when my socks slightly slide on the wooden floor. I didn’t have shoes on.... I crack a smile at that thought. I had a whole closet of shoes and yet I’m about to go out into the woods with only socks on.

I shrug off the thought of going all the way backup ad risking someone seeing me, instead I head to the door. I open the door the large wood creaking as I slip out of the house, the porch light lighting up almost giving me a heart attack. I step down of the porch pulling off my socks and smiling as my toes feel the cool grass between my toes. It seems like with in a second my senses were heightened as I took in the smell of the tree’s and grass. The noise of the crickets and frogs chirping out into the night. Every part relaxed my thoughts. I make my way down the slight slope getting to the edge of the forest. I step in between the first two tree’s, my eyes scanning all around me. With not sight or sound of a threat I quickly pull of my top and bottom clothes my skin getting goosebumps and a slight shiver from the cold nights air. No completely naked I edge farther into the woods. I close my eyes listening and drawing on all my senses as I call for my primal power sitting in my chest. I begin to feel the change come on to me.

A slight pain hits, not nearly as bad as the pain I felt on my first change but still painful. I breath through the breaking of my bones and reshaping of my body until I open my eyes. The dark night is now brighter as I’m able to see every distinct detail. All of my senses alert and alive as my nose picks up hundreds of smells and scents. My fur now warms my body as I can feel my newly healed wound slightly ache with each breath, a welcomed feeling. My paws begin moving as I speed up faster and faster my breathing still steady as I speed through the forest.

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