Prophecies from the Dark

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Collisions and Complications

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:

I run free through the forest occasionally stopping to hunt and attack rabbits that catch winters eyes. I let her run enjoying the wind in our hair and our paws thumping against the forest floor. Soon winter is breathing heavily as we trot to a small creek trickling from some rocks, most likely an underground river. We lean our head down and begin drinking from the creek listening to the rustling of leaves as the night sky begins lighten as the sun just barely kisses the sky. Crickets chirp and the running water fill our ears and our breathing begins to slow. Suddenly the wind brings in a new smell to our nose. We lift our head up looking around us intently as we sniff again. The wind carries smells of the forest but also a hint of mint and lavender. The two smells coming from two distinct wolves. Now on high alert winter crouches lower backing up into the covering of bushes and shrubs growing large near the fresh water.

Sitting in a predatory hunting position in the brush we crouch waiting for the wolves the scent is coming from. Each surge of wind bringing with it a stronger and stronger scent until our ears perk at eh sound of paws thumping against the ground just beyond the tree’s. I try to tell winter to leave the area but she refuses to listen to me, her alpha territorial blood kicking in. I try to tell her its not our territory and yet I know she see’s the water and this area of hers, not caring about anything else except the intruders. Our eyes shoot up to two large wolves as they trot to the creek. One is larger then the other by a few inches, the bigger one had a regular grey coat with a hint of ice blue. That was an oddly rare trait a wolf to have, only a few are born with a coat as memorizing as theirs. The smaller one was a female, her light red tinted brown fur seemed to shin as the sky grew lighter.

The female and male wolves each lower their heads to drink from the creek quietly unaware of winter crouched ready to pounce at any moment. Our eyes staying on every muscle movement the two make until we feel the wind begin to pick up changing its direction, carrying our scent to the two wolves. I try to get winter to leave, or do something but rather then that she crouches lower our legs getting ready to pounce when the wolves catch our scent. The two wolves heads snap up as our scent hits their snouts, both crouching down growls growing as they show their faces.

Winter moves fast, exploding from the bushes effectively scaring the two wolves as we dash past them our feet rapidly thumping on the dirt heading towards the pack house. The two wolves recover quickly gaining on my heels as we crash through bushes and past tree’s our heavy breathing quickly calming as winter gets into her fight or flight mode. Juts as I think we are going to continue going straight winter takes a quick unexpected right heading in a whole new direction causing the wolves on our heels to skid past us before heading for us again. We come to a fast paced river winter running then swimming through it to the other side and coming to a stop turning around as the two wolves crash through the water. The wolves don’t expect the fast current the female quickly heading back to their side of the river bank the grey male getting caught up and pulled farther in.

Winter spares no further thought as our body flies into the water our head dipping under as we get caught in the current. Winter’s strong legs swim towards the wolf beginning to get dragged under. As we are pulled farther down winter gets closer to the grey wolf just as his snout is pulled under. Winter dives for the male just barely grabbing his coat collar as winter’s body collides with a large boulder under the river. We lose our air but winter’s teeth hold tighter kicking her legs fast and hard until they connect with another rock. Winter pushes off of it dragging towards the bank a very heavy and tired male wolf.

We make it to the bank dragging a soaked wolf up on the bank spitting out his damp fur and falling to the ground exhausted. Winter lays on her side her heavy breathing filling her ears. When we open our eyes we see the female licking at the male as he breaths heavily laying just as winter was. A ping of guilt hit as winter sits up moving closure to the male. The female immediately crouching protectively over her friend. But winter shows no aggression just simply sniffing the male and begins to lick at him as well trying to comfort him. After a few minutes the male is finally able to stand still breathing heavily and a bit week. With the knowledge he was okay I decide its time to get back as the sky was now bright and it must be around 7 or 8 already. Winter takes off in a steady pace towards the tree we had dropped our clothes. As we went I’m aware of those tow wolves following clos behind me and I pay little attention to them.

When we finally get to the tree I quickly shift back to my human body in the bushes throwing my clothes on quickly before the two wolves arrive. Just as Im pulling my dark green T-shirt down over my stomach the two wolves appear, I try my best not to hide behind the tree’s or bushes as they both disappear behind large tree’s to change too. The female steps out first pulling an easy top over her head. I hadn’t realized that they probably had clothes stashed all around the forest. She has dark skin and dark black hair still braided over one shoulder. She had a beautiful appearance but their was a hardness in her eyes that made me want to cower but also made winter want to growl out at her. She wore long black T-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. My eyes move over to the ale now stepping out from cover. Unlike his counter part the man was tall, a nice tan and quite handsome, not as handsome as roman. He has short blonde hair and cool winter grey eyes. They seemed to be filled with a cold calculation usually but unlike his counter part that was suspicions and alert his eyes had more like recognition and excitement.

“Who are you and why are you in our territory!” The female demands and I struggle to hold back my alpha sense to slap her upside her head this very moment. “Reyna, watch it!” The man snaps at her and I cant help but feel a little happy about it. I look at him as we both look a bit surprised and taken aback. As I stare into his eyes a sense of familiarity comes over me, not like roman or Tristan but a sense of connection. The way only a pack member would make me feel. A shiver sends through me as winter comes to the same realization as I do. “Nolan! What are you doing? She just almost killed us!” She snap’s back obviously unused to someone talking back to her commands.

Nolan’s eyes leave mine as I can see a surge of anger at her disrespect towards me and him. “Reyna, would you stop and take in whose in front of us or is your thick head unable to do that?” He snaps back. A moment she looks like she’s going to say something when she turns to look at me for a moment sniffing the air. A glint of recognition surges through her as she quickly gives me a low bow. “I am so sorry Luna!! I didn’t know it was you!” She rushes out fear in her voice. I give her a faint smile.

“Don’t worry Reyna, I should have approached you in a more civilized way, but it seems my wolf wanted to play some games with you two.” I say as authoritative and kind as I can proud that my voice didn’t falter as I could feel myself grow anxious but not uncomfortable like I usually do. I turn to Nolan something possessing me to speak to him, “I’m sorry I got you caught in the water, I didn’t mean for you to get into danger. But may I say... You seem familiar?” I say squinting slightly getting off topic. Nolan hops a little a kind of giddy excitement in his step as he comes a few feet closer and bowing onto one knee. To say the least I was taken aback. “I’m Nolan Covenly, I originate from the great and proud Night Crest Pack.” He says pride in every word. My heart stops, another one of my people safe and alive. My body moves without a thought as my arms claps around Nolan pulling him up into a tight hug.

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