Prophecies from the Dark

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Uncomfortable Comfortable

“I remember..... more than you would think.” I simply say avoiding the sad smile that the past often brings me. I begin to notice the sky has grown bright and I know roman and others will be looking for me. Think of roman panicked looking around bugged me immensely and I felt this nervous tingling to get back to him. And in my room before I run into any more surprises. I drop my hands still smiling at him and turn my eyes to Reyna. I didn’t have the same feel towards her so I am pretty confident that she want from my old pack. “I’m sorry, your names Reyna, right?” I mutter pulling on that confidence I felt moments ago hoping it doesn’t sound as empty and weak as it felt. Reyna gives me a hard and sturdy nod bowing her head in acknowledgement.

“My apologies once again Luna.” She says strong. I have no doubt she come from a long line of fighter’s. Its something a wolf can sense in a way. There’s a strength that families of fighter’s have each new generation stronger and more loyal than the last. “I appreciate that you were so focused on protecting the pack that you forgot to notice my pack standing.” I didn’t mean it with any malice, that takes dedication that I could respect. Reyna looks up a little shocked at my compliment. My eyes move back to the house and I just know the packs waking up. “If you’ll excuse me, I should get back before I worry Roman.” I excuse myself and quickly make my way to the door.

I open the large door slowly trying my best to prevent any creaks from it. I peak into the foyer quickly and listen for any signs of people. When I don’t see or hear anything from the house I let out a silent breath I didn’t know I was holding. I know Ill need to meet them one day but for now I didn’t know how well I could cope with large groups. I tip-toe into the house quietly shutting the door and make my way up the stairs and into the Alpha’s hall. Once I get past the other door’s I quickly walk-run to my door but the moment my hand lands on the door nob A voice scares me to death. “Whatcha doin’?” Tristan says fully out of his door with sweats and a white shirt that read ‘Got Beef’ on it in large red letter’s. I wasnt sure what hat meant but I was sure I didn’t really want to know. I let out a breath relief that it was him. I didn’t like that my defenses were so low that I didn’t hear the door open or him step out.

“Oh-um I-I..” I start to stutter nervously and I curse myself for allowing my nervous to get so crazy. I take a deep breath my hands moving to the bottom hem of my green shirt. “I just went out for a little.. I needed some fresh air. ” tell him. I’m not lying not at all. I did need air after my night. almost on command I see that lightning and that voice vibrating into my head and I force it back down into that little black hole I keep everything in. Tristan looks me up and down squinting as if trying to decide if I was lying. I could feel my heart pick up with his eyes watching me, until suddenly he just nods his head accepting my answer and turning back to his room. Just before he grabs his door handle to shut it he turns back to me a tone of worry in his voice. “Next time let roman or me know, I’m sure he wouldn’t want you out their alone with no one to watch your back.” He says and I give him a short nod as he closes the door.

I close the door to my room behind me as my back slouches against the door. I let loose a heavy breath. My eyes wonder through my room, I wasn't sure what to do know. I was completely awake and now trapped in my room until the pack leaves for work or school... I honestly wasn't sure what the pack did in it’s day.


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