Prophecies from the Dark

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Life as I know it

“Shut up you monster.” He yells again as I’m thrown to the ground. The cold cement floor takes the burning feeling out of the slap. I lay my red cheek to the ground as tears run down my face, I should be use to taking these beatings from them yet every time it hurt just as much as that first night. He grabs my hair and pulls me up against the wall his face inches from mine.

His breath stinks of funions and beer as he breathes on to my face with a smile as he whispers into my ear, “How many times do I have to tell you that you are disgusting until you give up the stupid fight of getting away from us.” I didn’t say anything. I know everyone I loved is gone but I refuse to die in this hell hole. He back hands me the sound of his hand connecting with my cheek fills the room loudly.

“Answer me you dirty mutt!” His brown eyes burn into me, I hate this man more then anything but If I don’t answer this beating could get worse. Ive been told to be quiet so much im used to not responding to these evil men and I don’t want him to think he can control me by making me talk but if talking got him away from me than so be it. “I-I m sorry I wont try it again ,its not like any one wants me anyway.” I silently curse my self for stuttering and putting myself down like that but I hope it’ll help him stop.

“Well about time that you understand that you are like a disease.Your not even worth a penny let alone deserve to have a family, I bet your glad your parents are dead so they cant see what a disgusting slut of daughter they have!” He huffs out a chuckle. Thats when suddenly something snaps inside me, how dare he talk about my family like that or even speak of them.

We should cut off his arms and feed them to him!! my wolf says fuming with anger.

No, we cant he would scream to much and the rest of them would come down and kill us.

Fine, then can we at least kill him I don’t like when people talk about family like that. She growls out.

You are like a child, but I agree I wont let him talk about my parents like that.

His hands close on my neck and I could tell he was amused by my anger, but I don’t care because he thought that I wouldn’t try fighting back but Ive decided that’s the best way to catch him of guard. Anger grows inside me thinking about what he and the others have done to me, my hands come up onto his shoulders and I connected my knee with his stomach, For a moment he’s stunned gasping for air. He falls to his knees and I kick out my leg hitting him in the chin hard. He falls to the ground of my cement and silver cell. The floors covered in dirt and dried blood from my numerous beatings, dust comes up when peter fall onto his back. I kick at him hitting his stomach again then I aim for his vomit inducing old face. It feels so good to give him a piece of what they give to me, I don’t stop until his body is no longer moving, I know I hurt him bad but he deserves it. My hands move over his large body as I pat him don trying to find the keys, finally I feel the keys in his jacket pocket. I quickly reach in and grab them, The old key chain has over a dozen different keys on it.

I sigh, what in the hell could all these keys be used for! It takes me about five minutes to go through all the keys until finally I’m able to open the iron jail door. I step out of the hidden room behind the book case and into the pitch black darkness. The only noise is the basements leaking pipes drip water. Luckily I have been thrown down here more times then you could possibly count even though theirs no light, I make my way through the dark engulfed basement and into the long hall. Little lights flicker on the walls, if that isn’t creepy I don’t know what is. I mean how much closer can you get to a cliché horror movie? I put my right hand on the cold cobblestone walls and continue to slowly walk down the hall.

Finally coming to six wooden stairs that look like they will fall any moment that lead to a dark brown wooden door, light seeps under the door and I begin to hear voices. I sneak up to the door and put my ear to it, thank goodness that I have enhanced hearing. I can hear the voices whispering to one another .A man with a deep voice says,“We have to dispose of her. The alpha is getting close to our location and if he finds this place we are all dead and we wont be able to control him she’s the only one who can help him. So we will go get her and take her to the forest and take her out, the job will be done and we will report back to the council.”

“Oh,gosh that’s not good,” I say to myself but before I can run or hide the wooden door is pulled open and a muscular man who looks to be about forty with a long grey beard and grey short hair towers over me. His face looked almost like a old pug, his brown eyes danced with amusement over seeing me hidden in the dungeon. I cant wait until I get the opportunity to wrap my tiny hands around his old throat and kill him. I almost smile at the thought of it. Before I can react he grabs me by the arm and pulls me with him. The sound of my bare feet against the wooden floor echos through the room, when I look around theirs over twenty old and young men seemingly muscular running through the house with boxes and bags. Some had guns and others had knives but they didn’t seem worried about what me and grey beard are doing because they all seemed to be packing for some reason. I’m assuming its because they are packing up to leave. Its not the first time, I’ve been through three other move and there always moving with in two to three years from one hidden away cabin to another. When I’m pulled out of the cabin, the sunlight blinds me. I’ve been in darkness for so long I’ve forgotten about the sun or how bright it is. When my eyes finally adjust I see that we are definitely in the middle of nowhere the forest trees circling the old rustic cabin.

I look around and it almost feels like the cabin is the only civilization left in the world. My ears zone into the birds chirping completely oblivious to the rest of the world and its seems so oddly peaceful. Mr..pug face or so I like to call him, pulls me into the woods his nails digging into my forearm. I hold back a wince as he pulls me along quickly. I can feel little bits of blood leaving my body from the dirty gremlins nails. For what I assume was about an hour we come to a small field almost completely covered in daisies. Fart face slows down and pulls a rope out from his back pocket tying the rope around my wrist. Finally content that I wont escape his hand flies up back handing me. The force of the hit sending me to the ground, my cheek burns as I hit the wet spring ground. The cold immediately seep into my torn long brown night gown I can feel the blood begin to come from my split lip.

Pug man turns me onto my back and sits on my stomach holding my arms over my head. His left hand goes back to his back pants pocket and pulls out his silver dagger. I freeze at the sight of my eyes unable to leave the glinting dagger, I know a wicked smile covers his face at the sight of me scared. He drags the dagger a crossed the skin of my stomach. Searing pain courses through my body and forcing out a blood curdling scream. After a few moments the pain slightly subsides and I open my teary eyes to see his smile grew even bigger from my screams. “Oh I so do love hearing the agony and pain in your screams, I wonder how many times I can make you wish you were dead before you begin to bleed out?” He chuckles out and lowers the silver dagger to my right arm sliding it down my forearm. Another scream erupts from me as he continues to cut me all down the top half of my body as tears stream down my face.

“We are going to have to cut our little party short, please forgive me for that, but its time for you to meet your parents.” He lifts up the dagger and plummets it into my stomach.

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