Prophecies from the Dark

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Past Hauntings

I lay in a crumpled mess of my own tears and blood as two large men stand outside my small bear cage, staring at me like their pet. My dull eyes looking up at their menacing figure, “Kill me. Please?” My shaky begs to finally be given the mercy it desired most. Tear’s falling faster as the men break into loud thunderous laughs. “You, my darling, are my new and most unique pet..... My ultimate trophy. I wouldn’t dream of such things.”

I wipe away a stray tear that is able to break through my hold of the rest threatening to fall. My eyes search through the rest of the room until the land on the only one against the wall facing me, the only one with a slumped body in it. I quietly make my way to the cell, my eyes watching his chest hitch slightly and fall heavily. Did roman do this? Lock him up like it was nothing? Hurt him and cut his skin like butter. My stomach churns as I think of the hand he played in this mans unfortunate disfigurement. My hand grabs the cell door, still unlocked. The metal aches as I pull open the door, the mans head lifting up to look at me. My body felt cold, my chest unable to bring in air, my fingers frozen in its place. I knew him, no he knew me. My mind floods with nights of beating’s and laughter at my expense, the awful words falling from his tongue.

A sly snake like smile lifts onto his bloodied face, caking his old dirt and blood stained beard. “So the little runt finally showed her face.” He taunts knowing that just his cold taunting words cut me up like a knife. I swallow trying to get myself to stop shaking. “Stephen.” I mutter quietly trying and losing my fake confidence. His evil soaked laugh hits me like a truck his body gaining strength at my words. “Are you going to ask?” He taunts again.

“W-What- Do you mean?” I ask the fear growing in my chest as my limbs still refuse the thaw. “Why you? Why we so happily sliced open the stomach’s of your dirty parents?” He laughs out. I wanted to cry, I felt my legs shake and no matter how much I wanted to run, even just move my legs wouldn’t listen. I didn’t want to listen to his voice. “Why.” I quickly spit out swallowing back the trembling that surged through my body. “Because of you. Its all because of you. If you hadn’t been born, your parents would be alive, your pack too. Yet they birthed the white wolf, or more like the white pup.” His dark eyes filled with malice watch my face, taking joy in the affect his words had on me. “Why does it matter if I’m a white wolf?” I cry out the tears finally flooding out of control. “Your a curse on our people, meant to destroy us. If you cared about any of us you would slice your dirty throat right now. ” His words dug deep and hurt every inch of me. A curse? I couldn’t be something like that, could I? “Your poor parents. You know your dad, the precious Alpha, cried even begged for his life. Like a worm, crawling on his knee’s to be let go.” He laughs with venom taunting me, He was bating me. I knew he was trying to get me to do something stupid, yet it was working. I wanted to tear out his throat and feed it to him.

I feel winter snap out with anger and I don’t push her back, I let her take out all that anger we had pent up and lash out at him. I seconds my small hands are wrapped around his throat as I push him against the wall, the chains on his arms cackling loudly through the basement. I can only see read and my teeth begin the emerge as well as my claws. That ugly smile still draped on his face. He wanted to die, I know that and I am totally willing to give him that. Until I hear loud shouting from behind me. I know its roman and Tristan but I couldn't give them a second thought as I lean to his ear my anger boiling out of control.

With complete hatred and malice I whisper a paralyzing calmness and control of my anger into his ear, so no one else can hear, “If I’m to destroy this world then I’ll enjoy every last second of it giving you prime spot to watch every throat I slice, every spine I ripe from those you care about, and when I’m done ripping every inch of this world into pure nothingness.... I’ll let them know that they can thank you. Then Ill tear out you’re eyes, then your tongue, and let you live alone wondering the burning world only to hear children cry when they see the monster Ive made you into.” I coldly say, a wicked smile coating my face. When I pull away his eye’s no longer held the power it once did our anything except pure terror. My clawed hand grabs his chained hand pure joy in my movements as I snap his wrist completely, his screams of pain filling my ear’s. My hand moving to his finger’s snapping every single one with one flick of my wrist.

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