Prophecies from the Dark

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Anger Issues

I step away from the man screaming in agony my claw’s and teeth retracting as my wolf finally steps back giving me control. When I turn I see Roman, Tristan, and a woman standing each different emotions on them. The woman had pretty long brown hair, she was beautiful and for some reason her eyes held pride as a smile sits on her face but roman and Tristan each held complete concern and worry. I focus on roman who seems stark white concern filled his eyes as he furls his brow. He lifts his hands up like I am a wild animal, and he’s right too.

I know why he kept him alive, and I know he was right to but he should have told me. If anyone deserved answer’s it was me not him. He didn’t have a right to torture them, that was my right and place to seek revenge not roman’s. I was upset and angry, at this point I wasnt sure who I was angry at the most. I could feel although winter didn’t like being mad at him, she was angry as well. When someone wrongs a pack its the Alpha and Luna’s right to get its payment for what they took. They took blood, My blood! He took my blood so its my right to take his. I take a big breath trying to cool the fire burning and fuming off of me. “Gaby, I can explain. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you we had one of them.” He starts to explain but at the moment I didn’t want excuses or apologies, frankly I’m pissed and no matter how much my body wanted the touch of his or the way my heart seemed to flutter even now, I didn’t want to look at him.

I move past them making my way up the stairs and out of the house quickly. I know they are following as roman and Tristan both call for me. I ignore them tearing off my clothes quickly before they get out of the house. As they get out the door I’m already in wolf form as my long canine’s grab onto my clothes. I look back at the three of them, roman tries to get closer and I let out a loud growl his hands lifts up trying to show he wasnt any threat. But before he can say anything else I take off into the forest roman shouting after me. His voice is quickly drowned out by the wind as I run and the thumping of my heavy feet. No matter how hard I run every time I think of what just happened my anger boils up again. It was like a mix of confusing emotions, just the thought of roman made me get butterflies and yet I was angry at myself for feeling like that even when I’m angry. I wasnt angry at roman, just at what he did.

After running as hard as I can I get to the same little creek I was at last night. My heavy panting getting easier as I lay my clothes down by a rock next to me. As my heart slowed I lapped up some fresh water only focusing on the running water. I lift my head seeing my wolfs reflection in the clear water. My wolf was beautiful, her white fur seemed to shimmer in the early afternoon light. My blue eyes blazing in my reflection. Stephens words come crashing down on me, Our destruction. How could a wolf so clean and pure as mine possibly be bad let alone bring down destruction?

He just wanted you to kill him, he was toying with you... its not the first time he’s done it. Winter speaks up. She’s right, his favorite game was mind games. When I think back to his words none of them really made sense anyway. He wasnt one of the men that attacked that night, Stephen was newer to the group that had me. Winter was right, he was trying to die. I’m glad I didn’t give him that, he didn’t deserve an easy death. No, he deserved a painful life and a long death. I let a heavy breath some of the anger falling away from me, I have been on edge all day it seems and part of my anger at roman was because of Stephen, and the pent up angst before hand. Roman deserves to explain himself and I know its unfair of me to so easily blame him. Roman’s only been nice to me and yet I continue to see him with suspicion.

I change back into my human form and put on my clothes, that now smelt like dirt, blood and my saliva. Although my clothes still presented clean it was the slight smell only a wolf could pick up. I place my other tennis shoe on my right foot and start walking, my ears falling in tune to the quiet sounds of the forest. I let my hands brush over the tree’s and bushes I pass slowly lumbering back to the house. I wanted to take my time, the moment I got back I would have to deal with roman and Tristan, and as of now I wasnt as angry but I was still upset. I didn’t want to talk to them or hear their explanations. I’m sure they are suitable excuses and reasons for not telling me they had him but I didn’t want them to make sense or to quell the fire burning in me at the moment.

I never like being angry as a child in fact I had a goldfish memory when it came to being upset as a child, but right now I didn’t want to be sensible. I couldn’t help but feel so angry, angry at the world, at the crap Ive dealt with. Its not fair, anger wasnt good to have for an alpha it can ruin them but the only resemblance of strength and power I can ever feel only comes with anger. It makes me feel strong and in control. I was tired of people deciding and choosing everything for me, I wanted a voice. As I come to the tree line of just outside the pack house I finally come to my conclusion, I’m taking control of my life. No more being that meek wimp they tried to make me. I’m not gonna let them keep me like a pet, I’ll keep control of my freedom.

I open the pack house door, a few voices in the kitchen and around the house but I ignore them keeping myself from acknowledging the fear at those voices. I make it to my room and open the door. I’m not really surprised to see roman sitting on the edge of my bed his leg thumping up and down his face In his hands. Guilt peel’s at my heart and resolve seeing him sit their. I don’t like that he is so worried or scared, I especially don’t like that I’m the one doing it to him. I look around the room and it sits exactly how I left it, a shattered vase across the floor, ripped curtains at the window, and a smaller fire in the fireplace. Tristan wasnt in sight and I’d guess roman has him searching the forest for me. A sudden thought hits me, do they think I ran away? That thought hurt even more then any other.

The door clicks behind me romans head snaps up quickly, he visibly relaxes a little knowing I was still here but he’s still worried or scared? He sits up his finger picking at his nails nervously, I still wanted to be angry but just the sight of him weakened my resolve I had moments ago.

" I-” He tries to start but stops looking down as he calculates what to say.” I was going to tell you. Your still so fragile and I-” He cuts himself off then. Fragile. I hate he thinks I’m such an easy thing to break. I’m a alpha’s daughter, and may one day be the Luna of his pack. Ive been fragile, but now I want to strong, tough. The Luna I should and need to be. I bite my lip and take in a big breath defusing that small spark that word gave me. I kick off my shoe’s and sit a foot or two away from him on the edge of the bed. ” I’m not some dandelion that will die if it get’s to much sun.” I say sternly and I could feel his anxiety. ” Ive spent my whole life trapped and controlled by those people, I refuse to live like that again.” I state, he needed to know the truth and no matter how hard it is for me to share my thoughts I know I need to. Roman’s body grows rigid as he looks over at me. I know he’s scared I’ll leave him again but I want to control life and decisions. ” I’m not as strong as I wish I was and I may not be for a while but even if I’m broken, I want you to always tell me truth. No matter what.” I whisper the last part feeling more tired then angry anymore. Roman looks at me sadness in his eyes. “I’m sorry, I just want to take care of you.... I promise to tell you the truth.” He says and a faint smile grows on my face.

" You should have told me he was here....blood for blood roman. He took my blood I deserve to take his.” I state tiredly. It felt odd that I could just say something so menacing so easily. Finally I resolve myself, “When it comes time to kill him.... its only by my hands, okay?” I look over and see his eyes fall for a second and he looks up determination and hope that I may forgive him dance in his eyes. “And you promise no more lies?” I say checking again. “No, more lying, I promise!” He says lifting up his pinky finger to pinky promise. I try not to but a small laugh hits my chest as I smile. We wrap out pinkies together promising. “Than I forgive you.” I says nicely and suddenly his arms are around me as he hope excitedly. I cant help but laugh, roman can be so goofy and childish even though he was a man, I always got a glimpse of his child side. I really enjoyed the sight of it.

When he releases me from our hug stand up and head to the bathroom. “I need to shower the stench of that place is all over my clothes.” I simply say and when I look back really quickly I just miss an emotion I don’t think Ive seen yet, his cheeks grow a bit pink and I just shrug.

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