Prophecies from the Dark

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New Friend

Gabrielle’s P.O.V:

I take a quick showing and climb into another pair of black tights and through on a light blue tank top, over then I pull on a large hood with a purple raven on it, I think it’s a football team. I pull it over my wet hair. I let the hood lay over my head keeping my still dripping wet hair out of the way. When I get back to my room roman has left. The once broken vase that I left shattered on the ground is cleaned away as is the ripped curtain’s leaving the window bare. Had roman cleaned it up for me or did some stranger come in here while I was in the shower. That thought sent uncomfortable chili’s down as my spine as I try my best to shrug it off.

I sit on the end of the bed unsure of what to do. What do normal pack member’s do in their free time? A bigger part of me then I wanted to admit wanted to see roman. I’m unsure of what I would even say to him but I just want to be around him. He eases me with out even trying, just a look and I can feel my muscles relax. Acting more on my wolf instinct then my common sense telling me not to I crack open the door. It’s early afternoon so their ad to be a good amount of the pack member’s running around the house. I slip into the quiet hall tiptoeing down the hall when suddenly Tristan’s door opens and a body knocks into me, the both of us falling flat onto our butt’s.

“Ouhh” I says to my self flinching with the sudden pain.

“Oh my g- I am so sorry Luna!!” A woman’s voice cries out suddenly. Worry fills her voice as I look up. The woman is beautiful, she has long wavy brown hair and perfectly tanned skin.

“I-I-it’s okay.” I whisper slightly grabbing her hand she left out to help me up.

Her eyes search my body looking for any signs that she hurt me. I don’t know who she is but she seems so flustered, but her look’s almost broadcast a confident person.

“I’m Blair. Beta Tristan’s mate. I’m also the pack Lead Hunter.” She introduces her. My mouth it’s slightly open, Tristan has a mate... Not just a mate but a beautiful one. Her blue eyes made me feel like I am engulfed in water. She stop’s for a moment and I realize I’m staring like some freak. I can feel my cheeks grow red from embarrassment.

“I’m Gabrielle, it’s good to meet you.” I stick out my hand for her to shake it. We shake hands and she bows her head slightly. It’s odd how normal the level of respect is to me. Most would find it weird or even odd that people we consider to be our werewolf brother’s and sister’s bow to us.

“Yes, I know Your Alpha Roman’s mate.” I smile a little my wolf happy that she know’s he’s our’s .

“May I ask how you know?” I suddenly think. It’s not like I've been introduced to the pack yet or even met many of them. Her eyes grow large in sudden realization.

“Oh, sorry. Alpha roman told us that you were in the house and to be quiet around your room so you can get some rest... and not to embarrass him, but he couldn’t help running around bragging to everyone about how pretty you are.” She rant’s. For a moment she seems to be flustered or even nervous talking to me. I can feel she is a strong wolf,and I bet she probably scares most of the men in the pack.

“Blair?” I ask lift my eyebrows slightly trying to help her relax, Im nervous already I don’t need her help as she blurts out relentlessly.

“yes?” she pauses looking at me.

“You seem nervous?” I say tilting my head curiously.

“Yeah.... I’m sorry. I’m usually confident as hell but your the new Luna, and my mates the beta so I really want you to like me. I would like to be friends with you.” She blushes her hand playing with her brown hair self-consciously.

I can't help but smile. She seems so nice and I would like to have someone to talk to, maybe even have a friend to hang out with during the day rather than spend hours sitting alone in my room.

" I would like to be friends with you too.” I say a bit more nervous then I meant to. A broad confident smile spread on her face as she glows with happiness.

“Oh thank goodness!! You seem so nice, I was far more worried than I should have been.” She relaxes waving off her anxiety.

“Now that we are friend’s I was going to the screening room to watch seven brides for seven brothers with Tristan and few others, would you like to come?”

"Um, I-I guess, sure." I mutter out far more anxiously then I would have liked it. Immediately she grabs hold of my wrist pulling me along behind her, my feet are barely able to keep up with her fast paced broad steps. I'm not completely sure how we find the screening room, the house seems to bend into different sections like a maze. The screening room is in a lone empty hall, double doors leading in. Even from outside the door I can hear and smell the other wolves laughing and joking around.

A sudden fear pierces my heart then,like I've suddenly been frozen into place. I just stare at the door my heart speeding up as my hands grow clammy and damp.

"Gabrielle? Are you okay?" She asks from beside me, concern spilling through her words. I can't even look at her, I feel so embarrassed but the fear won't stop. I know they won't hurt me, I know Im just being crazy but It just won't stop.

"Um... I, um.." I swallow hard. My voice trembles beyond control as the words fumble from my lips in fear.

"I-i, um.. I dont think Im ready to- ah- meet more people... i'm going to go!" I rush out as I turn down the hall. My feet move faster than I can mentally process and turn down one hall after the other. My breathing growing heavy as I lose control of myself. I try to hold back the tears as I try to find my way to my room.

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