Prophecies from the Dark

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Office Hours

I follow along behind Roman as we make our way down to his office. I'm thankful with every step that we are getting closer to the office and out from the main halls where the pack lurks. Every so often we hear voices but no one appeared in the halls, I'm not sure if it was luck or roman telling everyone to stay out of the halls.

When we make it to the office, I can't help but feel a bit curious. His office isn't the largest but its modest sized. The oak flooring and walls give it the same cabin kind of feel the rest of the pack house holds. I look over at the two large bookcases on the left wall filled with all kinds of books. Romans desk faces the book cases, his back facing the back wall of the office. A leather brown couch sits under a large window revealing the forest just outside. I make my way to the couch as roman moves about his office, My eyes focusing on the small group of pack members stretching inside the main houses clearing near the tree line. Most of them are men, each one pretty well built.Two girls stretch with them, both of them smaller in stature and built. After a second I make out the girl in the front of the group making the orders is Blair.

"Roman?" I don't look at him as I stare a little surprised to see blair among them.

"Yes?" His voice echoes out quickly.

"Is that the packs hunter out there?" I ask curiously. As a young girl I had been well versed in many of the pack groups including the hunter's. When I was little they scared me a little, I was small child and our pack hunters were built like tanks.

I hear roman move and his presents as he stands next to me, the both of us peering through the window at the group.

"Yeah, Blair's the lead hunter." He says. I just hum to myself in understanding. Its quiet for a second and I fold my arms over my chest in an almost protective state before I even ask the question.

"Are they the ones that tracked me down?" I mutter. I don't move my eyes to Roman but I can feel his eyes glance over and look at me. Roman doesnt answer for a second until finally speaking up almost carefully like with one word he was going to make me freak out or something.

"Yeah, Blair and a few other's tracked your scent for years until we finally found you." He says carefully. I bite my bottom lip but don't say anything else. With one last glance out the window I turn and continue looking about his office. Romans eyes follow me as I make my way towards his desk, I take in the custom hand carved mahogany desk, the carvings of wolves in the sides of it.

"You can do your work now." I simply say. I pull my long grey sweater shirt down and hold the ends in my hands. As if he suddenly was shaken from his thoughts his hand rubs the back of his neck self-consciously. He moves and sits in his chair, as he starts to shuffle through paper's sitting all along his desk I preoccupy myself with his bookshelves.

My eyes run over dozens of titles I had never seen before. One of the small things I could find once in a while would be a book. The first place I was held there was a box of books stashed in the corner. When I was alone I would sit and read every book within hours, then read over them again and again. After that most of the other places I was held in a cage after a few escape attempts, so then when I could I grab a book when I was cleaning up the house and hide it to read later.

My eyes suddenly land on a old grey book with tattered edges, the title being Alice in Wonderland. A huge smile grows on my face as I pull it fully out of the bookcase, a few books near it tumbling down a little. I run to the couch curling up as I crack open the first book I read in captivity, the very book that kept me going at times.

I get about halfway through the book when I suddenly realize I no longer hear the scratching of romans pen , pulling me from my enchanting reading I look up to see roman watching me. I look at him for a second a bit confused.

"What?" I mutter confused. Roman shakes his head realizing he was staring.

"Nothing, I just didn't know you liked to read." He shrugs rubbing the back of his neck yet again. I shrug not think much about it.

"It's one small thing I got from captivity." I say half mindedly, my eyes looking back down at the cover. Its quiet for a few moments.

"Are you done with your work?" I say curiously. Roman looks down at his paper's scattered about his desk. I stand up and walk curiously to his desk and look over the mess of his desk.

"I have a few more paper's to do before I'm done for the day." He says tiredly. I grab one paper from the bunch and look over it.

"I forgot how much paperwork being an alpha takes." I mutter putting the paper onto the desk. Roman gives a simple smile and I want to chastise myself for liking that I made him smile.

"Yeah most think it's all about being tough and brave yet I spend most days working on paperwork for our companies and money spending." Roman jokes, a nice lazy smile gracing his face. His dimples showing up and for the first time I actually notice them.

"Is there anything I can help on?" I say hoping to distract myself and maybe help roman out a little. He seems to think for a second as his eyes go over his desk, until finally his eyes light up with an idea.

"Yes, I need help signing the paperwork. I'll read and you just scribble where it says to sign for me, got it?" He says determined and even a little excited.

"Got it." I mutter feeling his excitement rub off on me.

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