Prophecies from the Dark

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New Fires

For the rest of the day I helped roman sign paper's. When he needed to read through some last paperwork I couldn't help but read through the rest of Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure when I drifted off but when my eyes finally drift open Im curled into the soft leather couch corner.

I look back at the desk to see that I wasn't the only one to have fallen asleep. Roman lays asleep on his desk, his head resting on his elbow as a small spindle of drool falls from his mouth onto the desk. I can't help the faint smile that crosses my face at his sleeping face. I sit up stretching out my lims as quietly as I can, it's odd but at the moment there's a weird feeling crawling over my skin. I rub my arms as I feel a slight chill slip over my body.

I shake my head, my long brown hair shaking out with it. The feeling isn't quite like the one I had felt before yet the feeling of thousands of prickling fingers over my skin reminds me of the day that fire had started in my room. I stand up and rub my neck trying to get the feeling out of my skin. Just like that day the hot flashes just seem to begin over my skin. I shake my hands and breath in shakily as I walk back and forth from the couch to the wall and back again.

Part of me wants to call out to roman, whenever he's with me I don't have these problems and yet I can't help but hesitate. I like being around roman and what if i'm broken? Or its just to much for him to handle even as a friend? He probably already thinks Im to broken or messed up to have around but something weird like this would be enough to break any chance of him even wanting to be my friend.

The hot flashes come wave after wave as the red fiery dragon from before seems to rear its ugly head once more. I swallow hard as my mouth grows dry and I try to breath in deeply to calm the angry monster inside of me. Yet nothing seems to be helping. Frustration grows inside me over the lack of control of my own body. Curl up my fingers, my wolf claws growing out and cutting into my palms. I close my eyes as my ragged breaths grow heavier out out of control hoping the pain with help me tame my body. Suddenly a loud pop shoots through the room, my eyes shoot open as another pulse surges through my body. My eyes landing on the trash can filled with unneeded paper's now smoking as red hot flames grow.

The fire devours the papers quickly growing large against the wall. I scream out as I search for something to put out the flames. I'm look around hectically trying to figure out what to do when suddenly I hear roman's voice curse out as he runs from behind his desk. His hands grab hold of a tattered old blanket on the back of the couch. His body lurching forward throwing the blanket over the flames smothering it. For a moment we both stare at the still smoking trash can as roman lifts the blanket from the burned paper. The blanket just slightly singed in the middle.

Roman looks behind him towards me, and I try to prepare what to say or some excuse yet he surprises me. Roman moves across the room, his large arms taking me into his chest in a warm all consuming hug. I can't help myself as my arms slowly move slightly hugging him back. I can hear his heartbeat from the closeness and feel pleasantly surprised when I hear his heartbeat pick up a little when I hug him back.

"Are you okay?" He mutter's out without releasing me from his hug. I just nod my head a little. I don't want him to ask how it started, I don't want anyone to know about whatever's broken in me especially roman.

'Tell him.' Winter urges. I bite my lip, as I try to think of an excuse. I don't want to tell him. So I make a deal with Winter.

'If it happens again I'll tell him.' I think to her. Winter doesn't respond but I can feel her agree to our new deal.

Roman finally pulls away from our hug, his eyes wondering to the burned trash can, I wait for his questions hoping I can figure out a reasonable excuse for them. I watched as his eyes wander towards the ceiling. I follow his gaze to see one of the light bulbs had popped. Is that the popping sound I had heard just before the fire?

"I guess the lightbulb gave out and a spark landed in the trash, all the paper must have ignited it." Roman shrugs.

"A freak accident." I mutter as I fold my arms into myself. It's not wrong only a freak even for werewolf standards would be starting fires like this. I'm not even sure how its happening or works but everytime those hot flashes come s fire just starts around me.

"Yeah, I guess so." He mutters ass he looks back at me. His eyes wander over my face and my body double checking that I'm fine.

"Are you okay?" He asks me again. I'm not really sure if I am or not but I don't want to tell him, or anyone.

"Im hungry." I say shrugging and looking up at his face, for a moment it's blank when a small laugh and smile covers his face.

"Yeah, lets go get you something." He smiles tilting his head towards the door.

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