Prophecies from the Dark

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I follow roman into the kitchen, the house is know oddly quiet for the afternoon. I try my best not to act worried or anxious that someone is going to appear or scare me. I don't know why I cant get ahold of my nerves but since yesterday's moment in the hall Im not sure if I can handle anything at the moment.

Just like the last time we had food I sit on the stool at the island and watch as roman looks through the cupboards.

"What are you in the mood for?" He asks without looking at me. It's still incredibly weird to think that I can have whatever I want. Like it's some kind of test and if I answer wrong I will get into trouble.

"What do you want?" I ask as my fingers play with one another. Roman shrugs and looks over his shoulder at me, "Whatever you want to eat I eat." He says so easily. I take in a deep breath, I guess I have to try to be normal, right?

"What can you make?" I mutter nervously. Roman doesn't seem to pick up on it or he tries to act like he doesn't notice as he hums to himself.

"I can make spaghetti,chicken, stew, just about anything you are in the mood for." He simply answers me. I think for a moment as roman turns around and leans over the island his eyes watching me intently.

"Spaghetti?" I mutter a bit unsure.

"Spaghetti it is!" He just says as he stands up and begins taking out pots and pans. I feel like I should do something but I stay in my spot. I don't want to make him upset or something. Suddenly I hear voices from the hall ad my heart speeds up as Tristan and Blair push through the door. My heart calms a little that I know them, rather then it being a total stranger. The two of them stop when they see me na droman, like they aren't sure if they are suppose to leave or stay. Roman looks over at the noise of the door and even he looks like he's not sure what to say or do. I swallow down my nerves and give them a ind smile.

"Tristan, Blair, Would you like to have spaghetti with us?" I say. I try to put a little more confidence in my words then how I feel and I'm thankful they ignore it if they heard it.

"Sure, if you don't mind?" Blair asks kindly and I just give her a welcoming smile. Blair takes that as a yes and sits on the stool next to me, tristan next to her on her left. Roman goes back to grabbing the ingredients.

"Tristan, help roman make dinner." Blair says poking him in his sde with her finger.

"Yes, dear." He groans out as he grabs a pot a fills it with water. Blair turns to me and we give one another a smile.

"Blair, you said you were the lead hunter?" I ask. I'm honestly very curious about how someone as small as her became the lead hunter. Blair gives me a proud smile, and looks almost giddy at me asking.

"Well, like I said before I get a lot of it from my parents. But I like to credit my can do attitude." She smiles out as she relaxes.

"Thank you for remembering, Luna!" She gushes, and It's odd that the more we talk the more I realize just how girly Blair is. At first glance she seems very tough and even very confident in her strength but the more she talks she sounds like a giggling teen girl.

"I told you before to please call me Gabrielle." I smile back. Blair lets out another bright and shiny smile that could blind someone unprepared for it.

"Ok, Gabrielle I have a question." She says as slightly twirls in her seat. The boys go about their jobs creating our food as we talk.

"Yes?" I hum out as I twirl just a little in my stool and turn to fully face her.

"I heard that Nolan and Reyna are both from your old pack?" She speaks up lightly. Suddenly I hear the slight bang of pots across the island. I look to them and upon seeing their faces I realized that they stopped because of me. The mention of my old pack can be sore and even raw subject for me but at times I like to remember the good times rather than the bad. Romans face is frozen and filled with caution as Tristan looks like he's bracing for me to lash out. I don't take it personally, I know they are scared to talk about it just as much as I don't want to talk about it.

"Did I say something wrong?" She asks nervously looking from me the boys.

"Um Blair-" Tristan tries to save her but I interrupt him. I swallow quick and speak up. A small smile kissing my face at the good memories from before.

"No your fine, actually both of them are from my old pack. I remember Nolan was this small little pipsqueak when we were children." I laugh more to myself as I reminisce my good childhood memories. I look up to see blair staring in awe at my words, so I keep going.

"Actually, Nolan was probably the nerdiest one of the group, there was a time that we got to go with my father to watch our hunters train." I laugh at the memory trying to finish the story.

"We were asked to run around the forest and then they had to track just one of us but Nolan would run like three feet and trip over something or even stumble over his own feet. At the end when a tracker was assigned nolans scent, the tracker got like 9 feet into the woods then just turning in circles because nolan couldn't stand up! Yet he was the messiest of all the children, covered in mud and leaves!" I laugh at the image of his scrawny little self falling all about and covered in sticks and mud.

When I look up all three of them have these huge shining smiles on their faces. I curl into myself a bit unsure of while they are smiling.

"What?" I ask self consciously.

"Nothing, it's just that seems like a hilarious thing to see!" Blair gushes as she laughs.

"Yeah, who would of thought Nolan was such a wimp!" Tristan laughs out.

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