Prophecies from the Dark

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We walk as Roman leads us back up the stairs to my room. I hadn't told him I was tired but i'm sure he noticed how after eating my eyes weren't able to stay open for to long. Even now I can feel my body begin to drift into a dreary sleep walk. We turn down the hall to our rooms, it's just roman and I. Tristan and Blair wanted Ice cream and seemed very excited over it.

When we reach my door I gently push open my door, the dimly lit room casting an odd glow on the room. I can't help but feel a bit like the room is cold and unwilling tonight, or is it just me? I've been spending most of my days in this room and It's growing to feel just as much like a prison cell as I was in before. I try my best to ignore the little pestering bug in the back of my head that didn't want to sleep in the room tonight, and even the odd tingling I keep getting to even step inside.

Roman must have noticed my hesitation, his warm words sounding out next to me.

"What's wrong?" He asks a little concern slipping into his words. I turn suddenly remembering that he was waiting beside me. I swallow hard, the way his green eyes seemed to dance with worry. So I put a fake little smile on my face hoping it's enough to convince him i'm okey.

"Nothing, Im fine..... Goodnight roman. Thank you letting me bother you today." I thank him. It's the truth at times it felt like he was babysitting me and anyone like him would rather be off doing something better than dealing with me.

I tuck myself inside the room, sliding the door closed as roman gives me a kind smile as he always does. Yet as I close the door and glance into his eyes for one last time I know he's not convinced that I'm fine, but neither am I.

I turn around and take in the coldly lit room. The moon light is drifting into the room and resting on the bed as the curtains are still pushed back to show the starry night sky. I swallow hard, fighting the urge to leave the room. Quickly I make my way into my closet and find a longer sleeved shirt and a black pair of shorts and get dressed. I hesitantly poke my head out of my closet into my room. I'm not sure what's with me, the last couple nights I've been fine sleeping in this room but there's something about tonight's air that is unsettling for me.

'Call Mate! He comforts us!' winter speaks up but I shake away her idea, I'm just acting nervous for no reason and if I told him he would think I was crazy.

I run to the window my heart picking up as I disturb the quiet room and slide the curtains closed. Like a deer and hop into my bed and curl up into the blankets my eyes set on the window. I must be crazy, there's no way anyone would come onto the pack land or even enter the window yet the obnoxious nagging in the back of my mind seeing the window as the most dangerous.

After a few minutes of the quiet all consuming of the night my eyes begin to drift close, even against my brain asking them to stay alert.

My mind drifts into haunting echoes of dreams as they bring back the rough nights as a prisoner. The nightmares drift in and out as I find my small intimidated body curled in another cell. The darkness enveloping my world. Yet through the darkness a sharp clear,and light voice breaks through the fear.

" You must awake! Awaken now Gabrielle!! AWAKE!" The female words grow bigger and sharper until the warm voices breaks through my sleep.

My eyes bolt open just as a sharp metal glistens over me as the now open curtains let in the moonlight.

"Ahhhhhh!" I scream out in fear as my body moves reflexively dodging the sharp steel dagger as it digs into my pillow. Feathers puff up into the air as I scramble over my large bed dropping off the edge onto my butt. The large figure moves just as quick dodging around the bed. I scramble onto my hands and knees trying to reach the door just as the mans iron grip hands tighten around my right ankle. My body dropping to the ground as they pull me towards them. I struggling against them as I hit their hand hard casting the knife away from us. My attacker doesnt think twice as he doubles down on me, placing all his weight onto my body as his large hands clasped around my throat. I'm able to get out one more low scream before al my air is cut away.

"Ahhh." I forced quiet as my hands pull on his trying to fight for air, my mouth gasping out for air. The corners of my vision begin to blacken as I hear thunder in the distance as light filters into the room. I start to lose my grasp on the world when suddenly the enormouse weight is lifted from my chest. The tight grip cutting away my air release.

I double over on my hands and knees as I gasp for air,my throat raw and pained as I take in as much air as I can. Tears fall over my face as I look over my shoulder. Grunting and growls fill the room as I hear thundering footsteps running down the hall. Roman sits on top of the person who tried to kill me as powerful Alpha growls rack through the room. His first pummeling down onto the intruder. I turn just as a dozen or so pack members fill the room tackling down the man even more. Blair's beside me as I watch the others and tristan try to stop Roman. Yet roman doesnt stop going after him, even tristan tries to pull him off the man only to be pushed away and growled at.

"Gabrielle, You need to tell roman to stop." Blair turns to me warning me. Yet part of me wants him to keep going, to end the man for his attack but the part that remains childishly naive and kind wouldn't want to put that weight on Roman.

"R-r" I stop and try to swallow as my throat burns.

"Roman!" I yell out at him. Suddenly his risen fist stops in the air, as the man groans out in pain.

Roman turns to look over his shoulder, his normally kind green eyes dark and stormy as his wolf fights to take over.

"Roman.... stop.. please?" I ask him shakily, and gruffy as my voice is pained. Roman's darkened eyes watch me for a short minute as he takes me in. Until his face gives way to a calmer more put together roman. His eyes turn from the darkened black to the meadow like green I know much better. He takes in a deep breath as He stands up from on top of the man.

"Take him to the cell's." He orders powerfully. The other men scrambling to do as he says. Two burly men grab the mans large arms and drag him out of the room, the others following behind them.

"Tristan, Blair, take the hunter's and check the perimeter for any one else." He orders out and the two of them nod. Blair give me a comforting glance as she stands up from beside me and follows Tristan out of the room. Roman drops to his knees, his hands rising to hold my face. His eyes wondering over every inch for pain or bruises. Until his eyes finally wonder to my throat. I don't look, but I already know what sits on my skin. I know two large red hand prints lay on my skin and I know for the next few days it will bruise, sitting as a temporary reminder of the attack. I swallow again and take in his eyes filled with pain. I hate to see him so upset, so place my hands on his worried face. His teary eyes moving to look at my clear ones.

"It's fine Roman. Look at me." I urge him. Im strong, and I've taken a lot worse than this but I don't like seeing the pain in his eyes.

"I'm alive, hats all that matters." I mutter. A few lone tears fall from romans eyes as he nods slowly.

"Can I stay with you tonight? I don't want to be alone?" I mutter. I'm not sure if its completely for me, of course I don't want to be alone after being attacked but I think roman needs to know Im near tonight too. Roman swallows hard.

"Okey." He simply says as he helps me slowly to my feet.

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