Prophecies from the Dark

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When I wake from my sleep the groggy fog of my empty slumber seem to block out most of my common sense and memory of the night before. Yet when my eyes finally pry themselves open I swallow as the open to another sleeping face just inches away from mine.

Romans disheveled hair is messy as his set relaxed face sleeps on the pillow next to me. The corners of my mouth turn up as I hear the small rhythm of a snore slip subtly through his slightly parted lips. I can hear winter purr at the sight of Roman so relaxed and off guard. I peak up behind him to see the window still locked as the dark sky just barely gives way to the ever brightening morning sky. It will be an hour or two before anyone gets up for school or work.

I'm not sure why but the memories of what roman push through my mind. 'They may not have met you but they will fight tooth and nail for you.' Dances through my mind. How can a pack care so much for someone they haven't met yet? My whole life I've only known others to act in selfish ways, to always have an alternative reason to be kind. But no matter how hard I look I cant find a logical reason for them to act as they have.

'They are nice1 We should give them a treat!' Winter intercedes my thoughts and I'm about disregard her words when I cant help but think she's right. They seem so kind and what would they think of us if we didn't reciprocate the affection. I don't want to offend their kindness for welcoming me into their home for the past few days.

Quietly scoot myself out of the bed, the sheets only slightly moving as I stand up from the bed. The cool of the wooden floor is welcoming to my warm skin. I m not sure if it was the blankets or the sweltering hot body that seemed to sleep next to me last night but I cant help but want to cool down. I tiptoe to the door and wedge it open, sneaking out of romans room and back to mine.

I suddenly stop as the door opens, the room is chilly from the night air and the still open window from my intruder. Its odd that just a day ago I felt so secure in this room but know it felt like the easiest way for them to get to me. My feet quickly pater against the cool floor as I make a B-line to my closet. I peak my head into my closet unable to stop myself from checking for anymore intruder's. Last night had been odd, from the dream to the terrifying attack yet I don't feel any different then I had before. I guess only someone truly broken and messed up would feel normal after almost being killed.

I grab a pair of black tights and a longer red and white striped shirt. Quickly throwing them on I slip some fuzzy socks on to keep the cold of the floor from my feet. I quickly move to the bathroom and look into the mirror. Two large hand prints sit around my neck, the prints already bruised with greens and blues. The bruises by the color probably wont last longer then a few days. I swallow tightly and quickly brush out my longer brown hair, My eyes suddenly notice a few strands of my hair are an odd pure white color sitting just behind my ear. I quickly pluck them out and head out of the bathroom. I cant help but keep my wondering around the room for an attacker even though I'm sure their are extra guards stationed around the pack land today.

I quickly poke my head out the door once again making sure I'm still the only one awake and wondering the halls. I quickly make my way down the hall and then the stairs. The house still sits quiet as if no one even lived here making me feel both at ease and creeped out. I push the door and enter the kitchen. If the packs going to allow themselves to e put at harms way for me the least I can do is make breakfast.

I move as quick as my tired body will let me, first moving to the fridge and grabbing milk and eggs. My body begins to move fast quickly mixing ingredients for pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I remember watching my mom and the other ladies making breakfast for the pack as a child but I had never made it before. When I was held captive they would sometimes let me up stairs to clean the house after days of drinking and destroying the place. Other times they would have me make them food, but I really learned how to cook when I had escaped for a good month. I had met a lot of humans while I was on the run, even a few werewolves that taught me a lot including how to cook. To say when my kidnappers found me later I was a bloody mess for over a weak, unable to move or hardly speak. I honestly never understood why they didn't kill me with the amount of times I attacked, ran away, or even tried to escape.

By the time I hear the first few wolves entering the halls of the house, I had a whopping amount of food warm and ready to be eaten. The bacon creating an almost alluring aroma for the pack members to come get food. Part of me wanted to stay and greet the pack member's, I wanted them to know I was grateful yet the thought of all those members around me gave me a queasy feeling that made me want to faint. So instead before they come down the stairs I grab myself a small plastic plate and slip out the front door just as I catch a glimpse of the first pack members reaching the steps.

For a few minutes I wonder the forest munching on my bacon, eggs, and pancake until my stomach felt far to full for it to be healthy. In truth I could only manage to eat half of a medium sized pancake and the bacon with a little of the eggs. I guess it could be concerning to see the measly amount of food I can eat at the moment but as longer as I eat I should be fine. After eating I decide it would be nice to go for a little run.

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