Prophecies from the Dark

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My Demise and My Savior

Pain. That's what over takes every part of my mind. I scream at the top of my lungs as my whole body goes numb. I can feel darkness begin to encircle me as I lay on the cold spring meadow floor.

Let me take over Gaby I can’t let you take all the pain, I’m strong I can take it.” winter begs me

I’m so tired, I let her take over and I can barely comprehend what she’s doing until I look down to see her pulling the dagger out of our stomach. Once fully out she holds it in our hand and we begin to stand up. Pug face stares at me like I’m an alien. He was so stunned that i could still have energy to stand after all the torturing. I let out an earth shattering growl and my ears zone into a loud noise off in the distance almost like paws hitting the ground. I turn my attention back to the old man who tried to kill me, he’s now on his knees still stunned into submission.

I launch forward and tackle him, sitting on top of him I bring up my arm and pound down with my fist hitting his face. He struggles but I’m to strong for him as my hands grab onto his neck and I begin to strangle him.

I can see the life go out of his eyes, they grow dull and cold staring straight at me. I pull the dagger he used on me out of my back right pocket and stab the dagger into his head, it's better to know for sure he was gone. Blood spurts forward and sprays onto my face as I sit their while my anger subsides.

My body shakily begins to stand and with a quick breath , I release my wolf. It's not like I'm gonna stand around waiting for someone else to come here and try to kill me. I begin to slowly trot through the field of daisies,but the pain from my wounds and the giant stab wound from the dagger begin to see my wolf's skin and I let out a whimper. When I take another step all four of my wolfs legs collapsed under me and I collapse to the ground falling into a puddle from the latest spring rain. I can see my wolfs pure white fur but my whole stomach is covered in blood and dirt.

Im not sure if all the blood was mine but it looked pretty bad covering my fur and beginning to drip into the small puddle. My breathing becomes short causing my wolf to pant out shortly. With every pant another wave of pain fills my body. Dark splotches begin to enter the rim of my eyes as I scower the area surrounding me,no matter how much pain I may be in I’m not gonna let down my guard and neither will my wolf. My wolfs instincts to protect itself emerge as she tries to protect us from enemies.

The thundering of footsteps gets closer until its just beyond the field. Causing my heart to beat rappedly and my eyes dart all around me sniffing the air when suddenly a beautiful scent engulfs my senses. It smells of the forest and maple yet it seems so familiar. I can feel my eyes grow heavy and begin to slowly close when a pure midnight black wolf enters my the clearing.

When our eyes meet all the pain in my body dissipates and the world seems to vanish. The black wolf has a white crescent moon on its front left shoulder. His bright green eyes entrance me as he runs to, a sorrowful howl vibrating out of him as he stands over me.

That’s when it all went dark.

Romans P.O.V:


I’m close, closer then I’ve been before. The night she was taken we had been playing in our fort together trying to spend as much time together as we can before I was suppose to return to lycan court.

We had been in blissful sleep next to each other being that we are mates was amazing but after I had fallen asleep I had a dream about rouges attacking us and taking my gaby away from me. When I woke to Gaby shaking me I didn’t even notice the worry on her face until she pulled me out of our blankets. It was only when she was pulling me out into the hall that I heard the howls followed by screams of women and children. She pulled me down the stairs and I remember the smell of fires burning. She had pulled me into her dads office and quickly shut the door. “You have to hide in my secret spot.” She said and ran over to her dads bookcase.

“What’s going on Gaby your worrying me!” I said terrified.She turned to me and with a half whisper said hurriedly.

“The rouges are attacking my pack, mom and dad told me to run and wake you up and then hide you in my secret hiding spot.”

she begins to push the bookcase to the side and I ran over to help her, I don’t know why her mom and dad told her to hide me. I’m older than her, I should be protecting her not the way it is now. When we finally push the bookcase over I see a little tiny tunnel just big enough for me and Gaby. But when I looked at her, I could see that she was upset.

“why are you so sad? We will be okay Gaby.” I had tried to reassure her but then she let go of a little tear and said, “Mommy, shh-she’s dead,a big grey wolf killed her.” She cried and all I wanted to do was make her feel better. Suddenly a banging came from the door and I knew it was the rogues trying to get in. Gaby grabbed me and pushed me up into her hiding spot I crawled in as fast as I could but when I turned around to help her in she stopped with a sad smile, “I’m sorry roman but I’m supposed to protect the people I love and the only way to protect you is to make sure they don’t find the tunnel, keep quiet. I-I-Ill miss you Rome.” Then she pushed the bookcase in front of the hole. I had let out a scream and called after her trying to push the bookcase but it just won't budge. I put my ear to the bookcase and hear her moving around the room, the banging on the door getting louder until the crashing of wood.

Loud footsteps walk into the room and I tried so frantically to move the bookcase, then I hear Gaby’s voice fill the room. “what do you want! This is my pack house go away!” she screamed out and the rogues only laughed at her bravery.

The suddenly a growl let out the rustling in the room like their was a fight then her blood curdling scream. I froze then, tears falling down my cheeks then all the sudden I hear a crash and little footsteps running away. One of the rogues yells to go after Gaby, my heart pounded so hard but at least gaby wasn’t dead.

I sat their crying for what felt like hours, until I finally got up enough strength to follow the tunnel until it ended at another opening into the cold nights forest. I looked around to see my daddy and a couple of our guards. They told me to stay quiet and said that the pack house and all its people had been murdered but I knew gaby was alive they just didn’t find her yet I was sure of it. I was taken to a car and we left, I wanted to go back but father wouldn’t let me he said that there was nothing left their and I had argued that gabrielle was still alive so he said we can go back in a week to look for survivors. I knew that was the best I was gonna get.

Know After eleven years of searching i finally caught up to where she was ,all I know is that she was taken, by who I don’t know, but once I have her back I wont lose her.We were at this old cottage that had a brown worn down look . When I go inside it's as old and worn out as the outside,we had run in but no one is here.

“jesse,tyler,and mike search the cottage. The rest of us will follow her sent." And with that I take off and shift into my giant black wolf i follow the beautiful scent of roses and rain.

I was running through the forest when I hear a familiar voice scream through the forest I run even faster ,more and more screams echo through the woods, then all the sudden a blood curdling scream echos into the forest,that was it,no more screams or yells it was quiet my legs carry me faster and faster to my mate after a while i come to a wide forest opening into a field filled with daisies .

i sniff the air and smell blood, and I truly hope it isn’t my loves.i find a ugly man with a silver knife in his forehead and his eyes wide open he looked like he died terrified.maybe gabrielle got away and killed him i follow a trail of blood half way through the field when my eyes land on a beautiful full white wolf. She was laying in a puddle on her side she looked so frightened when she saw me ,what if she doesn’t remember me ?

her eyes begin to shut and before I know it she's out cold my wolf and I walk closer and i notice that her stomach is covered in blood,like she has been stabbed my heart races as i start mind linking my guards to help get her to the hospital we finally lift her up and get her in my black Suv and we race to the hospital.

When we get to the packs hospital every person switches to all gos, their was shouting from doctors and people running around her before i know it they have taken her into surgery ,the doctors said that she was close to death and that the knife had punctured her lungs

If she leaves me i don’t think i could live.

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