Prophecies from the Dark

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Puppy Play

I tuck my clothes back behind a bush, I allow my control of my body slip away starting from my toes up to my head. Winter jumping as I feel the first pulses of pain slide over me. The first time I shifted the pain was excruciating, and I whole heartedly believed I was on the verge of death but after a slight blackout I awoke with paws for hand.

Like most werewolves, over time the pain becomes weaker and no longer really hurts. I close my eyes for only a moment as I feel my body morph and change. When I open my eyes the world is brighter then before. I allow myself to sit back as Winter runs wild, her paws thundering onto the ground as she dodges between tree's and rocks. Jumping over small brooks and slowing as we come to the small little watering hole we had seen the first time we had run.

Even though I know theirs probably an unknowable amount of people out there, right now, in this place I cant help but feel at peace. I sit next to the water as I hear the birds over head chirping away in the sun. Until my ears pick up at the sound of four paws make their way towards me. Unlike before I don't run off or flee, I honestly don't want to. I don't want to hide, I just want to sit here where the rest of the world can disappear with its troubles. I sniff the air and am pleasantly surprised to smell the intoxicating smell of the forest mixed with mint.

Romans wolf pushes through the underbrush into the small clearing. I watch as his large black wolf comes into full view in the sunny morning light. I turn my head slightly as I notice the intense blackness of his coat but also the white crescent moon on him. For a moment he watches me but when I don't do anything he makes his way over the where I still sit, the sun on my back as a warm breeze pushes through my fur. He sits beside me and for a little bit we both just sit their in the quiet of the forest as we hear the trickling of the creek into the watering hole.

I open my eyes as I peer over at roman, a small childlike urge to play coursing through me. I'm pretty sure its Winters promptings to play with another wolf, something she hasn't been able to do before. Before I can stop her, we stand up our tale wagging back and forth like fan. We back up a little as she leans down, readying to pounce. Roman doesn't move as he sits with his eyes closed, his ear twitching slightly as the birds sing. Then, we pounce.

Just as I pounce at him, he moves. moving out of the way as I land on the ground on all four paws. I poke my head up a bit surprised at his fast movements, but I guess he is an Alpha with better hearing and speed but so do I. I watch as roman gets close to the ground his tale wagging just as hard, ready to play. I cant help the smile that grows on my face, I lean down focused on his movements as we taunt one another. I jump up again as we begin to have fun puppy play. roman dodging me and me dodging him. I'm not sure how long we play like pups jumping around running around tree's and chasing one another. For the first time since I was a child I played, and laughed happily oblivious to anything else. It was exhilarating to puppy play, something I had never really done and Winter was jumping about happier then I had ever seen her before.

I chase roman around a tree, stopping just out of his view and doubling back. Just as he runs past the tree I jump out from behind it. My body toppling over his as I tackle him to the ground. His eyes focus on me surprised as my body lays over his. I nip at him slightly my tale wagging like crazy. I hear the slight crack of a twig a little ways off, distracting me enough for roman push me off of him. I fall to my back as his wolf stands over me. Our eyes connect as I look up at him in surprised. His tale wagging just as fast as mine. For a moment we sit like that, our eyes peering at one another. I twist my head a little as I look at him, his green eyes alight with happiness.

Suddenly both our heads bolt up as we hear a few wolves moving through he forest near by. I worm my way out from my trapped spot and stand up on all four. My eyes twitching as I listen to their movements. Its only two wolves, softly making their way through the forest. I can feel all my guards fly up as I grow aware of everything round me. I peek over to Roman whose eyes have glassed over as he smells the air for their scent. His body goes from alert and ridged to relaxed. I would guess the two wolves are his pack, most likely patrolling the pack land. I let down my guard just a little as Roman looks back at me.

I would say this is as good a time as any to get back to the pack house. I turn and begin trotting back through the tree's, roman following right behind me. By the time we reach the tree I had placed my clothes under Roman had broken off probably to change and grab his clothes too.

I quickly change, keeping my eyes alert around me so that no one see's me. When I finally pull on my left shoe I stand up ad walk around the tree's entering the clearing, the full house coming into view. I look over to see roman standing their, his back to me as he looks up at the house. Quietly I step next to him, my eyes catching the small group of children sitting around in a semi circle in the grass, a pack member sitting in front of them.

"What's she doing?" I ask roman. His eyes move over to me for a moment then back to the group.

"She's teaching them about the old stories and how we came to be. I squint, tilting my head a bit. I only slightly remember any of those stories, my curiosity gets the better of me.

"Can we go listen?" I ask looking up at him. His dimples showing as a slight smile makes its way on his face.

"Sure." He simply says. I follow him as we walk up behind the group of children, the teacher's eyes glancing up for a moment only bolt up again at the sight of the two of us. Roman just gives her a smile and she continues a little less relaxed as she was before.

"So, today we will learn the story of the first Alpha and Luna." She clears her thought and but continues. I smile as I hear a few of the children clap and giggling with excitement over the story. I have no doubt they enjoy every story they are given.

"It all begun on a rare beautiful full blue moon night...….."

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