Prophecies from the Dark

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Story Time

"The long history of our people travels far back, to a time filled with exploration and wonder. Our history begins with the settler's of Roanoke. In those early days they strived to settle the wild lands of the America's. They tried to resettle the outpost of Roanoke after both food and attacks from Native Americans drove the first settler's off. The new adventure began with lack of food, attacks from the Native Americans, and the settlers on the verge of starvation." She weaves an intricate story the children gasping and leaning in as they're drawn into her story. Even I cant help but be drawn into the story.

"With all this trouble the leader of the expedition Ralph Lane fled back to England leaving the colonists alone." She continues only for the children to boo at the new villain in the story. I cant help the small smile that forms on my face at the sight of it.

"Believing they were on their own, the colonists believed they would soon die. Nicholas White, was one of these settler's. He was but a teenager when he joined the voyage and settlement of Roanoke. Nicholas, fearing that he and his people only had days before they starved, retreated one night to the seashore. Growing up Nicholas's mother had always told him stories about a goddess who lived within the moon, and watched over the children at night. That night the moon was full, the rare blue moon resting above him in the sky." As she says these words the children gasp in anticipation, and I cant help but do the same. My heart seems to still at the mention of the blue moon.

" In tears Nicholas fell to his feet, his eyes peering up pure at the moon. His pure heart opening up to the moon's bright silvery rays, he cried out saying, 'Please, I'm so young I don't wish to die! Please, Moon Goddess, don't abandon me! Allow me to save my people.' Hearing his words, coming from the heart the moon goddess heart filled with warmth. She peered down on this boy who begged for her help and took mercy on him. Suddenly the night grew lighter as the silver of the blue moon expanded around him. The moon goddess appeared before him in all her beautiful glory." Her words make a cold chill push through my veins, I can remember my mother telling me this story every night before bed time.

"The Moon Goddess said, 'Your pure heart and cries of love for your people has warmed my heart. For this I shall bless you. You shall have strength, agility, speed, more power then you could possibly know. You will be the first of my many children Nicholas white. Because of the cries for your people I will give you my ultimate gift, in the form of a girl. You together will be Alpha and Luna, Night and Day, Strength and Love. One with another, I shall shine this love to your people. Bring them to me, and I will bless them.' The Goddess commanded a bright light surrounding Nicholas, his body growing stronger and filled with power. Nicholas ran back to his people filled with joy and strength from the Goddess. Nicholas did as the Moon Goddess ordered and brought every man woman and child to the seashore in which the goddess floated above the water. She then ordered them all to kneel before her, once they did a bright flash of light burst out around them.

Warmth flooding over them as she blessed everyone of them. The goddess spoke again, 'Stand,' and they all stood. ' Look at me and the power and brightness that surrounds me, this is what I will gift you with in the form of a girl. She will lead the people in my stead as Luna beside Nicholas as Alpha.' and the brightness around the goddess pulled until it took the beautiful shape of a girl, her feet gently placing her on the ground before them. The girl was the same age as Nicholas with flowing locks of white hair, and silver eyes. Before vanishing the Moon Goddess left a stern warning. 'Beware of the Croatoan, who seeks to separate the light and dark, who will one day hope to bring only darkness to a world that will need light. Only the Daughter of the moon shall bring forth the light so keep her safe, she will be the beginning of forever or the beginning of the end.' Suddenly the goddess vanished dissolving back into the blue moon." She tells and I'm no completely invested into the story, the story playing out in my head. The woman smiles as the children seem so pulled into her every word wanting more.

"Nicholas and the daughter of the Goddess married the next day, inexplicable drawn to one another. The two of the, knowing that the future convoys of settlers would not understand and hunt hem fled into the wilderness, leaving all they had behind to begin a new life as the first pack. Today we know that someone unknown had left the word Croatoan behind on the gate post, maybe as a warning or a curse angry to be changed. From that day on the pack flourished growing enough to break into pack after pack until today, in which we expand over every continent. Some wait for the day of the return of the goddesses daughter who will bring forth a light." The woman finishes the story making all the children and me applause. That story is mesmerizing and beautiful, I hadn't heard the first part but I do remember my mother and father telling me about the moon goddess and her daughter. I always thought they made it up.

A small boy in the very front with long blonde locks raises his hands drawing our eyes.

"Yes, tommy?" She asks him. "Um, teacher, what about the Croatoan? are they gonna come hurt us?" He asks nervously and I cant help my smile at his words.

"No, because like the Moon Goddess said, if he does the Moon lights Daughter will return to battle them, keeping us safe!" She cheer's happily and the kids follow suit.

"For now, I believe its your were history time, so everyone go to the school house and get out your books! We are going over our roll in the constitution and how the Alpha Washington led both America and his Pack in those first years!" She cheer's the kids groaning as they stand up and begin making their way to the school house. She stands up giving us both a warm smile and subtle head bow in recognition. I cant help but give her a smile in return as she follows the children.

"I hadn't heard that one before." I speak up turning to roman, he squints at me in surprise.

"Really? I would think your pack would tell it." He shrugs I look at him questioning.

"Why?" I ask confused.

"Your pack is the one in the story. The Night Crest Pack was the first pack to exist, which means you come from a legendary pack." Roman smiles as he nudges his head. We walk towards the front door, my head swirling at the new information. I knew that we had come from an old pack but not that old or with such a big role like that. What else do I not know about my own pack?

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