Prophecies from the Dark

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I follow behind Roman as we head back to the pack house. Usually I'd feel worried or even scared but after spending time in my wolf and seeing those children I cant help but feel just a little more at ease then before. We walk up the deck steps and as romans hand grabs the door knob I cant help but inch closer to him for cover or maybe comfort. Either way I'm thankful Roman doesn't seem to notice me standing only an inch from him as we move into the house. Unexpectedly the house is quite quiet with just the few sounds of movement in the kitchen and upstairs.

"Where is everyone?" I speak up a little surprised by the lack of wolves. Roman gives me a smile and looks over his shoulder to where I was hiding behind him. With a simple smile he speaks up.

"Most of them went out back to the garden to pick the vegetables and other's had work." I blink up at him, what day is it? I'm honestly unsure if its a Monday or Saturday, maybe a Thursday?

"What's today?" I ask him suddenly. His eyebrows curl adorably as he looks over at me.

"Its Friday, Why?" He fills in for me.

"No reason, are you working in your office again today?" Roman nods but it falter's and right away I can tell he's not saying something. In truth I already know wat he's not saying and to be honest I wish he would. I don't like people dancing around me like a fragile flower. I've been through so much that I would bet I'm tougher in the end then most other's. If I can survive those years as a prisoner and still keep my sanity then I can handle the bad news.

"What about my attacker?" I ask bluntly. Roman freezes for a moment obviously not expecting for me to bring up last night, but why wouldn't I? Shouldn't I be aware of what's happening with those trying to kill me?

"Come one, lets talk in the office." He simply says. I can tell he's worried about this topic and I wouldn't blame him. Even the thought does send a chill down my spine and my heart rate sky rocketing but I'd rather know how soon I'll be dying. For so long I haven't had control of anything around me, with other's making decisions around me. If I'm going to be here, even as the Luna, I wont have others making m decisions for me.

I follow Roman, slipping into the office as he quickly closes the door quietly. When he turns around his face is filled with concern.

"Are you sure you want to deal with this? You must still be dealing with last night?" He tries to help, and I get that he worries about me but I hate that I'm being looked at like a helpless child. The fire in me wont let me and neither will the Alpha blood in my veins.

"I'm not a child, Roman." I speak up, but its not harsh or fiery but weak.

"I've spent most of my life with other's making decisions for me, and I've dealt with a lot. Its not the first time I've almost died, and the pack cant see their Luna as some helpless flower unable to take care of them." I speak my mind, each word solid. Yet my tone isn't blaming or angry but calm and truthful. Romans quiet for a moment, his eyes cast down at the floor. For a moment I worry that I hurt his feelings when I wasnt trying too.

Yet when he looks up theirs a slight smile replacing the worry on his face. I squint confused as to why he's smiling.

"What?" I ask tilting my head a little to the side in confusion.

"You ccalled yourself their Luna." He simply says and suddenly I can feel the slight warmth on my face. My eyes fall down, I was so focused that I didn't realize I had called myself their Luna. I look back up and try to get back to the point, only to see him still standing their like a goof ball with that cheesy smile.

"Roman, this is serious stop smiling!" I whine only for the smile on roman to grow larger. My hands fly to my hips as I look at him seriously, even though I'm fighting of the smile on my own face.

"Roman!" I whine again my foot stomping without my approval. Roman's face is still filled with the smile but he puts his hands up in surrender.

"Okay! Okay." He gives in. He steps closer his hands holding my shoulder's.

"From now on, You will know everything I know. It is about you so you should have a say, right?" Roman gives in and agree' s. I'm kinda dumbfounded, I didn't think he would agree at all. I cant help the large smile growing on my face at my victory.

"Thank you!" I smile and suddenly hug roman overjoyed by my victory. Romans a bit stunned for a moment as I embrace him, my ear pressed against his chest allowing me to hear his heart speed up. Roman hugs me back only for second before I pull away and look up at him.

"So?" I get serious. Roman takes in a deep breath and walks passed me, plopping down on the couch. I move quickly and sit next to him my eyes unmoving from his face. He glances at me and breaths in deep preparing himself.

"We have him locked up in the dungeon, what the guards have gotten so far is the same we got from the other guy. Wild rantings about your pack and how they are a sullied pack." Roman begins and I can feel Winter already angry. I remember Stephan had said the same thing. Saying that they brought the white wolf into the world. They were rantings from a mad man.

"They want me dead because I'm a White wolf?" I speak up. Romans eyes are peering to me concerned but I know its the truth, enough that Roman doesn't contradict it. I look up at him and take in a breath.

"I want to see him." I state. I want to know what's going on and if I have to break every bone in his body I will get my answer's.

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